Steps Create Online Exams Moodle

Moodle is known as the best open source Learning Management System LMS. It can be used for conducting online examinations. Below is the presentation describing the steps for uploading the examination in moodle. There can be several different ways for uploading examinations in moodle. Below is one of the easy-to-use ways for uploading examinations in moodle. With these steps, a word file can directly be uploaded into moodle by converting it into XML file. This XML file can directly be imported into Moodle.

Steps To Create Online Exam In Moodle

Moodle provides the best reporting for the online examination. It provides lots of flexibility and options. One can set the date and time of the examination. It also allows the restriction of time duration for which a student can attempt an examination. One can set a particular date and time at which the exam will start and on the similar ground one can also set the end date and time for the examination.

It also provides the option to review the examination and the teacher can allow the student to further review the questions. Students can also skip the questions and can come back again to attempt it.

Steps create online exams moodle

Steps create online exams moodle

Online examinations can be used by Schools, Universities, Training Institutes for conducting online evaluations of the students. Blended or hybrid modes of learning can be used for imparting online and classroom learning. The online examination system of Moodle can be used for conducting the examination and to find out how the student is performing. This is also helpful for the training providers and teachers to know which module students are lacking and in which they are outperforming.

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