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#1 Biometric Attendance System for Small & Medium Businesses

Biometric Attendance Machine - The New Age Solution

Friends, the AmpleTrails Attendance Machine is a new, smart way for small and medium businesses to keep track of who's coming to work and when. This machine uses things like fingerprints and faces to recognize each employee, making it very easy and accurate to keep an eye on attendance.

Why Should We Use Attendance Machines?

These attendance machines are great because they simplify checking if everyone is actually coming to work on time. With just a touch, they can accurately record who's in and who's not, preventing any cheating like clocking in for a friend. It's a smart choice for businesses that want to keep everything fair and running smoothly.

How to Choose the Right Attendance Machine for Your Business

You might wonder, "Which attendance machine is best for tracking?" or "What's the best machine for attendance?" The right one depends on what your business needs. For most small and medium businesses, a machine that uses fingerprints is a really good option. It's easy to use and gives you precise information about who's at work.

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Simplify Attendance Tracking with Advanced Attendance Machines

Are you in search of an efficient attendance solution? Look no further! Our cutting-edge attendance machine is here to simplify attendance tracking for your business. Whether you need an attendance device for your office or a biometric attendance device for enhanced security, we've got you covered.

Benefits of Our Attendance Machines

Our state-of-the-art attendance system offers numerous advantages:

  • Accuracy: Say goodbye to manual errors with precise attendance records.
  • Fingerprint Recognition: Our attendance system fingerprint feature ensures secure and reliable identification.
  • Convenience: Easily find an attendance machine near me for quick setup and support.
  • Repair Services: Need attendance machine repair near me? We've got experts ready to assist you.

Take Control of Biometric Attendance Machine

Empower your business with our advanced attendance punching machine. Say goodbye to outdated attendance methods and embrace the future of attendance tracking.

Ready to streamline attendance management? Contact us today at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9315441078. Simplify attendance tracking, enhance security, and boost productivity with our top-notch attendance machines!

What is an Biometric Attendance Machine ?

“The Importance and Benefits of Implementing an Attendance Machine in the Workplace”. We provide the best biometric attendance machine to you. You can call us at 9034757673 for the best biometric attendance machine price.

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Where to buy a biometric attendance machine?

For the purchase of a biometric attendance machine call only AmpleTrails on 9315441053/9315441078 now.  You will get doorstep delivery along with software and enterprise-grade support.

  • The Integrated Identity Management System will provide an Attendance System for all personnel Entry/Exit based data capture.
  • This will include Contract workers, Contractor’s Visitors & employees with Face Readers.
  • We can use the same Face Readers for the IN & OUT movement above.
  • The Contract workers and contractors may be allowed inside using a Swing or Flap Gate integrated with Face Readers, based on Compliance checking.
  • We can also offer Hand-held Face Readers, for places where the Installation of a device is not possible.
  • Visitors authorized by the Admin department using the VMS may be integrated into the Face Device.
  • Each entrant on the premises will have his / her face scanned at the gate and recorded in the company database.
  • Both Check-in and Check-out will be recorded using the System for Employees, Contract Labour, and visitors.

We have the best punching machine for attendance.  We can help you if your attendance punching machine not working.

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to track your employees’ attendance? If yes, then you should consider buying an attendance machine that uses biometric technology. Biometric attendance machines are devices that scan your fingerprint, face, or iris to verify your identity and record your attendance. They are more accurate, secure, and convenient than traditional methods like cards or passwords.

Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine

Smart Face: Online Web-based Platform Software

for Face & Based Attendance Devices with Push Technology

  • It is Platform Software supporting TCP/IP communication protocols for real-time data Push to Monitor & control the Network of Devices installed across various location/s on the Internet or Intranet with an Online Board for showing the status(Live / Sleep / Dead) of white-listed Devices. It is VA-PT Compliant.
  • It has a Modular architecture with Real-time Attendance data syncing to allow system scale-up, with the requirement of Organisational Growth (multiple branches, Multiple User logins, Multiple Views / Access rights). One can Configure an Organisation Unit(OU) Tree with a Parent-child relationship for easy Management of Device/s.
  • Employee Master onboarding shall be done for white-listing the employees on the device installed at the site. All the Face/Finger Templates of the Employee enrolled get auto-pushed to the Smart Face database for easy Template Management across Devices.
  • All the Attendance / Access Control Transaction data from the White-listed devices are auto-pushed to the central Server database simultaneously, for easy manageability & serving data to any other application software database.
  • Features like Centralised management of New Employee joining, de-activation, and Employee Transfer, may be done with ease with Template management on the device end. Face / Finger Templates may be managed (Add/Delete), on-demand, It keeps the log of the Template distribution across the Attendance device network.
  • Validity Date-based de-activation or logic-based de-activation or XLS Import or WebAPI Calling (optional) based de-activation / deletion/termination of an employee.
  • New Device replacement on the Application, such that the Templates transfer to a new (replaced) device, as per the configuration of the old device, happens automatically.
  • APIs (with Token) are available & ready for backward Integration(Master Data) & forward Integration(Attendance Data), for 3rd Party Software Integration.
  • Table Level Integration is also available, with Employee Master & data posting. It is a compliant Application. On-boarding and Project Roll Out

How does the attendance punching machine work?

  • We will load our Web-based Platform Software Smart Face on your Server, which will be configured with a Static IP.
  • All the Retail Chains(OU) will be configured on the Server with a defined Tree structure, beforehand, based on your reporting structure, as a one-time Master creation activity.
  • Employee/Contractor Master will be uploaded in Bulk Mode using XLS upload during the Project stage, for Master creation, with assignment to respective OU.
  • A link with Anonymous Login will be shared with all the Employees via WhatsApp or Text Message. The Employee will either type in his Mobile Number or Staff ID Number in the form, to get all the uploaded master details.
  • The Employee will take his current picture using this link(from Camera), to complete the Face registration(DIY).
  • The Manager will authenticate the uploaded picture of his Team & will approve it for the attendance system.
  • 4 G-based Face Device Model VF1000 Pre-configured with Server & 4G SIM installed, will be shipped to all the sites directly.
  • The devices may be pre-assigned to sites before shipment or may be assigned once the device is powered on after reaching the site.
  • The Device will be powered on to auto-connect to the Server, upon reaching the site, by any official(Video will be provided). If the device is not pre-assigned to the site, it has to be done as a back-end Admin activity.
  • Assuming that the Employee Master for the site is uploaded on the server, all the registered employee Face Templates will be transferred to the Face Attendance Device, after installation at the site location automatically.
  • For the Employees who will register themselves later to the device Installation, the Auto-synching with the Face machine will happen for the employee registered on the device.
  • The machine will be ready for Employee Punching, for the registered employee with Face.
  • This way bulk roll-out will be done in the project stage, to make sure that the process is seamless.

Post Roll Out

How attendance machine work?

  • In the case of Third Party HRMS Integration, it will be implemented using API for incremental changes or Employee joining.
  • The one-time activity to capture the Employee & Contract Labour Photo for Face registration may be done as part of the New Employee onboarding process, using API Integration from HRMS.
  • Alternatively, Smart Face Mobile App may be used by Manager to capture the Employee Photo against ID Number, from Manager Login(RBAC).
  • Employee Registration may also be done from the Device by the Device Admin.
  • Stored JPG Photo may also be used for Face Registration using the Web App. The Photo is converted to the Face Template using AI Technology.
  • The Face Templates will be pushed to the respective Face Device, based on the Access of Employees in respective Retail Stores, using Smart Face.
  • The Employee Validity, Employee Transfer to other outlets, and Employee Resignation options are available to manage the Face template on the device side. This may be done using API Integration in the post-roll-out stage.
  • There may be Managers who may punch at multiple locations, based on their business role, and may be managed from the back end.
  • All the Attendance Transactions will be posted to the Server Online Mode. The real-time data may be viewed using Smart Face & is posted to HRMS, based on the Scheduler.
  • The Realtime Device Dashboard will be visible for the Live & Sleep/Dead Devices for Admin Users. Auto Email to Location Charge in case the device not communicating will be sent if configured. Escalation mail may also be configured with up to 3 levels.
  • Interface to export attendance data to third-party applications can be provided using API Integration, SAP, FTP/SFTP.
  • The System is truly tuned for large sites & is deployed for large Workforces & large numbers of terminals.

