Access control Time Attendance Machine with Visible Light Facial recognition

eSSL Aiface Mars

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  • Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack(laser, color, and B/W photos), videos attack, and 3D mask attack
  • Multiple Verification: Face / Card / Password
  • Multiple card modules:125KHz ID card(EM) / 13.56MHz IC card (MF)
  • 3000 face template capacity

essl aiface mars price

eSSL AIFACE-MARS is a facial recognition-based attendance and access control system designed for businesses, offices, and other organizations.
The device uses advanced facial recognition technology to identify and verify individuals, and it is designed to be fast, accurate, and secure.

    • Facial recognition:

Uses advanced facial recognition technology to identify and verify individuals.

    • Fast and accurate:

The device can process a high volume of transactions quickly and accurately.

    • Multi-factor authentication:

This can be integrated with other forms of authentication such as RFID cards, fingerprints, and passwords for added security.

    • Time and attendance tracking:

Can be used to record employee time and attendance, with real-time data transfer to cloud-based servers.

    • Access control:

This can be used to grant or deny access to restricted areas based on facial recognition.

    • Data storage:

Has a large storage capacity and can store a large number of faces and records.

    • Connectivity:

Can be connected to a network or other devices for data transfer and remote management.

    • Durable and secure:

The device is designed to be durable and secure, with tamper-proof features and encryption to protect data.

    • Advanced Reporting:

Provides real-time attendance reports, shift-wise attendance, latecomers and early-goers reports.

    • Advanced Access Control:

This can be integrated with door access control systems and barrier gates.

The eSSL AIFACE-MARS is a versatile and reliable biometric device that can be used for a wide range of security and time and attendance applications.
Its advanced facial recognition technology makes it a secure and accurate solution for businesses looking to improve their security and streamline their time and attendance tracking.
The system also provides advanced reporting options and access control integration which can help in better monitoring and management of employee attendance and access control.

essl Ai series Face attendance Machine

essl Ai series Face attendance Machine

Recognition distance up to 2m long and extra wide angle recognition

The recognition distance has been greatly extended up to 2 meters long, which significantly improves the maximum traffic rate. While most
of algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, eSSL supports 30-degree angle facial recognition.

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Technical Specifications

  • Display: 5-inch Touch Screen
  • Face Capacity: 3000
  • Card Capacity: 3000
  • Transactions: 150,000
  • Operation System: Linux
  • Standard Functions: ID Card, ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID, Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query, Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verification Methods
  • Hardware: 900MHz Dual Core CPU, Memory 512MB RAM / 8GB ROM, 2MP WDR Low Light Camera, Adjustable Light Brightness LED
  • Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), Wiegand Input/Output, RS485
  • Access Control Interface: 3rd-party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm Output
  • Optional Functions: 13.56MHz IC Card / WiFi
  • Face Recognition Speed: 1 second
  • Biometrics Algorithms: Face VX5.8
  • Power Supply: 12V 3A
  • Working Humidity: 10% – 90%
  • Working Temperature: -10 °C – 45 °C
  • Dimensions (W*H*D): 91.93*202.93*21.5mm
  • Supported Software: eTimeTracklite

eSSL Mars Face Attendance System

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Face Recognition Access Control System: A Modern Solution for Secure Access Control

Access control systems are essential in today’s world to ensure the security of buildings and other facilities. With the advancement of technology, there are now more advanced and sophisticated methods of access control, one of which is the face recognition access control system.

A face recognition access control system is a type of biometric access control system that uses facial recognition technology to grant or deny access to individuals. It works by capturing an image of a person’s face, analyzing the unique features of the face, and matching it against a database of authorized individuals. This technology has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its accuracy and convenience.

eSSL AIface Mars Face attendance System

eSSL AIface Mars Face Attendance System

One of the latest and most advanced face recognition access control systems on the market is the one with a 5-inch touch screen. This system has a face capacity of 3000 and a card capacity of 3000, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It can store up to 150000 transactions, making it easy to keep track of who enters and exits the building.

The system operates on Linux, providing a stable and reliable platform for access control. It also comes equipped with standard functions such as ID card, ADMS, T9 input, DST, camera, 9-digit user ID, access levels, groups, holidays, anti-passback, record query, tamper switch alarm, and multiple verification methods. This means that it has all the features you need for efficient and effective access control.

In terms of hardware, the system has a 900MHz dual-core CPU with 512MB RAM and 8G ROM. It also has a 2MP WDR low light camera and adjustable light brightness LED. The communication protocols supported by the system include TCP/IP, WiFi (optional), Wiegand input/output, and RS485. It also has an access control interface that supports 3rd-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons, and alarm output.

essl aiface mars price in india

essl aiface mars price

For added security, the system also comes with optional functions such as a 13.56MHz IC card and WiFi. The face recognition speed of this system is 1s, and it uses biometrics algorithms such as Face VX5.8 to ensure accurate and reliable access control.

