UHF1-Tag2 adopts an ultra-high frequency encrypted chip, specially designed for UHF readers. This tag is an ultra-thin electronic tag, easy to stick to the surface of objects, and has a long reading distance, a good choice to be applied in personnel management. UHF tags are applied on windshields for stoppage free entry. It is used to track the service records of the vehicles.

Ultra High-Frequency Tag UFH Tag UHF1Tag2

uhf rfid tags


Working Frequency 860~928MHz
Reading Distance Up to 10 meters for UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F (Determined by the environment and reader)
Protocol ISO18000-6C
Memory Capacity 800 bits
Chip UID 64 bytes
Storage Structure EPC: 96 bits; TID: 96 bits; User : 512 bits; Password: 64 bits
Data Storage 5 years ( Only for the chip )
Working Temperature -30℃ ~ 55℃
Storage Temperature  -10℃ ~ 40℃
Storage Humidity 40%-50% RH
Dimension 72mm*20mm( error±0.02mm )
Packaging Process Overlay
Typical Applications •  Other Special Management
•  Near-range Non-contact Identification
•  Data Informatization Intelligent System Application
Benefits of UHF Tags

  • High Safety
  • High Reading Rate
  • High Chip Sensitivity
  • Flexible Storage Structure

1.In order to get the best recognition performance, please keep the tag direction the same as the antenna’s polarization direction when using(Remarks: You should hold the card horizontally when swiping it).
2.The working temperature must be within the allowable range, otherwise, it may cause the product to work abnormally.
3.The storage temperature and humidity must be within the allowable range, otherwise, it will reduce the service life of the product.

4.The distance from the product 30mm should not have an electric field or a strong current, which may cause interference to the product.
5.The distance from the product 30mm should not have metal objects, which may cause the product to work abnormally.
6.The product should be kept away from the magnetic field for storage to prevent data loss.

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