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Face Attendance Mobile app

AmpleTrails Face Recognition Contactless Attendance Management System

AmpleTrails provides a Face Recognition based Contactless Attendance Management System. Our cloud software enables you to monitor your employee's attendance remotely.

Exciting Mobile Attendance Application

Dear citizens, I am excited to share with you the cutting-edge mobile attendance application offered by our friends at AmpleTrails! This amazing app is available for both Android and IOS, enabling you to take attendance online, track location, and use face recognition technology.

This face-based time and attendance mobile app come with automated policies and reports that plug revenue leakages and optimize workforce utilization, making it an attendance solution built for enterprises. With this app, you can get 100% accurate attendance records, and it is undoubtedly the best mobile app for employee attendance tracking.

Upgrade Your Attendance System

This mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring systems is an innovative solution that is efficient and reliable. It's time to upgrade your attendance system with AmpleTrails! Don't hesitate to download the app and experience the future of attendance tracking.

Download the app from the Play/App Store using the following link:

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Face recognition Mobile Attendance App. Remote monitoring and management of attendance.

Mobile Attendance App

Attendance App with live Location Tracking. An AI-powered contactless attendance system can efficiently manage workforces and offer safety and convenience to employees.

Mobile Attendance Application
An AI-powered contactless attendance system can efficiently manage workforces and offer safety and convenience to employees.

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This mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring systems is an innovative solution that is efficient and reliable. It's time to upgrade your attendance system with AmpleTrails! Don't hesitate to download the app and experience the future of attendance tracking. #AmpleTrails #MobileAttendance #FaceRecognition #OptimizeWorkforce #EnterpriseAttendance #IOS #Android

This mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring systems is an innovative solution that is efficient and reliable. It's time to upgrade your attendance system with AmpleTrails! Don't hesitate to download the app and experience the future of attendance tracking. #AmpleTrails #MobileAttendance #FaceRecognition #OptimizeWorkforce #EnterpriseAttendance #IOS #Android

Mobile Attendance App Features
AmpleTrails is a mobile attendance App equipped with face recognition for better security and more control. It provides multiple features for employees’ productivity. Call 9315441053, 9315441078
  • Face recognition + GPS ATTENDANCE
  • Get Accurate Attendance Location
  • Mark Attendance with the Attendance kiosk
  • No Fake Attendance
  • Attendance from Registered Devices
Mobile Attendance powered the user to clock in & out from anywhere using their Mobile. It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place. Attendance Management System | Employee Attendance Tracker Attendance marking app for office staff and field staff with the location. Mobile attendance app with face recognition | Automatic attendance system using face recognition
mobile attendance app with face recognition

face recognition-based mobile attendance management system

Mobile App for Attendance Real-Time Tracking.Field & SalesForce Reporting.  Remote Employee Attendance – Mobile Check-in/out with live face detection with location tracking and GEO fencing.  Easy customization and Integration. Free Demo!
Mobile App for Attendance

Best employee attendance app for Android

Mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system. Mobile attendance app with Face Recognition for time attendance.

Mobile Attendance App for Smartphones

Get the best mobile app for employee attendance. Keep your employees safe with a touchless face attendance System. No need for Biometric and manual entry. Our unique solution is to manage attendance at the office or field without touching the biometric surface. Ampletrails uses Facial recognition and an Artificial Intelligence system to mark attendance. Designed developed and data hosted in India. A face Attendance System is better than a biometric system. Must for COVID-19 compliant offices. IN & OUT Data On Cloud. Touchless Attendance. Customized Alerts. Face recognition Attendance – No hardware required.

