Face Attendance Machine Comparison eSSL uFace 302 MB160

Some of the best business practices that businesses should follow are 

  • Install a Face Attendance Machine
  • Monitor your employees IN and OUT time

Intelligent attendance management for SMEs & large companies
Face Attendance Machine is a new technology where an employee/user just needs to stand in front of the device and his/her attendance will be marked.  You can contact us to know the face attendance machine price. 

Face Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine essL Uface302

Face Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine essL Uface 302

I would like to highlight the importance of Face Attendance Machines in industries where labor workers or handwork is involved. These machines are highly recommended in industries such as hotels, hospitals, construction, and many others.

In such industries, workers often have to work with their hands, which can get dirty or oily. Their hands may have scratches or cuts that can make it difficult for the device to recognize their fingerprints. In some cases, the fingerprint scanner may even get damaged if the attendance is marked with rough or oily fingers.

In such scenarios, Face Attendance Machines can be a game-changer. These devices do not require any physical contact with the labor or user. They just need to stand in front of the device, and their attendance will be marked automatically. This makes it the best solution for attendance recording for labor workers.

We understand the importance of efficient attendance recording in the industry, and that is why we recommend the use of Face Attendance Machines. It is a reliable and efficient way to manage attendance, especially in industries where handwork is involved.

Face Recognition Time and Attendance Systems Providers in India

Face Recognition Time and Attendance Systems Providers in India. Face Recognition with Finger recognition is also available. This model has all facilities i.e. Face Recognition, Biometric, and RFID. Big organizations like this model IFace 302 very much. They just love this device. Its model and features are unbelievable.

Other models are also very popular. One who uses these just loves it.

If you have any query regarding the same you can mail us at in**@am*********.com. Call us at 9315441053 now to understand what suits you best.

ImageFace Fingerprint Based Attendance System With Access Control essl uface-302biometric face attendance machine india MB160 Face Finger Time Attendance System essl Identix
Face capacity30001500
Card /RFIDYes Yes 
Communication2 USB host & TCP/IP,RS232/485USB & TCP/IP
Optional FeaturesMifare card,WiFi/GPRSWifi, GPRS, 3G, Battery
Camera4.3” TFT touch screen2.8-inch TFT Screen

Best place to buy face detection attendance machine in India

I am pleased to announce that we have the best face recognition machine for attendance recording in our country. Our fingerprint face RFID time attendance machine with an access control system is the most advanced and reliable device available in the market. If you are looking for the best place to buy a face-detection attendance machine in India, you have come to the right place. We are the largest distributor of facial recognition machines in India and have the most competitive prices.

Now, you can get a biometric face attendance machine in Punjab and all across India. We offer the best quality biometric face attendance machines at the lowest prices. Our face attendance machines come with software for attendance calculation, making it easier for businesses and organizations to manage their attendance records efficiently.

We are proud to offer the lowest-price biometric facial attendance system in the National Capital Region (NCR), including Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. Our trained engineers are always available to guide you on how to install biometric machines and answer any queries you may have.

By contacting us at 9034757673, you can find our biometric-based attendance device at a lower cost, making it affordable for all. As the largest time attendance machine dealer, we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers.

I urge all industries to consider using Face Attendance Machines to streamline their attendance recording process. It is the best solution for industries where labor workers or handwork is involved. Let us embrace technology and take India towards a brighter future.

Face Attendance Machine Types

  • Face recognition machine for attendance recording.
  • Face recognition machine for Access Control System with Attendance.
  • Face recognition machine for attendance recording with a fingerprint.
  • Face recognition machine with fingerprint for Access Control System with Attendance.
  • Face recognition machine with RFID for Access Control System with Attendance.

Online Face Recognition Attendance Machine

We have an attendance machine online with face recognition which means you can see its data on the online server.

Get the face detection machines in India, facial time/attendance system, and RFID card-based time attendance system.

Please fill out the following form to get in touch with our experts for face attendance machines and various other solutions.

Email us at in**@am*********.com or call us at 9034757673, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 for pricing and installation of this machine.

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How Face Attendance Machines Work: A Comprehensive Guide

A Face Attendance Machine works by capturing the facial features of an individual and comparing them with the stored database to mark attendance. Following are the steps involved in Face Attendance Machine:

  1. Capturing an Image: The machine uses a high-resolution camera to capture an image of an individual’s face. The image is captured in real time and is stored in the machine’s database for future reference.
  2. Facial Recognition: The machine uses advanced algorithms to analyze the captured image and identify the unique facial features such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the nose, and mouth, etc. This process is known as facial recognition.
  3. Attendance Marking: Once the facial features are recognized, the machine matches it with the database to confirm the identity of the individual. If the identity is confirmed, the machine marks the attendance for that individual.
  4. Access Control: In addition to attendance marking, some Face Attendance Machines also have access control features. The machine can be configured to grant access to certain areas based on the facial recognition of the individual.
  5. Reporting: The attendance data captured by the machine can be accessed and analyzed by authorized personnel to generate attendance reports. These reports can be used to track the attendance of employees, calculate their salaries, and generate other related reports.

The face attendance machine supports both desktop and web-based software. In web-based software, you can get data on your centralized server. Face readers are best for multi-location projects. Companies with multiple offices separated geographically can also make use of face readers for time and attendance monitoring.

MB160 Face Fingerprint Machine
eSSL Mb160 Face Fingerprint Attendance Device
uface 302 essl Face Attendance Machine
eSSL Uface 302 Face Fingerprint Access Control Machine
AiFace_Mars ESSL
eSSL AIface Mars AI based Face Attendance System

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