Spectra’s TwinXs 2C is a highly accurate two door access controller suitable for every business vertical. Its super powerful design and simple mechanism make it a favorite among clients. It is easy to install, use and maintain. Its ability to simultaneously control and monitor two doors, allows it to be a cost-efficient alternative for our customers. It is a must-have for areas such as server rooms and research labs, to name just a few.

Spectra 2 door controller

spectra controller software

Spectra TwinXs 2C two Door controller

2 Door Controller

Multi Door Access Controller

It supports anti-passback. Simply put, it allows entry to a particular door only when the person has exit through the same door. Spectra has the best multi door access controller. Leveraging on smart technology, the system helps to create a group, such that, access to a door within the group is permitted if only, all other doors are closed. Its secure, user-friendly and easy to embed network interface makes it a highly desirable solution indoor access control technology.

Spectra two Door Controller

Spectra two Door Controller

Multi Door Controller Spectra TwinXs 2C

Controller 2 Doors/4 Readers
CPU 8 bit microcontroller running at 42 MHz
Program Memory 128 Kbytes
Data Memory 2 MB flash
Database 30,000 card holders
Transactions 55,000 time stamped events storage capacity
RTC Non volatile real time clock calendar
Display LED indication for reader and lock activity status
Communication 10 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications
Reader Interface Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 40 bits/clock data four reader ports
Reader Control LED Control, buzzer control & reader tamper switch input
Lock Interface 2 Potential free changeover relays, contact rating 3A/30V DC, support both fail safe
& fail secure type of lock assemblies
Digital Inputs Optically isolated inputs for 2 door sensor, 2 exit switch & 2 general purpose digital input
Watchdog Inbuilt watchdog supervisor
Supply 13.8V DC / 2.5 Amp with battery charger, provision to connect 12V/7.2 AH battery
Protection Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for over current protection
Power 2.5 Watts( excluding lock and readers)
Input 180V AC ~ 230V AC/50 Hz
Humidity RH 5-95% non-condensing
Weight 2.65 Kg.
Dimensions H 230 x W 262 x D 57
Time Zone 30 user defined time zones
Access Groups 90 access groups
Day Access Day of the week access
Week o  Groups 30 week o  groups
Holiday Groups 10-holiday groups, 30 holidays per group
Antipassback Door wise antipassback
Interlocking Interlocking facility available
Digital Inputs Programmable general purpose digital inputs for monitoring devices and sensors
Digital Outputs Programmable general purpose digital output for alarms


Technical specifications may be changed from time to time without any prior notice due to continuous enhancements in the product.

Card reader with an option of reading EM prox or Mifare card needs to be connected to a controller.

Spectra’s RFID Card reader P20/M20

Spectra’s M20 Mifare reader is built for high performance for Mifare read-only cards with its compact and high on aesthetics build. It offers a consistent read range of 6~8 cm in most conditions. The reader is particularly suited to access control applications, it can be easily mounted on walls and doors. An advance key management for high security its basic unit can be configured to most common output interface formats.

Spectra Card reader M20 P20

Spectra Card reader M20 P20

Spectra RFID Card Reader P20 M20

Spectra RFID Card Reader P20 M20

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