The power supply for the system is 12V 3A, and it has a working humidity range of 10%-90% and a working temperature range of -10 °C to 45 °C. It has dimensions of 91.93202.9321.5mm, making it compact and easy to install.

The supported software for this face recognition access control system is eTimeTracklite, which is a comprehensive time and attendance software that can be used for a variety of applications.

In conclusion, the face recognition access control system is a modern and reliable solution for secure access control. It is easy to use, accurate, and efficient, making it suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. With features such as a 5-inch touch screen, 3000 face capacity, and 150000 transaction storage, this system is an excellent investment for any organization that values security and convenience.

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Face Recognition Access Control System

eSSL AIFACE MARS with Tripod Turnstile Gate

This advanced biometric device is designed to enhance security and streamline access control within various settings, thanks to its comprehensive set of features. Each characteristic is thoughtfully integrated to provide maximum efficiency and reliability. Let’s delve into the features and explain their significance using the keyword “because”:

Display: 5-inch Touch Screen

The device boasts a 5-inch touch screen because it aims to deliver a user-friendly interface. This large screen allows for easy navigation and interaction, ensuring that users can quickly perform tasks or check information without any hassle.

Face Capacity: 3000

It can store up to 3000 face templates because the device is designed for use in environments with a large number of employees or users. This high capacity ensures that businesses of various sizes can rely on this system for their access control and attendance tracking needs.

Card Capacity: 3000

Similarly, the card capacity of 3000 is crucial because it matches the face capacity, offering flexibility in identification methods. Organizations can use ID cards as an alternative or backup to facial recognition, accommodating different user preferences and security requirements.

Transactions: 150,000

The ability to store 150,000 transactions is significant because it ensures that the device can handle extensive usage over time without needing frequent data offloads. This is essential for maintaining a comprehensive access and attendance log in high-traffic environments.

Operation System: Linux

The choice of Linux as the operating system is because it offers stability, security, and flexibility. Linux supports the complex functionalities of this device while ensuring it remains responsive and reliable.

Standard Functions

  • ID Card, ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID: These functions are included because they offer a versatile range of identification and management options, from traditional ID cards to advanced digital input methods.
  • Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query: These features are crucial for detailed access control management because they allow administrators to customize permissions based on user roles, prevent unauthorized re-entry, and easily retrieve access records.
  • Tamper Switch Alarm, Multiple Verification Methods: The inclusion of a tamper switch alarm is because security integrity is paramount; it alerts administrators to any unauthorized attempts to interfere with the device. Multiple verification methods ensure that the system can adapt to various security protocols and user needs.


The device is powered by a 900MHz Dual Core CPU and comes with 512MB RAM and 8GB ROM because it needs to process and store large amounts of data efficiently. The 2MP WDR Low Light Camera and adjustable light brightness LED are critical because they ensure high-quality facial recognition even in poor lighting conditions.


Options like TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional), Wiegand Input/Output, and RS485 are provided because they offer flexibility in integrating the device into existing networks and security systems, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer.

Access Control Interface

Support for 3rd-party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm Output is included because it allows the device to function within a broader security ecosystem, enabling comprehensive access control solutions.

Optional Functions: 13.56MHz IC Card / WiFi

These functions are optional because they cater to specific needs, such as higher security card technology or wireless network connectivity, allowing customization based on organizational requirements.

Face Recognition Speed: 1 second

A recognition speed of 1 second is critical because it ensures that entry and access processes are quick and efficient, minimizing queues and waiting times, which is essential in busy environments.

Biometrics Algorithms: Face VX5.8

The use of Face VX5.8 algorithms is because they are at the cutting edge of biometric technology, offering high accuracy and reliability in facial recognition, ensuring secure and swift verification.

Power Supply: 12V 3A

This power specification is chosen because it provides the necessary energy to support all the device’s features and functions reliably throughout its operation, ensuring consistent performance.

Working Conditions

The device’s ability to operate within a wide range of humidity (10% – 90%) and temperature (-10 °C – 45 °C) is crucial because it ensures reliability and durability in various environmental conditions, from cold storage rooms to outdoor installations.

Dimensions and Supported Software

Lastly, the compact dimensions (WHD): 91.93202.9321.5mm are designed because they make the device versatile for installation in different spaces. Compatibility with eTimeTracklite software is crucial because it provides users with a comprehensive tool for attendance and access management, integrating seamlessly with the device for maximum efficiency.

By incorporating these features, the device not only meets but exceeds the modern demands of secure access and efficient workforce management.