Automated Attendance SMS Delivered Parents Mobile Case Study

GD Goenka International School Case Study- An educational institute solution.

Problem Statement: The customer wants to automate the attendance of students.  A lot of time is wasted in marking the attendance of students.  The major concern is the safety of students as all the students come from renewed families in the city.  Notification of student arrival in school is required.

Attendance Management System with SMS Alert


Expected Solution by Customer

There are 2 options available for the customer.

  • RFID-Based Time Attendance System. In this system, every student is issued a unique card and that card is used to mark the attendance of students. This has some drawbacks that customer wants to overcome.  (a) Buddy punching:  Students punch their friend’s cards and do proxy attendance.  (b) Touch the cards:  In this students need to touch the cards to the RFID readers which again customer doesn’t want.
  • UHF Card Readers:  UHF card readers have a comparatively higher range as compared to RFID card readers.  So a student need not go near the device to mark the attendance.  But this has again a limitation in which if students go in a crowd reader doesn’t read the card and marks the student absent.  Since the solution is going to be used for small kids and students of K-12 there are chances of students going in the crowd with their friends.

Our Solution
 Attendance Management System with SMS Alert  We proposed client face recognition machines integrated with etimeTracklite Software.  Biometrics for kids is always a question will it work?  Yes, when tested it can identify the face of a 3-year-old kid easily and can mark the attendance.  So, we installed one machine in front of every classroom which is attached through a network cable to the main server room.   In the server room, our software is running fetching records of the student punches in real-time and sending SMS to the parents using the SMS API.  The present text, as well as the absent text, is sent to the parent’s mobile number automatically with the software.  The student’s name followed by some text with the exact punch time is sent to the parent’s mobile about the presence of their wards.  After a certain time, an absent SMS is pushed to the parent number informing about the student’s absence.  A similar solution is implemented in the Bal Bharti School, Bahadurgarh with 60 machines one in front of every classroom.  Then the solution keeps on replicating itself and reaches every tuition and coaching institute with real-time SMS delivery.

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An automated attendance system with SMS delivery to parents is a system that uses biometrics or RFID technology to automatically mark students’ attendance and send SMS alerts to parents if their child is absent. This system can help schools to improve attendance, track student progress, and communicate with parents more effectively.

Here is a case study of an automated attendance system with SMS delivery to parents:

  • School: GD Goenka International School, India
  • Problem: The school was facing problems with student attendance. Many students were absent without informing their parents, and the school was not able to track their attendance effectively.
  • Solution: The school implemented an automated attendance system with SMS delivery to parents. The system uses facial recognition technology to mark students’ attendance. If a student is absent, the system sends an SMS alert to their parents.
  • Results: The system has been very effective in improving attendance. The number of students absent without permission has decreased significantly, and the school is now able to track student attendance more effectively. Parents have also appreciated the SMS alerts, as they have helped them to stay informed about their child’s attendance.

Here are some of the benefits of using an automated attendance system with SMS delivery to parents:

  • Improved attendance: The system can help to improve attendance by making it easier for schools to track student attendance and identify students who are absent without permission.
  • Better communication with parents: The system can help schools communicate with parents more effectively by sending them SMS alerts about their child’s attendance. This can help parents to stay informed about their child’s progress and take action if their child is absent.
  • Reduced administrative workload: The system can help to reduce the administrative workload of schools by automating the process of taking attendance. This can free up staff time to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved data security: The system can help to improve data security by storing attendance data in a secure database. This can help to protect student data from unauthorized access.

If you are looking for a way to improve attendance, track student progress, and communicate with parents more effectively, then an automated attendance system with SMS delivery to parents is a good option to consider.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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