Contract Labour Management System

The Contract Labor Management Solution (CLMS) is a tailored system designed for medium and large organizations, which facilitates the effective management of all their contract worker processes. CLMS enables companies to proficiently manage both basic and statutory details of their contractual workforce, by providing them with a document upload facility. This system offers a comprehensive solution, ranging from employee enrollment to salary slips, including employer and employee contribution details.

Contract Labour Management System CLMS

Contract Labour Management System CLMS

A Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) is a software solution specifically designed to administer and ensure compliance with respect to contract labor. This system is commonly employed by organizations that engage a considerable number of contract workers, and require an efficient management of their payroll, attendance, as well as compliance with pertinent labor laws and regulations.

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Some of the key features of a CLMS include:

  • Contract worker management: The system allows organizations to track and manage the information of contract workers, including their personal details, employment history, and qualifications.
  • Payroll management: The system can be used to manage the payroll of contract workers, including calculating their wages, deductions, and taxes.
  • Attendance management: The system can be used to track and manage the attendance of contract workers, including clocking in and out, and calculating their working hours.
  • Compliance management: The system can be used to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, including managing worker’s compensation, insurance, and other benefits.
  • Reports and analytics: The system can generate reports and analytics on contract worker data, attendance, payroll, and compliance, which can be used for monitoring and decision making.
  • Mobile App: A mobile app for contract workers can be provided to clock in and out from remote location and to check their pay stubs, attendance and other details.

A CLMS can help organizations to streamline the management of contract labor, reduce administrative costs, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. This can result in a more efficient and cost-effective management of contract labor, and a more productive and engaged workforce

Contract Labour Management System CLMS System

Contract Labour Management System CLMS System

Top 10 benefits of Contract Labour Management System

  • Real time shift count reports with department wise & contractor wise are not available
  • No Transparency between company & contractor records and billing
  • Legal & Statutory needs are not covered in the existing system / process
  • Blacklisted employees are coming through different contractors
  • Contractor & Employer Liability on statutory payments
  • Record keeping is manual, resulting in lack of real-time information
  • Authentic data is not assured from manual records
  • Documents are maintained in hardcopy format for record keeping
  • Attrition management & contractor billing calculation
  • Manpower requisition workflow & allocation department wise with Allocated v/s Actual tracking is not available
Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour Management System


Contract Employee Management System

Features of Contract Labor Management System

  • Web based System with On Cloud & On Premise deployment facility
  • Contractor Login option to upload master data with approval and other compliances
  • Contractor License / WC Policy Expiry / Contractor Capacity reach Notification
  • Contractor Billing Management – Work Order wise / As per % of Billing / As per No. Of Employee / Fix etc
  • Employee Lifecycle Management with Employee History Management by using PAN /Aadhar Card / UAN Number
  • PPE management
  • Verification – Police Verification, Medical Check up done, Background Verification
  • Attendance Management
  • Proxy & Debarred worker elimination at Entry level on Device itself
  • Contractor details Management with Scan Document Management facility
  • Contractor wise Work Order Management
  • Contractor Employee 360 Degree Information Management
  • Photo Id Card with Biometric Authentication for Contract Employee
  • Family / Education details management
  • Employee Profession – Skill, Semi Skill & Un-Skilled
  • In/ out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode, Face ID and RFID
  • Restriction for Continues 10 day Working without Weekly –off
  • Man-power planning for Department, Month, Shift, Contract employee count
  • Requisition workflow
  • Shift logic – Auto shift, day-cross / night shift / core shift; shift allocation by excel upload is possible
  • Leave & C-off Management Module
  • Minimum Wages – State wise / Zone Wise
  • Allocation of Salary Template to Employee (Individually/ Bulk)
  • Customized  Approval Workflow Creation
  • Mail Alerts – Expiry of Contractor License/ WC policy / Employee Validity Expiry
  • Online Verification of Statutory Payment submission by Contractor
  • Contractor Performance report
  • Daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly manpower planning analytics
  • Overtime Management with Online Overtime Approval along with Policy for National Holidays / Weekly off
  • Salary Head (Earning & Deduction head)creation, Salary Template Creation
  • Wages Calculation according to Salary Template and Payable days
  • User Access Management – Company User, HR, Admin, Contractor Login with User rights
  • PF, ESIC, LWF contribution management its Liability at Contractor / Employer end
  • Compliance Reports Management
  • Org Chart / Contractor wise Headcount / Skill set / Manpower Utility
  • Reports for Manpower plan vs Actual availability with employee count and budgeting

Legal Statutory Reports

  • Muster roll cum wage Register-(FORM II)
  • Wage Slip- (FORM XIX)
  • Register of Contractors- (FORM XII)
  • Medical Checkup Form-(FORM 7)
  • Register of Fines(Form XXI)
  • Return to be sent by contractor to the licensing Officer for the Half Year -(FORM XXIV)
  • State wise and other compliance reports available with free upgrades in the AMC period
  • Register of Overtime- (FORM XXIII)
  • Employment Card-(FORM XIV)
  • Register of workmen employed by Contractor-(FORM XIII)
  • Muster Roll (FORM XVI)
  • Register of Fines (Contractor)(Form XXI)
  • Annual Return of Principal Employer to be sent to the Registering Officer-(FORM XXV)

How CLMS help to Manage Compliances?

CLMS helps you to monitor Labour Law Compliance  and it  also provide all Legal Compliances  format  with all required data related to PF / ESIC and other  compliance  under State & Central for BOCW / CLRA / ESIC / Factory Act / Interstate Migration Act / Minimum wages  like:

  • Compliance Reports : Fortuna helps companies to manage the register like Contractor Register, Overtime Register, Wages Slip, Muster Roll Employment Card etc which has to be maintained by the Principal Employer.
  • License Expiry : Apart from this Fortuna CLMS monitor and provide alerts to Admin for  the license Expiry & WC Policy of Contractor as well Employee Contract period expiry and continues working without weekly off.
  • PF/ ESIC : Principal Employer is responsible for Submission of PF/ ESIC amount of Every contract Employee. Fortuna provide Login to Contactor and provide facility to upload the challan for ECR and verify the details submitted by Contractor automatically.
  • OSHAS : Fortuna help companies to manage health and Safety compliances by capturing the details like Background check, Policy Verification, Medical verification, Induction , Training details, PPE details etc

Reports generated from Contract Labour Management System

  • Attendance Muster Reports
  • Attendance Details Reports
  • Working Hours Register Reports
  • Man Hours OT Reports
  • Continues Days Present Reports
  • Overtime Register Reports
  • Absenteeism Report
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Manual Attendance Reports
  • Shift Wise reports
  • Worker History Report
  • User Audit Trail Report
  • Organisation Chart
  • Employee Hierarchy Report
  • Diversity Report
  • Billing Summary Reports
  • LWF/ ESIC/ PF Contribution Report
  • Salary Slip Report
  • ESI Portal Report
  • Monthly Manpower Utilization report
  • Monthly MIS Report
  • Labour License Expiry Report
  • Workman WC Policy Expiry Report

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Contract and labor Management System

Contract and labor Management System