Biometric Access Control Systems is used to control the physical access control in an organization.  Biometric devices are used for access control.  Biometric devices are used for time and attendance monitoring along with access control.  Access control system can implement using the multi door controllers.  There are single door controllers available as well.  For small organizations single door access control system is the best.  For big organizations, we require multi door controllers.  Multi door controllers have the advantage over the single door controller.  Not just the access control which can be provided by the multi door controller but you can do lots of other things as well.

What is Access Control System?

F19 Biometric Time Attendance Machine Access Control

F19 Biometric Time Attendance Machine Access Control

The advantage of Multi Door controller.

  1. Can define Access levels:  One can define different access levels like whom to allow at what time.  You can define time on the basis of the week and set rules when to allow a person.  Person fingerprint, face, vein access control system can be used.

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