Programmable bell Timer for schools, School Automatic Bell System
Automatic School Bell Price

Automatic School Bell Timer

Automatic School Bell Timer

A new model of APB School Automatic Bell System with advanced features.  Automatic School Bells at Best Price in India.

“Streamlining School Schedules with Automatic Bell Systems”

Managing the daily schedule of a school can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing the ringing of bells to signal class changes. An automatic bell system can help to streamline the process and ensure that classes start and end on time.

An automatic bell system typically includes a central controller that is connected to a series of bells or speakers throughout the school. The system is programmed with the school’s schedule and automatically rings the bells at the designated times. This eliminates the need for a person to manually ring the bells and ensures that the schedule is followed precisely.

One of the main advantages of an automatic bell system is that it eliminates the risk of human error. Manual bell ringing can be prone to errors, such as a bell being rung too early or too late, but an automatic system eliminates this risk.

The system also allows for flexibility in scheduling. If the school’s schedule needs to be adjusted, the system can be easily reprogrammed to reflect the changes. This is particularly useful in cases of emergency or inclement weather, where the schedule may need to be altered on short notice.

An automatic bell system can also be integrated with other school systems, such as public address systems, to provide a comprehensive solution. This allows for announcements to be made over the speakers at the same time as the bell rings, providing a convenient and efficient way to communicate with students and staff.

Another benefit of automatic bell system is it can be controlled by the school administrator or principal from one place, it can be also connected to the school management software for better monitoring and control.

Overall, an automatic bell system can help to streamline the daily schedule of a school and ensure that classes start

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell

A new model of APB School Automatic Bell System with advanced features as follows:

  • Display: 32 Character digital display to show the current date, time in the first row, and next bell time & Selected mode in the 2nd row.
  • Stand-alone machine: No computers are required to program or maintain the ringing schedule.
  • Output Devices: ‘Super Sync’Electronic Gong Bell or any electrical device like, a bell, hooter, or siren can be connected.
  • No battery required: To maintain clock and stored program.
  • Modes: 05 Modes of operation namely Summer, Winter, Unit Test, Examination, and Spare mode. With these 5 modes, the user can cover all seasons of the year and special events like sports, examinations, annual functions, etc.
  • No. Of Bell in each model: 30 bells can be programmed in each mode. This is enough for the school to run in two shifts round the clock throughout the year.
  • Weekly off: Anyone day of the week can be selected as weekly off.
  • Monthly off: Any date of the month can be selected as monthly off.
  • Half-day: Any day of the week or any date of the month can be made the half-day. 30 Bell can be programmed.
  • Second Saturday: User selectable second Saturday option.
  • Connect the number of bells on single control unit: to bring all areas of the school in the audible range. With one electronic bell, a 70 to 100 Meter area is covered. Up to 10 electronic gong bells can be connected directly to the control unit. All of them will ring simultaneously.
  • Dimensions: 143mm X 110 mm X 50 mm
  • Weight with Packing: 1.150 Kgs or 2.53 Lbs
  • Packaging: Carton Packing.
School Automatic Bell System APB

School Automatic Bell System APB

School Automatic Bell System

WARRANTY: 12 months from the date of invoice
Dispatch of material: We dispatch material by courier. And all charges of forwarding material are on your accounts. Payment: 100% Advance (We have never diluted this condition under any circumstances; we dispatch material on getting clear credit in our accounts).

Difference between School Automatic Bell System Model APNB & APB:

  1. Model: APNB – This model rings the bell in three types: (a) Period Bell: Bell will ring once for Period No.01, Twice for period No.02, and so on. The stroke pattern will be 02 Seconds ON – 01 Sec OFF. (b) Singel Shot Long Bell of 10 Sec can be used for Assembly, Interval/Recess, and School Off. (c) Short Bell of 05 Sec can be used for the short break, zero periods, etc.
  2. Model: APB -This Model rings single-shot long bell once only. The user can set the ringing duration between 01 to 99 seconds.
Automatic School Bell System

Automatic School Bell System

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School Automatic Bell System

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell

Automatic Bell System

Programmable bell Timer for schools

A programmable bell timer is a device used in schools to manage class periods, breaks, and other events. This device enables the automatic ringing of bells or alarms at pre-set times throughout the day.

Here are some of the features of a programmable bell timer for schools:

  1. Multiple Bell Schedules: The bell timer should be able to handle different bell schedules for different days of the week, such as regular school days, half days, and special schedules for assemblies or events.
  2. Multiple Output Relays: The device should have multiple output relays to accommodate various bells or tones that signal the start or end of a class period or event.
  3. Programmable Settings: The bell timer should be programmable and adjustable, so that administrators can easily set the start and end times for each class period and break. It should also allow for customizable tones, volume levels, and duration of the bell sound.
  4. Backup Battery: The bell timer should have a backup battery or other backup power source to ensure that the bell system continues to operate even in the event of a power outage.
  5. User-friendly Interface: The device should have an easy-to-use interface that allows for easy setup and modification of bell schedules.
  6. Audible Alerts: The device should provide audible alerts, such as beeps or flashing lights, to notify users when changes are made to the schedule or if there are any malfunctions in the system.
  7. Remote Access: The device should offer remote access capabilities, allowing administrators to modify bell schedules or check the status of the system from a remote location.

A programmable bell timer for schools can help to streamline daily operations, improve classroom management, and ensure that students and staff stay on schedule. When selecting a programmable bell timer, it’s important to consider the features listed above, as well as the overall reliability and cost-effectiveness of the device.

An automatic industrial bell timer helps you in saving costs spent on manual bell ringing. We provide Industrial Bell Timer at Best Price in India. We provide the AUTOMATIC FACTORY SIREN TIMER CONTROLLER which can be connected to the existing PA system.
Industrial Bell Timer at Best Price in India
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