Biometric Attendance System

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Biometric attendance system in India

Fingerprint based time attendance machines are devices that use fingerprints to record the time and attendance of employees. They are a type of biometric time attendance system that offer many advantages for organizations, such as

  • Accuracy: They can identify and verify employees without the risk of human error or fraud. They can also track the time and productivity of employees for payroll and management purposes.
  • Security: They can prevent time theft and buddy punching by providing a reliable source of information about employees. They can also protect the data from unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Convenience: They are easy to use and do not require any cards, passwords, or tokens. They can also work with different communication methods, such as USB, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, or cloud. They can also integrate with other systems, such as payroll, HR, or access control.
  • Cost-effectiveness: They can save time and money by reducing manual paperwork and errors. They can also reduce the maintenance and operational costs by eliminating the need for cards, batteries, or ink. They can also have a fast return on investment by improving efficiency and productivity.

Attendance finger machine can help you track the correct IN and OUT time of the your employees.
Attendance Biometric Machine will save a lot of money and time.

attendance biometric machine

essl e9c specification

Fingerprint-based time attendance machines- Low cost, best fingerprint Based Time & Attendance Machines. The following is the list of low-cost and best fingerprint-based time and attendance machines used in the industry.  Please click on the machine to know the detailed specification of the machine.  These are low-cost and very durable time and attendance machines.  Best time and attendance machine for all your needs.  These machines have software that is capable of generating 150 plus industry-standard reports.  Great fingerprint attendance machines are available at the best price range with lots of features.  Please contact us at 9034757673, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 or in**@am*********.com if you have any queries.

attendance biometrics machine

Attendance Biometrics Machine

Biometric Fingerprint Based Time & Attendance Machine

Biometric time attendance machine
We will help you in choosing the best biometric attendance machine.  Below are some of the Essl biometric attendance system.

Biometric Time Attendance Machine eSSL E9C WIFI Biometric Time Attendance Machine eSSL E9C WIFI
Attendance Finger Machine eSSL K21 Pro Attendance Finger Machine eSSL K21 Pro
Attendance Fingerprint Device eSSL K30 Pro Attendance Fingerprint Device K30 eSSL
RFID Card Attendance System S990 RFID Card Attendance System S990
Attendance Fingerprint Machine eSSL X990 Attendance fingerprint machine X990
Biometric Attendance Machine (F 22) StandAlone Access Control System
Attendance Machines attendance machines
Biometric Attendance Machine (I CLOCK990) Biometric Attendance Machine (I CLOCK990)
Biometric attendance machine eSSL SilkBio 101TC essl Silkbio 101TC Biometric Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine
Time Attendance System eSSL K90 Pro Identix attendance machines
Biometric Time and Attendance Machine SF100 Biometric Time and Attendance Machine SF100

Best Biometric Time Attendance Machines

Fingerprint-based Budget and best biometric time and attendance devices for all your needs.  These machines are available in different capacities and at different speeds.  These are the best machines to solve all your problems related to the time and attendance of the employee.  You will get ROI(Return on your Investment) within a few days after installing these machines.  Your employee will start coming on time and will devote complete time.  These machines have proved their capability, durability, affordability by successfully running and working in government organizations, corporate, schools, colleges, universities, etc. in various parts of the county.  The reporting software is very robust and can connect with several machines.  You can get data using GPRS from various machines.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Biometric Attendance Machine Automates All Time-Attendance Processes In a Real-time. Easy Operation & Installation. Quick and Records Instantaneously. Get a biometric fingerprint attendance system for your organization at the best price.

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Download Time and Attendance Software

Fingerprint Time Attendance Systems Delhi

The fingerprint attendance system is the best biometric attendance system for managing the time and attendance of employees. A fingerprint can be used to mark attendance and record the time of the employee. Biometric machines are best for managing In and Out time of employees. Our attendance machine comes with free attendance software for 500 employees and up to 10 machines. Electronic attendance machines are very popular with fingerprint and card-based systems. The attendance system can reduce the workload of marking the attendance of employees. Attendance software can help in generating the daily, monthly, yearly reports of employees. The fingerprint of employees can be registered in the machine. These fingerprints will be matched automatically by the attendance machine when an employee places his finger. A biometric attendance system can be attached to the biometric access control system to manage access and attendance. It can calculate the total work duration of the employees. Fingerprint readers can be used to uniquely identify the person. These readers can help in canteen management, access control, visitor management.

We are India’s fastest-growing and most reliable Biometric Time & Attendance and Access control systems brand.

