Access control Multidoor Access Controller System helps in restricting the access on multiple doors. We have products for applications ranging from small multi-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked systems for visitor management, guest management, and employee management. This can be used to allow only authorized persons to enter inside the door. They are used at places where security is very important. These systems can be card-based RFID systems or can be Biometric based where a thumb, figure or face can be used. They can be integrated with Time and Attendance Machine to identify the in and time of the person.

Multi Door Access Controller

Multi Door Access Controller

Managed Access Control System

Access control systems are very important no matter its a small, medium to large sized business. These can be used to grant access to multiple doors. There are standalone systems as well as multi-door access control systems. This surveillance system help in maintaining high end security. Managed Access Control System helped in enabling a high level of security.

Web-based Access Control System

Access Control system can be used in offices with high level of security for authorized person entry.  Get the logs of person getting inside and outside the gate.  Get the best access control system for your organization now.  Control multiple gates with one access control terminal. Web based software comes for Web-based Access Control System

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Access Control Multidoor eSSL C3-400

Access Control Multidoor AC C3-400

AC C3-400

IP Camera  Biocam 300

Access Control Multidoor AC Inbio-460


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