Mobile attendance system

Late/Early IN/Out Reports for understanding the employee’s behavior. Attendance App Login Details are sent automatically to employees’ email. Easy integration with your HRMS System. Seamless integration with eTimeTracklite and SmartOffice Suite Software. Auto Email alerts for Daily Attendance Logs of Mobile App without installing any extra utility at the scheduled time.
AmpleTrails is transforming face detection technologies to solve the challenges in the mass and corporate market with hybrid mobile attendance solutions.
Time and Attendance Mobile App

Daily Attendance App

 Attendance Management System using a Mobile device and a Web Application 
  • Touch-free attendance
  • Real-time employee tracking
  • Use a Mobile Application with Face Recognition
  • Leave management on the App itself
  • Unlimited users and unlimited transactions
  • Seamless Integration with HRMS
  • Plans start as low as INR 25 per user per month
mobile time attendance system

mobile app for biometric attendance system

Call us at 9315441078 to get Facial Recognition Based Touchfree Attendance App.  By filling out the below form, you can get in touch with our experts for a mobile application attendance monitoring system. Get instant email notifications on your mobile for leave requests, daily attendance, and daily absenteeism.

Mobile application attendance monitoring system

AmpleTrails Smart attendance application is a way to provide leverage to employees for registering their attendance from anywhere with the help of their mobile phones. It allows users to register face recognition attendance, biometric attendance, and manual attendance. To ensure that the person is in the right place, it uses GPS.  In addition, face recognition technology is used in the application to verify and checks the person’s real face. As a result, the owner doesn’t need to worry about buddy clocking or faking.
Mobile Attendance App

Daily attendance App

The data on the attendance will be stored in a cloud-based database to make it secure and easily accessible for the authorized party. It can generate flexible reports that can be easily imported into different formats like CSV, Excel, etc. Moreover, it can also be synchronized with real-time software at the HR department to check if everything is going right or not. To register their attendance, the users need to create an account and sign in for the process. The concerned person can also make their account and provide the user’s login details so that they can keep the correct record. At the time of attendance, the GPS will start working automatically, provided the mobile phone’s GPS tracker should be on. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms so that every user can register their attendance successfully. It allows the employees to express their biometric attendance, which helps the HR department check the person’s identity.

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

Facial Recognition Based Attendance App

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

Along with these AmpleTrails, the Smart Attendance mobile application is capable of tracking the past location history of the employee. This feature helps to check whether the person is doing the right job or not. Moreover, the GEO fencing feature of the app allows the employees only to register their attendance at the office or allotted location. In case anyhow if any employee is not capable of registering their attendance from their phone, then they can also use their supervisor’s mobile phone to register their attendance.
Employee Mobile Application

Features of Face Recognition Mobile application

App for attendance and monitoring system

For a quick review, check out these features of the application:
  • Face Recognition
  • Simply use on multiple platforms
  • Support Android phone
  • Support iOS gadgets
  • Check-In and Check-Out Via Mobile
  • Leave Application
  • GPS Based Location
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • No requirement for an extra device or technician to use the app.
So, if you are looking out for a low-cost attendance system that is capable of registering attendance in multiple ways like face recognition biometrics etc., and also tracking the location of the employees, then this mobile application is your destination.  Face Recognition System  If you want to get more details please fill out the form below. Our experts will contact you to give face attendance and various other solutions as per your requirements.

AmpleTrails Smart Face recognition app for attendance with Geo Location

face attendance app

Face recognition attendance Android app

Mobile Attendance Application is a cost-effective way of monitoring attendance. As an employer, I understand how frustrating it can be if you are trying to achieve the littlest form of honesty and transparency about your workers’ attendance. I’m not saying that your workers are dishonest, but honestly, preventing your employees from submitting attendance for their absent colleagues is not an easy task to achieve. Factually, about 70% of workers sign attendance for their absent colleagues. When asked the reason for this dishonest act, most of them say that they are trying to look out for each other. Also, some close-to-honest ones say that they sign attendance for their colleagues only when the said colleague has serious or life-threatening situations. Mobile App-based Attendance System with Face Recognition Technology. However, what these employees don’t understand is that life-threatening or not, their dishonesty in signing attendance for their absent co-workers negatively affects the overall organization. I mean, if they have the will to sign attendance for their colleagues, then why shouldn’t they do their absent co-workers’ jobs too?  Nonetheless, this issue of lying about work attendance is paramount in organizations that still use the quickly-phasing-out manual method of attendance.

