Innovative HR Solution for Medanta by AmpleTrails

Customer Name: Medanta
Location: Gurugram
Client Requirement: Global Health Limited, known as Medanta, is a prominent private hospital network in India, founded in Gurgaon in 2009 by Naresh Trehan and Sunil Sachdeva. They required a unified software solution for managing employee attendance and HRMS, enabling employees to log in to manage leaves, tours, manual punches, and more.

AmpleTrails’ Solutions

AmpleTrails provided a comprehensive solution to streamline the flow of employee data from Adrenalin SQL view to AmpleTrails software, and then to the Face Attendance Device. This ensures that punches made from the device are accurately reflected back in the Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform.

  • Real-time data downloading from punching machines.
  • Automatic data transfer to Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform database.
  • Easy processing of time attendance calculations on Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform.
  • Employee login for direct access to their attendance records.

Hardware and Software

Software: Smart Office Software
Hardware: Artificial Intelligence based face attendance machine with a capacity of 50,000 faces.

Benefits to the Client

  • Integrated attendance, HRMS, and leave processing within a single software, Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform.
  • The automated system significantly reduces manual work and saves time.
  • Enhanced efficiency with no requirement for manual input.
Biometric Integration with Adrenalin
Biometric Integration with Adrenalin

To provide a more detailed explanation of the solution offered by AmpleTrails for Medanta, let’s break down the project into its core components and the impact it had on Medanta’s operations.


Medanta, also known as Global Health Limited, is a significant player in India’s healthcare sector, with its main facility located in Gurugram. Founded by renowned cardiac surgeon Naresh Trehan and entrepreneur Sunil Sachdeva in 2009, Medanta aimed to consolidate its HR and attendance systems into a single, efficient platform. This consolidation was intended to simplify processes for employees, enabling them to manage various HR-related tasks such as applying for leave, logging tours, and correcting attendance punches through a single portal.

The Challenge

Medanta faced the challenge of integrating attendance tracking with their Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to create a unified platform for their employees. The primary goal was to automate the system to reduce manual interventions, thereby saving time and reducing errors. The specific requirements included:

  • A seamless flow of data from attendance devices to the HRMS.
  • Real-time data capture from biometric devices to ensure accurate attendance records.
  • An automated system for transferring data to the Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform for processing.
  • Enabling employees to access their attendance records through a simple login process.

AmpleTrails’ Solution

AmpleTrails addressed these challenges by implementing a comprehensive solution that included both hardware and software components:

  1. Software: The core of the solution was the Smart Office Software, which acted as the intermediary between the Adrenalin SQL view (where employee attendance data is initially collected) and the HRMS platform. This software facilitated the automatic transfer of data, ensuring that attendance records were up-to-date and accurately reflected in the HRMS.
  2. Hardware: To accurately capture attendance, AmpleTrails deployed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based facial recognition attendance system capable of storing up to 50,000 face templates. This state-of-the-art device ensured quick and accurate identification of employees, significantly reducing the chances of proxy attendance and other fraudulent practices.


The workflow implemented by AmpleTrails can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Data Collection: Real-time attendance data is captured by the AI-based facial recognition device when employees check in or out.
  • Data Transfer: The Smart Office Software automatically retrieves this data from the attendance device and transfers it to the Adrenalin MAX HR Tech Platform’s database.
  • Attendance Processing: Within the Adrenalin platform, the data is processed to calculate attendance, taking into account any adjustments such as leave or manual punch corrections entered by employees.
  • Employee Access: Employees can log into the system to view their attendance records, apply for leave, or make any necessary adjustments to their attendance data.

Benefits to Medanta

The implementation of this solution by AmpleTrails brought several benefits to Medanta, including:

  • Unified Platform: By integrating attendance and HRMS functionalities, Medanta provided its employees with a single platform for all HR-related tasks, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
  • Time-Saving: The automated flow of data reduced the need for manual data entry, saving time for HR personnel and employees alike.
  • Accuracy: Real-time data capture and automatic data transfer minimized errors, ensuring that attendance records were accurate and reliable.
  • Accessibility: Employees gained direct access to their attendance and HR records, promoting transparency and enabling them to manage their HR tasks more effectively.

In summary, AmpleTrails delivered a comprehensive solution that not only met Medanta’s requirements for a unified HR and attendance management system but also enhanced operational efficiency, data accuracy, and user satisfaction.

Simplifying Biometric Attendance Integration with Adrenalin’s API Method

In the era of digital transformation, integrating biometric attendance into HR systems has become a necessity for organizations aiming to enhance accuracy and efficiency. Adrenalin, a leading provider of cloud-based HR solutions, offers a seamless integration process for organizations looking to incorporate their biometric data into the Adrenalin cloud application. This article delves into the steps and best practices for successfully integrating biometric attendance data using Adrenalin’s REST API.

Understanding the API Integration Process

Adrenalin exposes a REST API for attendance integration, designed to accommodate the data flow from biometric devices to the Adrenalin cloud application. This process involves calling the Adrenalin API and providing biometric attendance data in JSON format, ensuring a streamlined and secure data transfer.

API Format and Request Details

The API integration is initiated with a POST request to a specific URL structured as follows:

Request URL: https://{DOMAIN NAME}/WebAPI/{CUSTOMER ID}/{AUTHTOKEN}/attendance_cloud/checkin

Request Method: POST

Request Parameters:

  • authtoken: The authentication token shared by Adrenalin.
  • Domain name: Your domain name, as provided by Adrenalin.
  • Customer id: Your unique customer ID, shared by Adrenalin.
  • Data: An array of JSON objects containing employee IDs and punch times.

Example Data Format:

  {"empId":"1","punchtime":"2016-11-07 09:01:00"},
  {"empId":"2","punchtime":"2016-11-07 09:01:00"},
  {"empId":"1","punchtime":"2016-11-07 10:01:00"},
  {"empId":"2","punchtime":"2016-11-07 10:30:00"},
  {"empId":"1","punchtime":"2016-11-07 18:01:00"},
  {"empId":"2","punchtime":"2016-11-07 19:01:00"}

Date Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (24-hour format)

Handling Validation Messages

When invoking the API, it’s crucial to provide correct parameters. Incorrect parameters will result in validation responses that help identify and correct the issue. Common validation messages include:

  • V0001: Unauthorized Company
  • V0002: Unauthorized Security Key
  • V0003: Unauthorized IP Address

Interpreting Output Response Codes

Upon invoking the attendance API, Adrenalin returns a success or failure response code:

  • 0001: Success
  • 0002: Fail

In case of a failure response, the request should be retried until a success code is received.

Best Practices for Integration

  1. Correct Data Submission: Ensure the data provided to the Adrenalin API is accurate, as incorrect data submissions require manual correction through the Adrenalin attendance regularization form.
  2. Employee Shift Mapping: Employees must be correctly mapped to their shifts in the Adrenalin system for accurate attendance tracking.
  3. Data Maintenance: Adrenalin retains customer raw data for the last two months, emphasizing the importance of timely data review and correction if needed.
  4. Shift Corrections: If shift corrections are necessary after data integration, adjustments must be made using the Adrenalin attendance regularization form.


Integrating biometric attendance data with Adrenalin’s cloud application streamlines attendance management, offering real-time data synchronization and enhanced reporting capabilities. By following the outlined steps and adhering to best practices, organizations can ensure a smooth integration process, ultimately improving their attendance tracking and overall HR operations. Remember, Adrenalin’s support team is available to assist with any challenges encountered during the integration process, ensuring a successful implementation.

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