Learning Management System (LMS) Academe ® is a modern E-Learning Software/Platform.  It’s a highly scalable, flexible & robust Learning Management System.  It offers a wonderful set of tools to make your job easier and will greatly reduce your effort dedicated to infrastructure and course management. Instead, you will be able to dedicate the majority of your time to course content. It is an E-Learning Software and Learning Management suit which aims to change the way traditional learning and teaching happens.  Academe brings in related social web technologies and integrates them into an E-Learning platform.

Faculty Portal Learning Management System

Faculty Portal Learning Management System

Learning Management System for Students

The Academe suite consists of four major components:

  1. Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Attendance Management System (AMS)
  3. Video Lecture Composition and Delivery (VLC)

Academe Learning Management System (LMS) provides a range of modules used to deliver and track students’ learning. The tools give a social collaborative learning environment to promote learning among students. Such tools are of four major categories

1) Collaboration Tools: Group Work, Community Networking, Wiki

2) Communication Tools: Discussion Forum, Online Notes, Real-time Chat, File Exchange

3) Content Development Tools: Course Management, Assignments and test management

4) Productivity Tools: Grades, Progress

LMS attendance management system

Online Video Lectures form an important part of an E Learning initiative of an institute. Streaming video lectures are virtual class lectures without the restrictions of the traditional classes. The lecture can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without installing any extra software, directly from a general web browser.  It forms an exhaustive repository of all the information related to a specific course.  It helps the students to make quick revisions, compensate for missed lectures or even give lectures to students as a distance learning approach.

Attendance Management System keep record of student attendance per course.   It help institutes to go green, saving paper cost involved in recording attendance records.  Technology used in building Learning Management System.

LMS Learning Management System Academe Cloud Computing

Ampletrails Learning Management System provide education providers with e-learning system to be able to teach students online. There are many course management tools which are very useful.  Course material can be easily uploaded in the form of video, presentations, pictures, pdf, spreadsheets and any other types of documents one may use.  Students can be assigned to the course and with provided login credentials can review the course material as well as take examinations.

Get your own private customized E-learning portal on cloud and teach students through web and video.  Our infrastructure helps our clients to enhance the quality education by providing great tools for teaching and learning.  Our E-Learning System Learning Management Solutions for Education LMS softwareweb-based E-Learning system empowers our clients to engage students in learning by using new and exciting state of art technology.  We work with our client and help them stay innovative rather than repeating them-self over and over.  Our managed Software as a service(SaaS) infrastructure enables our clients to stay focus on providing quality contents.  Everything is maintained by us so that you one can concentrate on teaching. Our product is very intuitive and one can learn to use and navigate it easily.

The software provides the ability to perform online evaluation of students. This gives a clear picture about how a student is performing.  At the same time it provides the students an ability to ask questions and conduct group discussions, create their online notes, ask questions, etc.

A combination of online learning and class room approach can be used to provide blended learning using best of both the technique.  Online learning has following advantages.

Learning Management System (LMS)

  1. The course material is maintained online and is easily accessible for editing.
  2. Students can learn at their own pace and comfort level.
  3. Students can communicate with the teachers without interference of peer pressure.
  4. They can perform group activities and collaborate on group assignments.
  5. Flexibility of content delivery for teachers is very high.

There are many course management tools which you will find very useful.  Course material can be easily uploaded in the form of video, presentations, pictures, pdf, spreadsheets and any other types of documents one may use.  Students can be assigned to the course and with provided login credentials can review the course material as well as take examinations.

Our quick to learn and easy to use e-learning system make the learning more effective.  Student get access to the course contents at any time and from any system with a simple browser.  In our online classroom model students use videos, documents, notes to watch the content in advance, and classroom time is used for a more meaningful and engaging interaction between faculty and students, and between students themselves. Our cloud based platform prevents our clients from installing and maintaining unnecessary heavy software.  We are completely focus on our client business and impact we can have on their business.

Cost Effective E-Learning Solution

AmpleTrails empowers the clients ability to choose all the features that they want. We help our clients to deploy courses easily and deliver learning to a large number of concurrent users.  The pricing is at par with the flexible structure and this proves to be a cost-effective e-learning solution for clients.  Don’t wait start delivering content online to learners.  For free consultation on Learning Management System (LMS) please fill the form.

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