Face recognition app for attendance

face recognition attendance mobile app

Face recognition attendance mobile app

This is where AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App come in. Have you ever thought of automating your workers’ attendance? If yes, then AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App are for you. This app was developed by an office automatic and digital multimedia solutions company, called the AmpleTrails. This tech company was founded in 2012 and had since then made its impact in the tech industry. They are arguably the best when it comes to installing security and biometric time attendance systems. In general, this smart app has a lot of exciting features that will ease the stress of manually monitoring your employees off your shoulder. Most importantly, it’s an artificial intelligence app, and its job is to keep the attendance data of your workers. It was first hosted in India, but it can be used in any part of the world. So, if you are interested in learning more about this app, stick with me. This article will tell you all you need to know about the AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. It will include the physical characteristics of the app, details of its functions, and what is required for you to be able to utilize those functions to their maximum. With this app, the exact latitude and longitude of an employee is stored, and geofencing is used to provide precise location data. This means that at any given time, the business owner can see whether an employee is entering or leaving the office. Furthermore, the app keeps track of date and time, ensuring that no employee can falsely claim attendance. But wait, there’s more! This is not just a smart face app, it’s also an intelligent attendance management system. The app saves an employee’s picture and office details, which are automatically sent to the business owner when the employee arrives or leaves the office. Using this app for attendance management saves time and effort. Employees can register their attendance through the app, making the process quick and efficient. With the added benefits of face recognition and geofencing technology, you can be assured of accurate attendance tracking and efficient workforce management.

Functions of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

This app doesn’t have limited storage, a testament to the developer’s foresight. All your employees’ work-related information is securely saved on the cloud, ensuring ample space. Furthermore, the app marks a worker’s attendance only when the employee’s face matches their profile and details. Upon successful verification, it sends an automatic message to the operator’s email, as a phone message, or as an automatic notification.

Distinct from most biometric attendance apps, this app is touchless. In times where social distancing is paramount, it facilitates tracking workers’ attendance without necessitating physical contact with the device. This feature is instrumental in distinguishing diligent workers from the ones frequently absent under the pretext of various excuses.

Beyond these capabilities, the app is adept at managing your workers’ schedules. It monitors the attendance of employees assigned to morning, night, weekday, and weekend shifts. Additionally, it simplifies tracking the leave period for all your employees, who can apply for leave directly through the app.

The app also significantly eases the workload on Human Resources (HR) departments. It includes a feature allowing employees to upload documents directly to HR or even you, the operator or business owner. Moreover, a colleague attendance feature lets workers register their daily attendance through their operator’s phone in case their own device is malfunctioning.

Characteristics of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

My dear fellow citizens, I am delighted to highlight the outstanding features of the AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. This cutting-edge app leverages advanced face recognition and GPS technologies to ensure precise attendance tracking and location monitoring.

The app is equipped with a plethora of remarkable features, such as real-time data capture, automated reporting, and effortless integration with your existing HR systems. With AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App, managing attendance and optimizing workforce utilization becomes streamlined, fostering enhanced productivity and significant cost efficiencies.

Designed with enterprises in mind, it delivers the security and reliability your organization demands. Thanks to its sophisticated reporting and analytical tools, pinpointing areas for enhancement and making data-driven decisions to propel growth and success has never been easier.

In the wake of current challenges, ensuring the well-being of your workforce is paramount. That’s where the touchless attendance technology of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App comes into play, offering a hygienic and safe method for employees to register attendance sans any infection transmission risks.

