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Mobile Attendance Application

AmpleTrails Mobile Attendance Application
Real-Time Tracking.Field & SalesForce Reporting.  Remote Employee Attendance – Mobile Check-in/out with live face detection with location tracking and GEO fencing.  Easy customization and Integration. Free Demo!

Attendance Application

AI-Based Mobile Application

Keep your employees safe with a touchless face attendance System. No need for Biometric and manual entry. Our unique solution to manage attendance at office or field without touching the biometric surface. Ampletrails uses Facial recognition and an Artificial Intelligence system to mark attendance. Designed developed and data hosted in India. A face Attendance System is better than a biometric system. Must for COVID-19 compliant offices. IN & OUT Data On Cloud. Touchless Attendance. Customized Alerts. Face recognition Attendance – No hardware required.

Time and Attendance App

Daily Attendance App

  • Touch-free attendance
  • Real-time employee tracking
  • Use a Mobile Application with Face Recognition
  • Leave management on the App itself
  • Unlimited users and unlimited transactions
  • Seamless Integration with HRMS
  • Plans starting as low as INR 20 per user per month

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    Mobile application attendance monitoring system

    AmpleTrails Smart attendance application is a way to provide leverage to employees for registering their attendance from anywhere with the help of their mobile phones. It allows users to register face recognition attendance, biometric attendance, and manual attendance. To ensure that the person is in the right place, it uses GPS.  In addition, the face recognition technology which is used in the application verifies and checks the person’s real face.

    As a result, the owner doesn’t need to worry about buddy clocking or faking.

    Mobile Attendance App

    Daily attendance App

    The data of the attendance will be stored in a cloud-based database to make it secure and easily accessible for the authorized party. It can generate flexible reports that can be easily imported in different formats like CSV, Excel, etc. Moreover, it can also be synchronized with real-time software at the HR department to check if everything is going right or not.

    To register their attendance, the users need to create an account and sign in for the process. The concerned person can also make their account and provide the users login details so that they can keep the correct record. At the time of attendance, the GPS will start working automatically, provided the mobile phone’s GPS tracker should be on. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms so that every user can register their attendance successfully. It allows the employees to express their biometric attendance, which helps the HR department check the person’s identity.

    Mobile attendance app with face recognition

    Along with this AmpleTrails, the Smart attendance mobile application is capable of tracking the past location history of the employee. This feature helps to check whether the person is doing the right job or not. Moreover, the GEO fencing feature of the app allows the employees only to register their attendance at the office or allotted location. In case anyhow if any employee is not capable of registering their attendance from their phone, then they can also use their supervisor’s mobile phone to register their attendance.

    Employee Mobile Application

    Features of Face Recognition Mobile application

    For a quick review, check out these features of the application:

    • Face Recognition
    • Simply use on multiple platforms
    • Support Android phone
    • Support iOS gadgets
    • Check-In and Check-Out Via Mobile
    • Leave Application
    • GPS Based Location
    • Biometric Attendance
    • Geo-Fencing
    • Real-time attendance tracking
    • No requirement for an extra device or technician to use the app.

    So, if you are looking out for a low-cost attendance system that is capable of registering attendance in multiple ways like face recognition biometric etc. and also track the location of the employees, then this mobile application is your destination.

     Face Recognition System  If you want to get more details please fill the form below. Our experts will contact you to give face attendance and various other solutions as per your requirements.

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