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Digital Bell Broadcasting System

Digital Broadcasting System School

Digital Bell Broadcasting System

Digital Broadcasting System School

Digital Broadcasting System School

First of Its kind, an integrated System for Automatic Bell Ringing and Two Way Broadcasting in Any Building.

BS-101 = Automatic Bell System + Digital Broadcasting System

1. One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two – Way Communication): Master (Principal/Admin/

Directors unit) can speak as well listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.

2. All Call / General Announcement : Announcements of common interest can be made using ALL CALL feature.

Voice will be audible in all Slave / Classroom units connected with this system.

3. Group Call : User can make 05 groups upto 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be

made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms etc..

4. Selective Call : Rooms other than group made, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in

Master controller.

5. External Audio: 3.5mm Jack is provided at the back of Master controller for playing music from external

devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc.

6. Automatic Bell Ringing System: Most advanced feature rich automatic school bell system is integrated with

this system. User can program whole day schedule and bell will ring automatically. All 7 days of of week can

be programmed with different time tables.

7. Micro-SD Card : Provisions to mount Micro-SD card. User can upload desired sound files to use as bell

sounds or for playing music. 53 sound files are factory loaded. These 53 sound files include various

combinations like female voice narration – This is Period No 1, its your lunch time etc. and traditional

Tawa bell sound “Tan-Tan”.

8. Calender Holidays – User can program 10 Holidays for each month. So total 120 holidays excluding Sundays can be programmed in this device. Bell will not ring on these holidays.

Digital Broadcasting System Automatic School Bell

Digital Broadcasting System Automatic School Bell

Connection Diagram BS-101 Digital Bell Broadcasting System

Connection Diagram BS-101 Digital Bell Broadcasting System

It’s and integrated system for Automatic ringing of School Bell and Two way communication within a building.

Enclosed please find list of items for your kind reference

Suppose you need this system for 30 rooms so you have choose following items:

  1. DBS Master BS-101M Capacity – 30 rooms = 1 piece
  2. DBS Slave BS-51S = 30 pieces
  3. DBS Power Supply BS-51P = 03 to 06 pieces.
  4. Cable = As per length required. For installation up to 20 rooms you can use cable size 7/38, for installations above 20 rooms kindly use size 14/38, for installation of and above 40 rooms use size 0.5mm or above. You can purchase this cable from your city’s cable market by showing them the specifications as mentioned in price list or you can refer the attached image of cable. (Image is of 6 core shielded, you have to buy the same in 4 core.)

Warranty – 12 months from the date of invoice against all manufacturing defects.

Delivery – Generally ready stock, but Kindly contact us before placing order for exact delivery schedule.

Email us at info@ampletrails.com or call us at 9818390836 for pricing and installation of this machine.
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