I urge all business owners to uncover the exceptional advantages of the AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. It’s an opportune moment to elevate your attendance management practices. #AmpleTrails #SmartAttendance #FaceRecognition #GeoTracking #TouchlessAttendance #EnterpriseAttendance

Requirements of AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App

To use all the features of this app to their fullest, you are required to carry out some steps. The first is that you have to download the app. This app is available in both the android play store and Apple’s iOS and iTunes. After downloading, you have to create an account and register before you, and your workers will be able to use this app. Secondly, you have to register and upload your workers’ information on the app. After which your workers have to download, create an account, and register on the application. When this is done, your workers have to switch on their GPS so that the geo attendance will be activated. In summary, when you think about getting your worker to earn their keep honestly, then you should start thinking of automating their attendance session. You can do this with AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App. It will help you track the movement of your workers in the work environment; it will also make it easy for the HR department to communicate with them. Choose AmpleTrails Smart Face and Geo Attendance App today!

If you have any queries or want to place an order please contact us now at 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053, 9034757673 or email us at in**@am*********.com or fill out the below Inquiry Form.

Quotation of Mobile Attendance App Please visit our Products section Here.

Online Attendance System

See How Easily You Can Monitor Your Employees’ Attendance Using the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance App

Monitor Your Employees’ Attendance Using the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance App

Daily attendance App

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affected businesses around the world. Countries had to implement lockdowns, which took a toll on the livelihood of business owners worldwide. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suffered the most. Thus, some employers had no choice but to downsize or close down their companies. As a result, employees were either retrenched or decided to leave their jobs altogether to avoid contracting the dreaded coronavirus. Call us now on 9315441078 for the best employee tracking app. Check the Mobile Attendance Application Call us at 93154410478 now.

Mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system

Nevertheless, other businesses pivoted from brick-and-mortar to digital to save their employees’ jobs. For instance, shopping stores built e-commerce platforms and trained their employees to process business transactions online. With this kind of setup, business owners allowed their employees to work from home. However, this work arrangement left employers – represented by their human resources department – with a problem when it comes to monitoring the attendance of their staff.

Touchless Face Attendance

It’s a known fact among HR practitioners that working from home can bring about challenges to employees. A touchless face attendance solution can help in monitoring the time attendance of the employees.  First, employees might have difficulty distinguishing what’s work and what’s home when working from home. It sounds like a play of words, but it’s true. Second, working from home is much more stressful; hence employee productivity might get compromised. Lastly, distractions could get in the way while employees are working from home. Household chores, babysitting, and running errands might steal the attention of work-from-home moms instead of focusing on their jobs.

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

To illustrate, let’s have a glimpse into the daily work routine Rachel. She works as a senior credit and collection analyst at a poultry and livestock specialist company. Before COVID-19 hit her city, she used to report for work five days a week from eight o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening. She had no problem with her productivity at their office until the pandemic left employers with no choice but to let their employees work from home.

Touchless Face Attendance

From a typical office mom, Rachel now has to adjust to her new routine as a work-from-home mom. In the morning before the start of her work shift, she has to prepare for the needs of her husband and kids. She cooks breakfast and lunch. In the same way, she cooks dinner, does the laundry, washes the dishes, and tucks her kids into bed after her work shifts in the evening. That’s how she usually spends her weekdays as a mom. Now let’s take a look at how Rachel spends her workweek as an employee. She’s always online having chats with customers about their account status. She monitors customers’ credit limits, sets up teleconferences, and creates daily progress reports. In between, she juggles being a mom and an employee at the same time. Rachel’s first month under a work-from-home arrangement proved to be a stressful setup for her. But she gradually learned the hang of it. Foremost, she managed her time well. Next, she discovered how to make technology work for her instead of against her by using productivity apps to speed up her work. Finally, she studied how to better collaborate with her co-employees while all of them are stuck in their own homes while working at the same time. As we can see, employees could easily avoid the challenges of working from home by having the right training, tools, and apps. Likewise, employers have also figured out how to monitor their employees’ attendance by making use of advanced technology readily available online. Before the COVID-19 pandemic crept in, employees used either a Bundy clock or biometrics to register their attendance on a typical workday at the office. But not anymore since remote work is becoming the new norm. Thus, business owners started looking for an alternative system for monitoring the attendance of employees who are working from home. Fortunately, the smart artificial intelligence-based attendance system ever released is finally here—the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app!

