Fingerprint Time Attendance Device eSSL E9C WI-FI

E9C WiFi Time Attendance Machine

E9C WiFi Time Attendance Machine

Comprehensive Overview of Fingerprint Time Attendance

Fingerprint Time Attendance Device eSSL E9C WI-FI

Fingerprint Time Attendance Device eSSL E9C WI-FI

Storage Capacity

User Capacity: Can store up to 10,000 user profiles.

Fingerprint Capacity: Holds up to 3,000 fingerprints, ensuring a broad user base management.

Card Capacity: Accommodates up to 10,000 card information for versatile access options.

Transactions Capacity: Capable of storing 1,00,000 transaction records, making it suitable for extensive usage.

Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance

Fingerprint Sensor: Equipped with a 500 DPI Optical sensor for high precision.

FAR (False Acceptance Rate): <=0.0001%, indicating extremely high security.

FRR (False Rejection Rate): <=1%, ensuring smooth and efficient user experience.

Identification Speed: <= 1 sec, for quick access.

Audio & Visual

Display: Features a 2.8″ Color TFT for clear visibility.

LED Indicator: Includes Green/Red indicators for status alerts.

Schedule Bell/Speaker: Comes with a Mini Speaker for audio notifications.


USB-Host, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi: Offers multiple connectivity options for versatile use.

Push Data: Standard feature for real-time data management.

Includes DLST, Automatic Status Switch, Self Service Query among standard features for enhanced functionality.

Power & Environment

Power Supply: 5V DC — 2 Amp for efficient power usage.

Operating Temperature: 0 °C – 45 °C to withstand various environmental conditions.

Operating Humidity: 20% – 80%, ensuring device durability in different humidity levels.

Dimension (in mm): (L)213 x (W)149 x (H)46 for compact and convenient placement.

Access Control

Details about access control features like Wiegand, Relay, and Support Fire Alarm are specified as NO, indicating these features are not available in this device.

Exit Readers

Specifies the absence of support for exit readers, optional battery, and other related features, marked as NO or NA.


Includes options for External Speaker and Bulb output as optional features to enhance device utility.

Compatible Software and SDK

Supports eTimeTrack Lite & web and provides an SDK for desktop applications. Also, compatible with web-based Device Manager/ePush server using Push data for ease of integration with third-party applications.

Major Applications

Perfect for Time & Attendance, Canteen management, School attendance, Production Management, Gym & clubs, illustrating the device’s versatility across various applications.

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Biometric Time Attendance Machine eSSL E9-C+ID+WiFi