Use case: Multibranch/Multi-location

with decentralized Man-power & Central Platform to control the Face machine from a Head office using a web-based Application with the following important critical functions

  • White-listing the new Joinee/employee, on the Device remotely from the Central Server for Face registration at the place of joining.
  • 2 Level of Device Admin User may be defined :

Supervisor(Zonal Manager): He will have all Access to Adding, editing, and deleting users

Superuser(Floor Manager): He will have limited access to Face Registration

  • The Device Admin users(Supervisor & Superuser) may be centrally assigned on the device using Platform Software remotely.
  • The New Employee Face may be enrolled at the site only when the Employee is white-listed from the Server by the SuperUser for the first time(or Supervisor, if needed).
  • The Face Registration of the White Listed Employee may also be done using the Mobile App by taking pictures using Mobile Camera. This will be appended in the Back-end database & will be used to create the template for Face Attendance Machine at the device(using AI Technology).
  • Support for multiple user registration methods, e.g. (1) Mobile app, (2) From Device using Touch Screen, (3) Using Application using JPG Photo.

Auto e-mail Notification to Location Admin(1st level) and escalation email to Local Admin & then Centralised HR, If the issue remains unresolved, may be configured.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is important for companies to have accurate and efficient ways of tracking employee attendance. One solution to this problem is the implementation of an attendance machine. An attendance machine, also known as a time clock or time and attendance system, is a device that automatically records the arrival and departure times of employees. This technology has become increasingly popular in recent years as it offers a number of benefits to both employers and employees.

Keep track of attendance with Ampletrails Biometric! It’ll help manage your staff attendance in an organized and secure way. #attendance #biometric #Ampletrails

Attendance Machine Gurugram

Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control System: An Efficient and Secure Solution for Employee Management

Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control System: An Efficient and Secure Solution for Employee Management

An attendance machine presents numerous benefits, one of which is the elimination of manual time tracking. This eradicates the need for employees to clock in and out using a paper timesheet, as well as managers having to manually calculate hours worked. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors and fraudulent activities.

Moreover, attendance machines allow for real-time tracking of employee attendance, enabling managers to easily monitor those who are currently on the clock and those who are absent. This feature is particularly useful for companies with employees working in different locations or on different shifts.

Attendance machines also provide a secure method of recording employee attendance. They utilize a variety of identification methods, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or RFID cards, to ensure that only authorized employees are able to clock in and out. This helps to prevent buddy punching, which refers to one employee clocking in or out for another.

Apart from these advantages, an attendance machine can be integrated with other HR and payroll systems. This means that employee attendance data can be automatically transferred to these systems, saving even more time and reducing the risk of errors.
Overall, the implementation of an attendance machine in the workplace can offer a wide range of benefits. It can save time, reduce errors, increase security, and provide real-time tracking of employee attendance. As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to take advantage of these solutions in order to stay competitive in today’s business world.

A biometric attendance machine uses the biometrics of the person to recognize and mark attendance. Biometrics of the person includes fingerprint, face, and palm. Biometric attendance systems use fingerprints, faces, and the palm of the employee to verify the identity of the person for clocking in and out.

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Find the Best Biometric Attendance Machine Dealers Near You

Attendance machines are required to automate the attendance process of the organization. Biometric machines can be used to automate time and attendance comes in types such as Face, Fingerprint, and RFID. We are the largest Face Fingerprint Attendance Punching Machine Dealer in Gurgaon Delhi Noida. There are many types of biometric attendance machines available in the market, with different features and prices. You can choose one that suits your needs and budget. You can compare the features, prices, and reviews of different models and brands. You can also avail of discounts, offers, and free delivery on eligible orders. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your attendance system and improve your productivity and efficiency. Order your biometric attendance machine today!

Employee Time and Attendance Solutions for your organization. Get the best attendance machine for your organization.

eSSL MB160 Face Attendance Machine

eSSL MB160 Face Attendance Machine

We provide contactless, Touchless Face attendance machines for growing organizations. A face recognition-based attendance system helps in faster and more contactless attendance. The face recognition attendance system is the latest type of attendance system available. The face recognition attendance machine makes the attendance marking process fast. face recognition attendance machine works on face matching technology where the stored face is compared with the live person’s face. When the face attendance survey is done eSSL is found to dominate players in the face attendance system.

We provide the best Employee Time and Attendance System in India. Our most trusted Employee Time and Attendance solutions have helped organizations save a lot of money. Our time and attendance system makes tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance easy and simple.
Email at info@ampletrails.com with your requirements.