Touchless Face Recognition Time Attendance Application

The AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app was designed, developed, and hosted in India. It’s a touchless, face-recognition time attendance system. It can record attendance by matching an employee’s facial features against the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app’s database.

Advanced features of Face Recognition Mobile Attendance App

Furthermore, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app also provides advanced features such as allowing employees to:
  • Log their attendance using face recognition, biometrics, or a manual method
  • Update their photo
  • Select in/out direction when marking their attendance
  • Mark attendance of their co-employee who doesn’t have a phone
  • Manage their work schedules
  • Record company-related expenses made by them
  • File their leave requests
  • Upload their essential documents to the server
  • Change their work location whenever required
All of these while they’re working from the comfort of their homes! Additionally, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to ensure that an employee who’s logging in is in the right place. Aside from its GPS technology, it also can track the location history of an employee. This feature helps employers check whether their employees are working or not. Moreover, employers can activate the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app’s geofencing feature with a single tap to designate an area where employees are allowed to register their attendance. An equally important feature of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app is that authorized parties can access the attendance record of employees by accessing the data stored in a cloud-based database for verification and checking. The retrieved data could be exported into different file formats like comma-separated values (CSV), Excel, etc. for processing. Data processors – usually the HR – have the option to synchronize the activities of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app with popular biometric attendance software for real-time processing to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Another cool feature of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app is its easy integration with a Web application programming interface (API), human resources management system (HRMS), and payroll software.

Features of Mobile Application

In summary, these are the features found on the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app:
  • Face Attendance
  • Geo Attendance
  • Attendance Logs
  • Update Photo
  • Office Location
  • Work Schedule
  • Colleague Attendance
  • Colleague Attendance (GEO)
  • Leave Request
  • Documents Upload
  • Assign Office
  • Visit History
Also, the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app allows customization for brand names and logos.  We provide the best time-tracking application. In the final analysis, allowing employees to work from home or work remotely amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a lot easier with the help of the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app. Employers can now easily monitor their employees’ attendance anytime, anywhere. Download the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store now. For more info about the AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance app, email in**@am*********.com.

How to Choose an attendance management system For Your Business

Attendance Management System

Mobile app for face attendance

Attendance Management System; What it is?

As a business owner and an employer, you understand the value your employees bring to your business in terms of the hours they put in at work. For the sake of accountability, business owners usually seek for ways to monitor or track these hours. Attendance management, therefore, is the process by which business owners or management limit or do away entirely with employee time theft to minimize company losses. The process involves capturing data on employee hours at work, log-in time, departures, breaks, and time off. You may be using tools such as punch cards, excel sheets, time clocks, or even paper registers to help track employee work hours. But to improve employee morale and productivity, your business deserves better. Today, technological advancement and the need for fast and accurate processes have seen the rise of special software created specifically for tracking working hours by employees, like the AmpleTrails Smart Attendance System. Choosing a cloud-based tool like AmpleTrails Smart Attendance System has the upside of adaptability and compatibility with multiple gadgets and platforms. But whichever attendance management system you pick, there are specific qualities that should top your checklist.

Why an Automated Attendance Management System is Better Than a Manual System for Your Business

Attendance System for Business

Top Attendance Management System

The manual methods of tracking employee attendance waste too much time and can be frustrating. When you automate your attendance system, however, you benefit from:
  • Simplified process of organizing your workers.
  • Error-free work attendance data.
  • Accurate employee compensations.
  • Decreased labor costs.
  • Reduced managerial work.
  • More time is saved to do more productive work.
  • Elimination of process hold-ups.

