Student Information Management System

Student Information Management System

GTL Group a Student Information Management System

Student Information Management System:  Considering the time and distance limitations, AmpleTrails has come up with the new system called GTL Group (Guardian, Tutor an Learners’ group).

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A Student Information Management System (SIMS) is a software solution designed to manage and maintain student records and information for educational institutions. The system is typically used by schools, colleges, and universities to manage student data, administrative tasks, and academic information.

Some of the key features of a SIMS include:

  • Student Data Management: The system allows educational institutions to store, manage and access student records, including personal information, academic history, and contact details.
  • Enrollment and Admissions: The system can be used to manage the enrollment and admissions process, including tracking applications, maintaining applicant records, and generating acceptance letters.
  • Class Management: The system allows institutions to track student schedules, assign teachers, and create class lists.
  • Attendance Management: The system can be used to record and track student attendance, including absence and tardiness.
  • Grading and Progress Tracking: The system can be used to record student grades, calculate GPA’s and generate report cards and transcripts.
  • Parent and Student Portal: The system can provide a portal for parents and students to access their information, track grades and attendance, and communicate with teachers.
  • Reports and Analytics: The system can generate reports and analytics on student data, academic progress, attendance, and other information, which can be used for monitoring and decision making.
  • Integration: The system can be integrated with other systems like financial management, Human resource management, Library management, and other third-party applications.

A SIMS can help educational institutions to streamline administrative tasks, improve communication with parents and students, and make data-driven decisions. This can lead to a more efficient and effective management of student information and a more successful academic experience for students.

GTL Group is a web based solution to communicate daily campus information of a student to his/her guardian/parents. With the use of this system parents will be in touch with the tutor regarding every activity of their wards.  Tutors also have the facility to communicate with parents whenever they want.  Parents get notify for each and every achievement.  Tutors have no need to write notices in students’ diary for any complaint or reminder.


Here is the list of messages which can be sent through Student Information Management System to the guardians of the learner-

  1. Holiday Messages
  2. PTM Messages
  3. Daily Homework Messages
  4. Examination Schedule Message
  5. Messages of Exam Result Declaration
  6. Fee Notification Messages
  7. Winter/Summer Vacation Messages
  8. Students’ presence/absence Messages
  9. Student’s performance Messages
  10. Emergency Holiday Announcement Messages
  11. Wishing Messages on any Festival or other occasion
  12. Messages for different events like Annual Function, Tour/Picnic, Sports Day, etc.

Benefits of GTL Group

  • Based on Go Green concept as it reduce the use of paper.
  • Saves time consumed in posting any notice or other information to the parents.
  • Regular involvement of parents leads to the progress of Institute.
  • Parents involvement results in all round development of their child.

Student Information Management System

Pricing of Student Information Management System:

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Messages will be on the transactional route where the message delivery will be instant and to the DND Registered no. also.

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