Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems which helps in restricting the access. We have products for applications ranging from small multi-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked systems for visitor management, guest management, employee management.

Multi-Bio Time Attendance and Access Control System

This can be used to allow only authorized the person to enter the door. They are used at places where security is very important. These systems can be card based RFID system or can be Biometric based where thumb, figure or face can be used. They can be integrated with Time and Attendance Machine to identify them in any time of the person.

Time Based Access Control System

Time Based Access Control System

Card Access Control Systems
Access Control System

Access Control System

 Advantages of Access Control System 

  • High-performance, maintenance-free
  • Fast and Perfect Authentication (less than 1 sec.)
  • Reduces administrative cost.
  • Real-Time access logs.
  • Open all the doors in one click.
  • Prevent unauthorized access.
  • IP Camera integration for video capture.


  • Restrict Access to specific areas.
  • No need to carry multiple keys. Your RFID card, Fingerprint, Face, Password. Can be key to multiple locks.
  • Protect your valuables from an authorized access.
  • Restrict the public from entering an office or area. HR Rooms, Accounts Finance.
  • Harder to duplicate as compared with Key which can be duplicated.
  • Disable access to an employee leaves an organization.

Standalone Biometric Time and Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Multi Door Access Controller

Multi-Door Access Controller

Access Control Systems in Gurgaon Manesar

InBio460 Multidoor Controller

InBio460 Multidoor Controller

Access control systems are very important no matter its a small, medium to large sized business. These can be used to grant access to multiple doors. There are standalone systems as well as multi-door access control systems. These surveillance systems help in maintaining high-end security.  Give access to the authorized person on your premises.  Example give access to IT staff to enter in the server room, accounts person access to the rooms where accounts related work is done.  Give access according to the work type and permission. We have controllers and software which can be connected to IP cameras in the network to capture the video during unauthorized access. The camera will turn on automatically and will capture the small video if someone tries to do an unauthorized access.


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Features of Multi-Door Controller

C3400 RFID Card 4 Door Controller

C3400 RFID Card 4 Door Controller

  • 256 time Zones, 256 access levels
  • Anti-passback function
  • It can be installed easily on your network also support TCP/IP and RS485 communication
  • 1/2/4 Door models can be mixed and matched in an optimised System Architecture
  • Data is preserved if power is lost, Controller continues to operate if data connection is interrupted
  • Interlock function, Linkage function
  • Multi-Card opening function, Remote door opening & closing
  • Real-Time monitoring via web browser
  • Video server integration 4 auxiliary input may be connected to infrared body detectors, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.
  • 4 auxiliary output may be connected to alarms, cameras, doorbells etc.
  • Supports : eSSL 5000 / 7500 for fingerprint registration
Advanced Access Control Features for Sensitive Areas

Advanced Access Control Features for Sensitive Areas

Access Control Multidoor AC C3-400

AC C3-400

IP Camera Biocam 300

Access Control Multidoor AC Inbio-460


Access control system for Banking

RFID Biometric Multi-Door Access Control Systems

RFID Biometric Multi-Door Controller

Access Control Systems in Gurugram

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Access Control Systems Accessories

Access Control Systems Accessories

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Access Control System for Banks

Access control system for Banking

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