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Fingerprint attendance system is the best biometric attendance system for managing time and attendance of employees. Fingerprint can be used to mark attendance and record time of employee. Biometric machines are best for managing In and Out time of employees. Our attendance machine comes with free attendance software for unlimited employees and unlimited machines.



Electronic attendance machines are very popular with fingerprint and card based system.  Attendance system can reduce the work load of marking attendance of employes. Attendance software can help in generating the daily, monthly, yearly reports of employes. Fingerprint of employes can be register in the machine.   These fingerprints will be matched automatically by the attendance machine when an employee places his finger. Biometric attendance system can be attached with biometric access control system to manage access and attendance.  It can calculate the total work duration of the employes. Fingerprint readers can be used to uniquely identify person.  These readers can help in canteen management, access control, visitor management.
Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location

Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location

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