Fingerprint Attendance Punching Machine Dealer Gurgaon Delhi Noida

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance System

 Biometric Attendance System | Fingerprint Machine Suppliers 

Biometric Attendance Machine In Delhi, Gurugram, Noida. Your search for a biometric attendance machine supplier near me ends when you contact us. We are near you with PAN India service and support.

Biometric Attendance Machine Dealer in Delhi

Switching from the manual error-prone process of maintaining manual attendance to automating attendance. By providing low-cost attendance machines we have helped our customers in saving a lot of money. Contact us now to get on Attendance Machine for your organization. Biometric Attendance machine dealer in Delhi.  Your search for biometric attendance machine dealers near me ends here.  We provide you with biometric attendance machine sales and services all over India.  Our wide range of dealer networks will help you in implementation of the biometric attendance machine.

Biometric Attendance System in India

Fingerprint Machine Suppliers

Fingerprint Machine Suppliers

Please call 9315441053, 0981839083 email us at info@ampletrails.com.

Professional Time Attendance System

We provide you with superior time attendance solutions in India. Now get an Attendance System with software to have flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts, and leave policies. Our Professional Time-Attendance Solution dramatically improves the productivity and discipline of the organization. Professional Time-Attendance solutions help in having different rules for different employees such as Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, Compensatory Off (COFF), and Attendance policies. We also have an Excel Output Attendance System.

Biometric Attendance System Supplier. We provide the best face attendance machine in Delhi. Get the best biometric attendance machine in Gurgaon. Our experts will tell you about the top 10 biometric attendance machines in India. The latest Biometric attendance machine is available in Delhi at the lowest price with Ampletrails.

Attendance Sysem Tally Integration

Attendance System Tally Integration

Attendance Machine Key Differentiation. Call Now at 9315441078

 Biometric Attendance Machine with Tally Integration  

FEATURESMATRIX Attendance MachineBenefits of Attendance Machine
User-Wise TimingsUser-Wise Attendance, Late-In, Early-Out, COff, and OvertimeAdapt to the organization’s real needs
Flexible ShiftsMultiple Shifts and Shift PatternsAllocate manpower for maximum efficiency
Leaves and HolidaysVarious Leave Types, Balance Tracking, and EncashmentMatch the organization’s exact leaves and holidays
OvertimeUser-wise Overtime Policy and Automatic CalculationSave time, increase accuracy, and reduce cost
Online Events RecordingAuto Push Events to the device to Software with User PhotoPrevent human interventions, errors, and manipulation
Live DashboardLive Status of Attendance, Devices, Shifts, and Holidays in a Single WindowMonitor manpower status for better control and faster decisions
Reports and ChartsCustomized Reports in Excel and Graphical Charts with FiltersInterpret data easily for quick decisions
Payroll IntegrationDirect Integration with Tally and other PayrollReduce manual work and eliminate errors or manipulation
Award-Winning DesigniF and Red Dot International Awards for Product Engineering and AestheticsImprove aesthetics and ease-of-use
Sturdy HardwareGold-Flash PCBs, Touch-Sense Keys, Scratch-Proof Plastic, and Heavy Duty ComponentsReliability and long life
Multiple ConnectivesEthernet, Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband (3G/2G), and Power over Ethernet (PoE)Reduce wiring costs and improve network reliability

Biometric Attendance Machines | Best Deal Bio-metric Machine

Biometric Time Attendance machine

Streamline Your Attendance Tracking with AmpleTrails in Gurugram

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes. One area that can be a significant time sink is manual attendance tracking. That’s where AmpleTrails comes in with their top-notch Attendance Machine in Gurugram.

AmpleTrails offers a complete attendance management system that combines biometric technology, time and attendance tracking, and access control into one seamless solution. Whether you’re looking for a biometric attendance machine, a face recognition attendance system, a fingerprint attendance system, or a door access control system, AmpleTrails has got you covered.

Their state-of-the-art Attendance Machine in Gurugram is equipped with the latest biometric technology, including fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and RFID card reading, ensuring that attendance records are accurate and tamper-proof. With its easy-to-use interface, employees can simply scan their fingerprint, face, or RFID card to record their attendance, making the process quick and seamless.

In addition to its high level of accuracy, the AmpleTrails Attendance Machine is also incredibly flexible, with a range of customizable features that can be tailored to your business’s needs. You can set work schedules, define holidays, set up overtime rules, and more, making it a versatile solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

AmpleTrails also offers a range of door entry systems, including door access control systems and biometric access control, that can be integrated with their Attendance Machine to provide complete access control security. Whether you’re looking to control access to a single room or an entire building, AmpleTrails has the solution you need.