Attendance App

How to Tell When It’s Time to Change Your Current Attendance Management System

  1. Your management system must provide the clarity needed by the management for better future decision-making. If that is lacking, then it’s time for a change.
  2. If your current management system is strenuous to use or keeps collapsing, forcing the employees to use manual solutions, it’s time to say goodbye.
  3. The credibility of your attendance management system should never be compromised. So, if there is an incident where anyone has been able to edit confidential attendance data, your system is unreliable, and you need a change.
  4. 75% of companies in the US make losses caused by buddy clocking. If your current system does not help you eliminate such compliance risks then you are not doing any justice to your company’s bottom line.
  5. If your attendance management system does not provide you with sufficient information required for making important business decisions, change to one that will.
  6. If your current management system lacks critical features mentioned below in this article, like payroll compatibility, biometric features, and platform flexibility, it’s time to upgrade.
  7. When you realize that organizing your employees has become difficult, and you are experiencing consistent shortages, something is amiss with your attendance management system.

Checklist Features for Your Attendance Management System and Why They Are Important

With numerous options available within the market, the pressure to select the best attendance management system can be enormous. You need to pick one that will give you the best value for your money. Armed with these ten tips, however, you can be sure you will not be gambling away your money:

1.     Ease of Use

A solution that you invest in for your business should not in any way make your life or that of your employees harder. You need to pick one that is smart enough to eliminate manual processes and compliance issues.

2.     Mobile Apps Compatibility

A decent attendance system should allow employees to clock in/out and apply for time off without requiring them to be physically at the work premises. That is because today, many jobs are remote. The supervisor should also be able to view and approve such requests on the go.

3.     Self-Service Functionality

The application should allow employees to apply for time off themselves and also be able to access their leave balance without much hustle. Time-off applications, attendance corrections, and self-compliance should be executed by the employees, without the involvement of HR.

4.     Alerts and Notifications

The application should be capable of sending reminders and notifications in case an action is past due. That is in case an employee forgot to clock in/out, for example. This feature also helps to keep business expenses in check by informing management to take action when, for instance, an employee is approaching overtime.

5.     Biometric Attendance

The biometric feature is especially useful if you are dealing with a large number of employees in your business and have a particular clock in/out time. This technology will help prevent fraud by using an employee fingerprint scan.

6.     Flexibility

A cloud-based system is accessible on a variety of devices without having to download the application. A mobile platform will also encourage productivity in the field and remote jobs since it captures precise attendance data anywhere. An efficient attendance system should, therefore, support both mobile and cloud platforms.

7.     Payroll Compatibility

The attendance management system that you settle for must be efficient enough to fit in easily with your existing HR software, such as payroll. That will help to avoid manual reconciliation, which may give room for errors. Payroll compatibility, therefore, will help you improve data correctness and privacy as well as limit payroll errors.

8.     Ease of Configuration

Businesses have different needs. A management system should be flexible enough to allow tailoring to specific business needs.

9.     Reporting

An efficient tracking system should be able to give you the information in real time. It should also facilitate access to detailed information on each employee’s timing and production. Automated systems help to ensure compliance to set policies without exerting too much time and effort.

10. Audit

An attendance management system has to be credible. To optimize the system’s efficiency, therefore, an audit feature will help you pick any data changes that may have taken place. To sum it up, adopting an automated attendance management system is a smart move for your business if you are looking to keep that needed strategic distance from month-end hustles. A digital system combined with the above features will help you avoid errors that are the norm with manual trackers. Enjoy an easy and painless monitoring activity by investing in AmpleTrails Smart Attendance Management System.

If you have any queries or want to place an order please contact us now at 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053, 9034757673 or email us at in**@am*********.com or fill out the below Inquiry Form.

Please visit our Products section Here. To login to the admin panel of the Mobile attendance app click on the following link. AmpleTrails Attendance App User Manual
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