Server for a web application.  How to choose?

Having a low loading time for your application gives a better experience to your user.  This will also help in better SEO of your website.  As the content is a kind and fast server and low latency results in more users.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider while choosing a server for your web application which are broadly as follows.

Server for Web Application

Server for Web Application

CPU Cycles:  Always check for the type of CPU and amount of share you are getting if you are considering a Virtual Private Server VPS.  In Linux, you can get to know about this by following the command

cat /proc/cpuinfo

RAM: RAM plays a very important role in the performance of your application.  The more RAM is better will be the user experience. On a UNIX machine, you can check this by following the command.

free -m

Bandwidth: Don’t just check for the total amount of bandwidth or transfer for a month but also check for the speed of the network.  At what data rate data transfer happens?  The more will be better.

wget -O /dev/null

Location of Server:  This is very important where your server is located.  It’s true that data transfer happens with the speed of light, but more hopes and routers always add up latency and will result in a delay.  So, before making a choice always look for where your target audience is from and choose a location that is very near to your customer.   If you buy a far-end server then it may result in loose of your customers.  That is the reason why most of the companies have servers located all over the world.

Disk I/O rate:  What is the read and write speed of the hard disk which stores data?   What kind of hardware is used to store your data?  Don’t just go for unlimited hard disk buy also check for the type of hard disk and its I/O speed.

We at Ampletrails take care of all the above and many more points while choosing the server for hosting Learning Management System so that our clients will get the best user experience.  These points help us in improving the performance of the Learning Management System and giving a better user experience to our customers, teachers, and learners.  If you wish to try our Learning Management System please do contact us at in**@am*********.com.

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