Girls Education a security concern for the parents. 

Girls education in India is effected by the security risks that parents have in their mind related to their girl child.  They are not willing to send their girl child to get education as the child has to travel and there are security concerns related to it.  Is there a solution for this problem.  Yes, I do agree that govt. is taking necessary steps to eradicate the security problems.  But its still a big challenge faced in rural and urban areas.

girl education in India

girl education in India

As we know every child has own pace of learning.  Sometime good teachers are also not available for a particular subject.  So, child has to opt for extra classes where they are able to revise what is tough in the the classroom and is able to clear their queries.  This model is good but has a very big limitation, i.e. availability of good teachers, time constraints, location constraints.

There are cases when good teacher is at a far location from the child home and child need to travel to the institute.  The other case can be availability of teacher.  Girl child face a challenge of getting tuition  from professionals who provide extra classes after their office hours in evening or late night.

Solution for the girl education

To provide a quality education specially to a girl child is a big challenge faced by India.  There is solution for the girl education.  There are ways which can used and can help in improving the education of the girls in India.  It can be solved using E-Learning where teachers would be able to teach online live as well as through recorded lecture.  The child would be able to able to pause, rewind, forward the teacher as the way they want and would be able to revise as many times as they want to.

Advantages for teachers

This has a substantial advantage for the teacher as well.  Most of the time teacher has to repeat themselves over and over resulting into wastage of time and money.  With E-Learning teacher can concentrate on providing quality contents.  The other major advantage would be student will come prepared in classroom.  The classroom time will be used for discussing about the topic.  Teachers can charge money from the child for the contents.  This will help in increasing the business of the teacher as students who are at remote location would be able to join the course.

Learning Management System can be used for providing E-Learning where the contents can be accessed by the child with their credentials.  We at AmpleTrails provide Learning Management System for E-Learning.   Please contact us for a free demo of one month.
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