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Attendance system for School

Bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon

School Attendance Management Solutions SMS Alert

RFID based attendance system for school

RFID based attendance system for school

School Attendance management solutions with SMS Alert
Child Safety is very important nowadays and everyone wants to get SMS alerts from the school about their child attendance in the school. Traditional ways of sending SMS is very time-consuming. It takes so many hours in collecting data and informing the parent about the child attendance. We have a new solution for this in which we automate the attendance. In this system, our Biometric time and attendance machines are used to capture the attendance of the child. This can be done using the RFID cards, the fingerprint of the child, face recognition technology. This information is transmitted to the server automatically and from there the SMS is pushed to the parent mobile using the SMS Gateway. We use the world-class gateway for sending SMS. The complete attendance is collected and sent to parent mobile. School gets an option to send customized SMS with the name of the child to prevent the confusion in case of multiple children of a parent. Even absent SMS can be sent after a particular time intimating parent. This complete process of sending Attendance SMS is automatic. There is no manual process required.

School Attendance Management Solutions with SMS Alert

School Attendance Management Solutions with SMS Alert

To get this wonderful School Attendance Management Solutions with SMS Alert solution implemented in your organization get in touch with us. Mail us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836, 09034757673 or fill the following form. One of our experts will contact us immediately.

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RFID School Attendance and SMS

Our GPRS based Wireless RFID Attendance for Schools is as easy as Plug and Play.

We have lots of happy schools which have automated their attendance process using our system and is sending SMS to parent mobile. We have machines to take the attendance and send SMS using the Bulk SMS API. This is a complete automated system of sending SMS to parents mobile number. Parents get instant alerts about the attendance of their wards. This is used by the institutes especially for the girl child where the safety and information are very important.

Automatic Student Attendance Management

We automate the Student Attendance Management process of sending SMS. SMS can be sent to various events.

  • First In Text
  • Last Out Text
  • No punches
  • All IN/OUT of students.
  • Present SMS
  • Absent SMS

Attendance System For School – SMS to Parents RFID Based

You can use any of our TCP/IP based attendance machine for punching of data.  Not only this you will also be able to see the SMS logs and delivery report. Biometric Face Recognition based Automated Student Attendance Management. Fingerprint Automatic attendance Solution for students attendance. RFID based time attendance machines for automatic student attendance with SMS Gateway integrated.

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RFID Card based student attendance System School

RFID Card based student attendance System School is introduced to track the students

RFID Card based student attendance System School

RFID Card based student attendance System School

attendance.  Students attendance is an important concern for the parents as well as for the schools.  With the increase in bunking of students, kidnaps, late coming of child can be monitored using the RFID cards.


Every student is issued an id card which is RFID based with their name, photo, class and other related information.  This card is used by students to mark their attendance on the biometric machines.  For students above 15 years of age fingerprint or face attendance machines can be used to mark attendance.  This can further be integrated with SMS API to send real time SMS to the parents.

Student name along with punch date and time can be sent to the parents mobile informing student is present today.

When Student enters the school and show the card on device, parent will get automatic SMS e.g. “Daddy / Mummy, I am in school “date and time” + “Student Name.”
This package that contains :    Reader + Rfid Card + SMS + Server Charge + Application Charge + Installation.

This system help parents to know the status of their child and can also monitor the late going of their child in school. With this system school can improve the habit of students and ensure they always reaches the school on time.

This year don’t just give normal identification ID Cards to students give them RFID based identification ID Cards to students. This is a must feature for the child safety.

RFID Card + RFID Reader + SMS gateway +  Software get everything from us.

Get in touch with us to get RFID Smart Card Based School Student Attendance System using RFID.

Features of RFID Card based student attendance System School

  • Plug and play RFID based time and attendance solution.
  • Instant SMS notification on mobile.
  • Realtime reporting.
  • SMS with student name and time.
  • Fully automated solution.

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