RFID Card based student attendance System School is introduced to track the students

RFID Card based student attendance System School

RFID Card based student attendance System School

Student Automatic Attendance System

Students attendance is an important concern for the parents as well as for the schools.  With the increase in bunking of students, kidnaps, late coming of the child can be monitored using the RFID cards. RFID Student Attendance System | SMS to Parents GPRS based wireless plug play RFID device | Show and Go Attendance.

Wireless Attendance Gate For School Walks Through Model with In/Out SMS, Biometric RFID Card base Student Automatic Attendance Systems.

RFID Attendance Management System for Educational Institutions

Track and maintain accurate attendance records to minimize absenteeism and enhance the punctuality of your students and staff with our RFID Attendance Management System!

Student Automatic Attendance System

Student Automatic Attendance System


Every student has issued an id card which is RFID based on their name, photo, class, and other related information.  This card is used by students to mark their attendance on the biometric machines.  For students above 15 years of age fingerprint or face, attendance machines can be used to mark attendance.  This can further be integrated with SMS API to send real-time SMS to the parents.

Student name along with punch date and time can be sent to the parents mobile informing student is present today.

When Student enters the school and show the card on device, parent will get automatic SMS e.g. “Daddy / Mummy, I am in school “date and time” + “Student Name.”
This package that contains :    Reader + Rfid Card + SMS + Server Charge + Application Charge + Installation.

This system helps parents to know the status of their child and can also monitor the late going of their child in school. With this system, the school can improve the habit of students and ensure they always reach the school on time.

This year don’t just give normal identification ID Cards to students give them RFID based identification ID Cards to students. This is a must feature for the child safety.

Rfid attendance system for school

RFID Card + RFID Reader + SMS gateway +  Software get everything from us.

Get in touch with us to get RFID Smart Card Based School Student Attendance System using RFID.

Features of RFID Card based student attendance System School

  • Plug and play RFID based time and attendance solution.
  • Instant SMS notification on mobile.
  • Realtime reporting.
  • SMS with student name and time.
  • Fully automated solution.
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What Is RFID – Radio Frequency Identification?

Biometric Attendance System Software

Attendance management is a pivotal task in educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. It enables teachers to monitor students’ daily activities closely.

An RFID-based attendance system utilizes RFID technology to record student attendance accurately and efficiently before every lecture. Students use an RFID tag to mark their presence on the RFID reader, storing data within the system for faculty use in various operations.

Traditional attendance methods can lead to errors and require extensive manual effort. An RFID system automates attendance recording, allowing teachers and parents to effortlessly track and monitor student activities and aiding in faculty attendance for simplified payroll management.

Features Of RFID Attendance System

For Teachers

  • Minimizes paperwork by automating student attendance marking.
  • Automatically notifies about absent students through alerts.
  • Enables seamless generation of MIS student attendance reports.

For Administrators

  • Facilitates error-free automatic MIS report generation.
  • Saves resources in managing student attendance records.

For Students

  • Ensures accurate, real-time attendance recording without roll calls.

For Parents

  • Allows real-time monitoring of children’s activities and attendance.

What Is RFID Based Attendance System?

MasterSoft’s RFID-based attendance system is an innovative solution that includes an RFID reader, tags, an LCD display, and a microcontroller unit. It streamlines the attendance marking process, eliminating manual efforts and enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

RFID Components

Complete Integration

The RFID system’s tag integrates an antenna and memory within a plastic card, facilitating data storage and retrieval. The reader emits radio waves to communicate with the tag, capturing data for attendance recording.

Benefits Of RFID Attendance System Over Barcodes

  • RFID does not require line-of-sight for reading, unlike barcodes.
  • Multiple RFID cards can be read simultaneously.
  • RFID reading is more reliable, eliminating human errors associated with barcode scanning.


1. How Secure Is The Data Stored In The RFID-Based Attendance System?
The data is highly secure, utilizing robust encryption and stringent access controls.

2. Can The System Handle A Large Number Of Users/Students?
Yes, it is designed to efficiently manage large numbers of users.

3. Can The System Be Used To Track Attendance At Multiple Locations On Campus?
Yes, it supports attendance tracking across multiple campus locations.