Biometric Devices for Government.

Biometric Devices for Government.

Government users have very different challenges from their private sector counterparts. Our customized solutions help government in achieving their goal of providing seamless learning.  To improve the performance of the government continuous learning is required, continuous training and over all development of staff is required.  Government sector require knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer to occur between employees.  Our new “Learning Management System” (LMS) platform help government to deliver courses and training modules to their employees online. Our solution help government in cost reduction and making quality content available 24/7.  Ampletrails work with government and help them in following.

  • Maximizing capabilities for learners, trainers, supervisors, and administrators to easily access and manage professional training.
  • Employee performance improvements by providing a continuous learning platform.
  • Providing real-time data exchange between learners, trainers, supervisors, and administrators.
  • Deliver web-bases contents with latest state of art technology.

Following products are catered for the need of Government Sector.

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