So if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable solution for attendance tracking and access control, look no further than AmpleTrails in Gurugram. With their cutting-edge technology, easy-to-use interface, and customizable features, they’re the answer to all your attendance management needs. And the best part? AmpleTrails offers competitive biometric machine prices, making their solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, upgrade your workplace today with the Attendance Machine and Access Control Systems from AmpleTrails in Gurugram. Say goodbye to manual sign-ins, messy record keeping, and inefficient attendance tracking, and embrace a more accurate and efficient employee attendance system.

Click on the individual Time Attendance Machine below to get more information.

Find the Best Biometric Attendance Machine Dealers Near You

Attendance Machine near me

Attendance Machine

biometric attendance machine

E9C WIFI Attendance Machine Push Data

Wifi Attendance Machine

Wifi Attendance Machine

Wifi Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Wifi Biometric Attendance Device price @11,500

attendance punching machine

eSSL K30 Pro Attendance Machine

K30 Pro Attendance Machine Biometric price @6,000

K 21 Attendance Machine

K 21 ESSL Identix

K 21 ESSL Identix price @5,000

WIFI Based Biometric Attendance System

WIFI Biometric Attendance System

WIFI Attendance System @12,000

essl Silkbio 101TC Biometric

Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine

SilkID Face Fingerprint Attendance Device

SF 100 Fingerprint Attendance Machine

SF 100 Access Control Device

SF 100 Attendance Machine

MB 160 Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine

MB 160 ESSL Identix Fingerprint Face Attendance Device

S Face 900 ESSL

Face Attendance machine S Face 900

Face Fingerprint RFID Attendance Machine (S Face 900)

S Face 900

Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Face Recognition MB 160

MB 160

Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine. Fill out the following form to get in touch with one of our experts.

Attendance System Dealers In Gurgaon

Attendance System Dealers In Gurgaon

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Attendance System Dealers In Gurgaon

COSEC VEGA FAX Attendance Machine

COSEC VEGA FAX Attendance Machine

Offering the best attendance machine and software installation, repair, and AMC services in Gurgaon

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Access Control Solution for Modern Businesses

Access Control Solution for Modern Businesses

AmpleTrails provide you with a new eSSL Identix economy range low-cost time and Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machine with software capable of generating 350+ types of reports. The database supported is MS Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle. We provide onsite support and services. Get the machines at your doorstep. Our engineer will install the machine and provide you with training and support for its hardware and software. Our engineers are always available in all parts of India, especially in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, Sonipat, Rohtak, Delhi, and NCR for the installation of machines. Get the biometric time attendance machine at the lowest price in the market. All our machines come with a year’s warranty. Our biometric Time Attendance Machine experts help you in getting an implemented time attendance system in your organization. We have Biometric Attendance Machines For School.

We have installed Biometric time and attendance machines in all parts of India. Get an Attendance machine installed in your organization.

X990 GPRS Fingerprint Attendance Machine

X990 GPRS Fingerprint Machine

 Attendance Machines For Classroom 

Biometric Attendance Machines For School

Biometric Attendance Machines For School

RFID Card based student Attendance System School

Get the best quality Biometric Attendance Machines For School.

Biometric Time Attendance Machine

Biometric Time and Attendance Machine Advantages

Biometric Time Attendance Machine with Access Control for Factories. Attendance Solutions for Factories. Time Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance machine with Access Control for Factories

Attendance Solutions for Factories

Face Recognition Attendance Machines in Gurgaon

Face Recognition Attendance Machines in Gurgaon

Card Attendance Machines

RFID Card based Time Attendance System

RFID Card-based Time Attendance System

Fingerprint Time Attendance System

eSSL K30 Pro Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control System

K30 Pro has an enhanced capacity of 1000 fingerprints and 1000 RFID cards. Equipped with a mini speaker and push data, it is compatible with EM locks and push buttons. This device runs on a 12V DC, 1.5 Amps power supply.

Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of this machine. Fill out the following form to get in touch with one of our experts.

Attendance System Dealers In Gurgaon – Offering the best attendance machine and software installation, repair, and AMC services in Gurgaon

Fingerprint and RFID Card based Door Controllers