Fingerprint based time attendance machines are a type of biometric time and attendance system that use fingerprints as a means of identifying and verifying individuals. These systems are designed to replace traditional time and attendance methods such as punch cards, time clocks or manual entry and are commonly used in businesses, offices, and other organizations.

Some of the key features of a fingerprint based time attendance machine include:

  • Fingerprint recognition: The system uses advanced fingerprint recognition technology to identify and verify individuals.
  • Fast and accurate: The device can process a high volume of transactions quickly and accurately.
  • Time and attendance tracking: The system can be used to record employee time and attendance, with real-time data transfer to cloud-based servers or to an on-premises server.
  • Access Control: Can be used to grant or deny access to restricted areas based on fingerprint recognition
  • Data storage: Has a large storage capacity and can store a large number of fingerprints and records.
  • Connectivity: Can be connected to a network or other devices for data transfer and remote management.
  • Durable and secure: The device is designed to be durable and secure, with tamper-proof features and encryption to protect data.
  • Advanced Reporting: Provides real-time attendance reports, shift wise attendance, late comers and early goers reports.

Fingerprint based time attendance machines are a reliable and secure solution for businesses looking to improve their time and attendance tracking. The system’s advanced fingerprint recognition technology ensures that the data is accurate, and it can be integrated with other systems like access control, payroll, and HR management. This can result in a more efficient and cost-effective management of employee attendance, and better monitoring and management of employee attendance.

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines – X990-C, K30 with Mobile APP

We are excited to launch all-new Biometric devices with inbuilt wifi: E9-C-WIFI(Attendance) , F22- WIFI (Access & Attendance) and X990-C with 10000 users capacity.

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines

Fingerprint Based Time Attendance Machines

AmpleTrails offers a large variety of Biometric devices based on cutting-edge technologies such as fingerprint, Face, Iris, Palm, and Finger vein to suit your requirements such as:
 Best Brand for Biometric Attendance System in India  Fingerprint: LX 16, K21 Pro, K30 Pro, SF 100, X990-C, F18, F19, I clock 990, FR 1200
Fingerprint with Inbuilt Wifi: WL 20, E9-C WIFI, and F22- WIFI.

Facial with Fingerprint and RFID: Uface 302, MB 160, KF 160, Silk Bio 101 TC

Cards: Proximity Thick, Thin, and Mifare smart card
Locks: EM lock and Brackets, Bolt Lock, Strike Lock

Software: Time & Attendance ( Smart Office Suite- Desktop, Web, Cloud, Android Mobile App)

eSSL K30 Biometric Attendance Machines

eSSL K30 Biometric Attendance Machines

Economical Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Best Fingerprint Attendance Machine

eSSL Fingerprint Digital Door Lock in Gurgaon, डिजिटल दरवाजा वाला लॉक

eSSL Fingerprint Digital Door Lock in Gurgaon, डिजिटल दरवाजा वाला लॉक

ESSL MB160 Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine with Battery GPRS

ESSL MB160 Face Fingerprint Attendance Machine with Battery GPRS

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eSSL K30 Pro Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control System

K30 Pro has an enhanced capacity of 1000 fingerprints and 1000 RFID cards. Equipped with a mini speaker and push data, it is compatible with EM locks and push buttons. This device runs on a 12V DC, 1.5 Amps power supply.

Biometric time attendance machine

Face Recognition Attendance System

We can provide the ultimate solution for all your attendance tracking needs. Our wide range of Time Attendance & Access Control Systems can record multiple levels of data. Face, fingerprint, RFID card: some devices can single-handedly read all of them.

iclock 990 biometric price

iclock990 price

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eSSL K90 Pro
K21 Pro
K30 Pro (Inbuilt Battery)
K20 Pro (Inbuilt Battery)
SF 100+id (Access control + Weigand)
Fingerprint + RFID-based Device –
X7 – ID
Silk FP 101TA
X990-C + ID
I Clock 990 + ID
F 18 + ID / F 19 + ID
 Palm Recognition Device 
P160 + ID
Guard Patrol Device
MT 100 (T&A)/PT 100(Guard Patrol)
 Face Recognition Device 
eSSL MB 20 Face Recognition Attendance Machines
MB 160 + ID
Silk Bio 101 TC (Inbuilt Battery)
U face 302 + ID / U face 602 + ID
S face900 + ID
Multi Bio 700 + ID
G3 H
G3 Plus
 RFID based Attendance System 
SC403/ SCR 100

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