SOHO IP-PBX with POTS, GSM, and VoIP Connectivity
16 line EPABX from Matrix.

IP PBX Solution

IP PBX Solution

SOHO IP-PBX with POTS, GSM, and VoIP Connectivity

• Built-in Ports:   4 CO and 16 TDM Ports, 10 SIP Ext, 8 SIP Trunks

• Max. IP Users:    50

• Optional Interfaces:   VoIP Server, GSM, 50 SIP Users, 8 SIP Trunks

• Power Supply:  External Adaptor – 24VDC, 1.5A

• Auto Attendant, LCR, Multi-party Conference, LDAP Client, COSEC Door Integration, Mobile and PC based UC Client, etc.

 Note: ETERNITY NE VS is required for IP functionality.

Built-in Ports: 4 CO and 16 TDM Ports, 10 SIP Extensions, 8 SIP Trunks
Max. IP Users: 50
Optional Interfaces: VoIP Server, GSM, Voicemail, 50 SIP Users, 8 SIP Trunks
Power Supply: External Adaptor – 24VDC, 1.5A
Auto Attendant, LCR, Multi-party Conference, LDAP Client, COSEC Door Integration, Mobile and
PC-based UC Client, etc.
Note: ETERNITY NE VS is required for IP functionality.
Note: Existing users of ETERNITY NE416 (Plastic Enclosure) can upgrade to ETERNITY NENX416 (V6.3.2) through a firmware upgrade.




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Matrix ETERNITY NENX is a small yet powerful phone system for small businesses, offering advanced features and functionalities as available with enterprise-grade IP-PBXs. Based on modular architecture and state-of-the-art design, ETERNITY NENX provides connectivity to CO (FXO), GSM/3G, and VOIP networks from a single platform. The range of phone options such as Analog, IP, and Mobile extensions provides flexibility to communicate from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, ETERNITY NENX offers an integrated voicemail system, multiple auto-attendants, and web-based remote management.

SARVAM UCS SOHO – Call Management Features: • Abbreviated Dialing (Global and Personal) • Access Codes (Programmable) • Account Codes (Forced) • Alarm-multiple • Alarms (Time, Daily, Future Date and Time, Remote) • Alarm-snooze • Alternate Number Dialing • Apple Push Notification Service Support • Auto Answer • Auto Attendant • Auto Call Back • Auto Redial • Automatic Number Translation • Barge-in • Department Call • Dialed Number Directory • Digest Authentication (on SIP) • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) • Email Notification (VMS) • Email to SMS and vice versa • Emergency Calls Detection and Reporting • Emergency Conference • Emergency Number Dialing • External Call • External Call Forward (ECF) • Fax over IP (T.38 Relay and Pass-Through) • File Transfer Protocol • Flexible Numbers (Up to 6 Digits) • NAT and STUN (VoIP) • Network Selection (GSM) • Off-Hook Alert (DKP) • Online SMDR • Privacy • PIN Dialing • Power Fail Transfer • Programming the System (Using SLT, DKP, Ethernet Port) • Quick Dial • Raid • Real Time Clock • Remote Alarm • Remote Call Forward • BCCH Selection • Busy Lamp Fields for Trunks • Call Back on Trunk Ports • Call Budget on Extensions • Call Budget on Trunks • Call Chaining • Call Cost Calculation • Call Cost Display • Call Duration Control • Call Duration Display • Call Forward • Call Hold • Call Logs • Call Park (General and Personal Orbit) • Call Pick Up (Group and Selective) • Call Progress Tones (Programmable) • Call Restriction based on IP Address • Call Taping • Call Toggle • Call Transfer (Screened, On Busy, While Ringing, Trunk to Trunk) • Calling Line Identification & Presentation (CLIP) • Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) • Cancel All Station Features • Class of Service (COS) • CLI based Routing • Closed User Group (With/Without Exchange ID) • Conference – Multiple Participants • Conference Dial-in • Conflict Dialing • Conversation Recording • COSEC Integration • Daylight Saving Time (DST) • Day-Night Mode • Hold • Hot Desking • Forced Answer • Help Desk • Hot Outward Dialing (With/Without Number, With/Without Delay) • Direct Station Selection Console (DSS Console) • Distinctive Rings • Do-Not-Disturb (DND) • DSS Call Pick-up • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) • Dynamic Lock (Manual) • Hotline (Immediate and With Delay) • Hunting/User Group • IM (Chat) • IM to SMS and Vice Versa • Installation Wizard • Internal Call • Internal Call Restriction • Interrupt Request • IPv6 Ready • Intercom • Incoming CLI Modification • Last Caller Recall • Last Number Redial • Least Cost Routing (Number, Time and Service Provider to Service Provider, Carrier Pre-Selection) • Live Call Super Vision • Logical Partitioning • Maturity (Polarity Reversal, Delay, CPD) • Meet Me Paging • Message Wait Indication (LED, Shuttered Dial tone, Voice Message) • Missed Call Log • Mobile Port (GSM/3G Port) • Multi-Stage Dialing • Music-On-Hold • Mute • Remote Programming • Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC) • Room Monitor • Reminder • Secure RTP • Selective Port Access • One Touch Transfer • Paging (Internal) • Peer-to-Peer Calling • Presence Sharing • Priority (Intercom and Trunk) • Software Upgrade • Station Message Detail Record (Incoming, Outgoing and Internal – 12000 Records) • System Activity Log and Display • System Administrator (SA) Mode • System Engineer (SE) Mode • System Fault Log • System Log Notification • System Security (Password/Auto blacklist/White list/Trusted IP addresses/ Interface access restrictions) • Time Tables • Time Zone Display • Toll Control • Trunk Call Waiting • Trunk Auto Answer • Trunk Reservation • User Absent/Present • Video Calling • Virtual Extensions • Voice Help • Voice Mail • Voice Message Applications • Walk-in Class of Service (Single/Multiple calls) • Web-based Programming

Network Protocol IPv6, IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, VLAN, DynDNS, PPPoE, QoS, STUN
Transport Protocol UDP, TCP, TLS
Codec G.711(A-law, μ-law), G.723, G.729AB, GSM-FR, iLBC
DTMF RTP (RFC2833), SIP Info, IN-Band
LAN 1 × 10/100 Mbps
Voicemail Yes
T.38 Fax Yes
Max. External Storage 32GB
USB 1 (With Factory fitted 8 GB Pen-drive)
Power 24VDC 2.5Amp
Size 320.2 x 51.1 x 208.1 mm
Power Consumption 15W
Environment Operation Range: 0°C to 45°C, Storage Range: -20°C to 65°C,
Operating Humidity: 5-95% RH Non-Condensing
Mounting 1U Rack Mounting
Particulars NENX416
FXO Ports (CO) 4
FXS Ports (SLT) 16
GSM/3G Ports 2
IP Users 50
VoIP Trunks (SIP) 8
Max. VoIP CHNL 8
Max. IP to IP Call 25
Max. IP to TDM Call 8
Conference 6 party
Video Calls 8