University Database Management System also know as University Software.

University Management Software is developed to manage the University’s student database.  As the University grows their database also grows and for the proper management of the data a great database management system is required.

What is University Database Management System?

University database management system is required to manage the records of the students.  Managing student information, generating of enrollment number, admit cards generation are some of the modules of the University Management Software.

Key Features of University Database Management System

  • Student Management Software
  • Online Admission Management System
  • Automatic Enrollment Number Generation
  • Learning Management System
  • Online Examination Management
  • Online Result
  • Student Search
  • Online Registration
  • Eligibility Checks
  • MIS reports Generation
  • Online Learning Management System
  • E-Books
  • Online Video Upload
  • Admit Card Generation
  • Examination Management System
  • Online Result Display
  • Document Management Systems
University Database Management System

University Database Management System

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University has to capture data of lots of students. It has to maintain records that are coming from various admission centres located in different parts or may be under one roof. Many people gets involved for entering, maintaining the data of the University. So, an online system is required to maintain the data with multi user capability. Simultaneous data feeding happens in the University. Many people gets involved for data entry and there are many kinds of audience for which data is feed into the system. We have the best University Management Software for University needs.

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