Multi-Location Centralized attendance management system

Multi Location Centralized Time Attendance Solution

Multi-Location Centralized Time Attendance Solution

Traditionally in business, more locations have always meant lesser control. Not any more. Because there is hardly anything traditional about the futuristic COSEC range of Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions from Matrix. These technological workhorses perform seamlessly across multiple locations – removing all barriers of size, time, and distance. They integrate biometrics with RF cards and are engineered to adapt to current and future organizational needs. Thus it is no surprise that Matrix
COSEC has been chosen by progressive organizations like Coca-Cola, Khimji Ramdas, FedEx, Burger King, NBQ Bank, and Ford Motors.
Centralize Attendance Solution for Multi-Location
Get the best time attendance management system. We have the best solutions available for companies located in multiple cities, countries. Admin Can Enroll the user in the biometric device from anywhere.  Transfer/delete the user from one biometric machine to another.  Manage the history of Previously worked branch/location etc. of the user in Process data. Online Enrolment. 
Attendance management system

Multi-Location Attendance Management System requires a different type of hardware than a single location solution. We have specialized hardware that is built for catering to the requirements of Multi-Location Attendance. Our software works with Face, Fingerprint, RFID, and Palm devices.

  • Time Attendance & Access Control
  • Employee Self Service Application
  • Mobile App With GPS Tracking
  • Advance Leave Management
  • Comp-off apply and approval
  • Late-In, Early-Out & Overtime Reports
  • SAP, ERP and payroll Integration
  • Database: MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle
  • Desktop, Web & Cloud-Based Software
  • Auto Email: Daily Report to Manager
  • SMS Alert Notifications on Mobile
  • Outdoor Entry apply and approval
  • Restricted Holiday Apply and Approval
  • Multiple/ Auto/ Flexible/ Roster Shifts
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Parallel Data Export

Attendance Management System

Time attendance is the basic requirement of every organization.  The big organization faces a big challenge in collaborating with the attendance gathered from different locations.  Every month a lot of time is wasted in collecting and collaborating the attendance gathered from different locations.  This attendance can be done using various methods, like cards, fingerprint, face or it can be manually registered maintained at the receptions. We provide the best quality Attendance Management System. Integration with Leave and Payroll software allows it to be the best solution for Multi-Location attendance.

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System

Multilocation Attendance Monitoring Solution!!!

Requirements for Multi Location Attendance Management System

Multi Location Centralize Time Attendance Solution

Multi Location Centralize Time Attendance Solution

  • Web based software is required for tracking the attendance of employees.
  • Centralized report generation is required.
  • Machines with push data is required for sending information at centralized server.
  • Employee Self Service ESS portal is required for employees to track their own attendance.
Multi Location Attendance Management System

Multi Location Attendance Management System

 Access Control
 Time-Attendance
 Visitor Management
 Cafeteria Management
 Job Processing and Costing
 Mobile-based Management
 SAP, ERP and Payroll Integration
 Centralised Monitoring and Control

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Centralized Attendance Management of Employees at Multiple Locations

Key Benefits of Multi Location Attendance Management System

  • Auto push technology for real time attendance monitoring at centralized server.
  • Easy and Fast implementation.
  • Web based software for centralized reporting.
  • ESS module for employees to see their attendance, apply leave, out door entry.
  • Define rules for time and attendance.
  • Robust device management infrastructure from central location.
  • User uploading from central location automatic and manual.
  • Saves time and cost involved in tracking attendance.
  • Monitor daily, monthly time and attendance of employees.
  • System Generated Automatic Email to late employees and on another events.
  • Automated SMS to employees, managers on late coming.
  • Reports life late coming, early going, IN Duration, Out Duration.
  • Multi Location punching of employees.
  • Support of multiple Biometrics like RFID Cards, fingerprint, face etc.
  • Shift Management of employees working in different shifts. Multi-shift management.
  • Fast hardware: takes less then a second to mark attendance.

 10 to 1 Million Users
 1 to 65,000 Entry Points
 200+ Features
 200+ Reports and Charts
 Time, Role and Zone based Access
 Working Hours, Shifts and Holidays
 SMS and Email Notifications
 Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RFID
Attendance management system

Turnstile Integrated Face Reader

Turnstile Integrated Face Reader

Multi Location Centralized Attendance System
Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location

Fingerprint attendance system Multi Location