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Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Recorder Employee Time Recording Machine

Time Attendance Access Control System

We can provide the ultimate solution for all your attendance tracking needs. Our wide range of Time Attendance & Access Control Systems can record multiple levels of data. Face, fingerprint, RFID card: some devices can single-handedly read all of them.

Ampletrails Attendance Machine CCTV Access Control System Rfid Cards
Biometric Time Attendance Machine

biometric device price in india

Fingerprint Based Time and Attendance Machine

Fingerprint Based Machine

price of biometric attendance machine

Fingerprint Based Time and Attendance/Access Control system

Fingerprint Attendance system

biometric thumb impression machine price

Face Recognition System for attendance

Face Recognition System

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Face Recognition System/Time and Attendance / Access Control Machine

Face + Access Control Machine

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Proximity and Mi-fare

Proximity and Mi-fare

eSSL k 30 biometric fingerprint attendance system price

Identix Series Biometric Time Attendance Machine

Thumb Based Attendance Machine

Automatic School Bell Multiple Sound System

Automatic School Bell Multiple Sound

Automatic School Bell Multiple Sound

School Automatic Bell System

Automatic School Bell

School Automatic Bell System

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell

Automatic School Bell Traditional Bell

eSSL Biometric Attendance Machine K90 Identix

Fingerprint Attendance Machine eSSL K90 Identix

Access Control System

We deal in: We deal in a variety of products. Our product range consist of-

Learning Tools


Management Tools


Automatic Ringing Bell

products automatic ringer for schools, colleges

Time and Attendance Machines

Products biometrics attendance and time system

Security Systems

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    Product we offer:-

    1. RF ID Attendance And Access Control ( WIFI & GPRS optional)
    2. Fingerprint Attendance & Access Control ( WIFI & GPRS optional)
    3. Face ID Attendance And Access control ( WIFI & GPRS optional)
    4. UHF Long Range Reader for School Management & Parking Management
    5. Multi Door Controller for Access control with Finger Reader & RF Reader
    6. Standalone Controller with RF and Fingerprint & Face ID
    7. Readers without Memory ( RF & Fingerprint)
    8. EM Lock, Card, Push Button, RFID Cards & Bracket
    9. Automatic School Bell

    Software we Offer:-

    1. Attendance Management software Desktop Version
    2. Attendance Management software WEB version
    3. Android App for attendance
    4. Employee self-service attendance marking on mobile
    5. Access Control software
    6. Student attendance management software
    7. School Software

    Full Height Turnstiles for access Control System.
    Download Time and Attendance Software

    Email us at [email protected] or call us at 9034757673 for pricing and installation of any of our products.

    Parking Management System In India

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