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Mobile App based Attendance System with Face Recognition Technology

Mobile App based Attendance System

Face Recognition Technology

Keep your employees safe with touchless face atendance System. Get the mobile attendance app with face recognition.
 Features of Mobile application based attendance System 

  1. Face recognition based Solution
  2. Contactless Attendance Solution based on Mobile
  3. No Biometric machines required
  4. Low Capex, completely app-based offering
  5. Real-time reporting
  6. Cobranding option available, get the application by your company name
  7. Colleague attendance by face recognition
  8. Complete face recognition based solution
  9. Various reports with face photo, calculate the work duration, late coming.
  10. Various roles like admin, manager, and staff.
  11. Staff attendance using their own mobile.
  12. Geo fenced, face-based attendance marking from store location
  13. Runs on both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system

Mobile App based Attendance System with Face Recognition Technology helps you in capturing the accurate attendance of your organization staff. Face Recognition with Live Face Detection method using Mobile PHONE Camera. It has the ability to read Live Face within a fraction of a second.

  • Field Punch with GPS Location
  • Biometric Authentication while Field Punch
  • Task Creator for On-site work with In and Out
    GPS Location tracker

Enable your Field SalesForce to punch-in to work from anywhere on the field. Real-Time Tracking. Works Offline. Downloadable Reports. Tamper Proof. Features: Field & SalesForce Reporting, Field & SalesForce Tracking.

Our solution is about attendance based on face recognition. Our attendance management system using face recognition helps you in capturing accurate attendance. The mobile application which is available on Android and IOS captures and mark attendance using face recognition. There is no need to search for the best face attendance machine you can get the best face recognition attendance system using your own android or IOS device.
The mobile attendance tracking app aims at simplifying this task so that employers can ensure high productivity at the workplace. Face recognition Attendance System – Apps, Hardware & Services. Face recognition system. Face recognition camera. Face recognition software.| Attendance App with GPS & Geo fencing. We also have biometric face recognition time attendance devices.

This is needless to mention that due to COVID 19 problem the market scenario has changed a people are migrating to Cloud Solution. Our Mobile App based Attendance System is adopted by many of the big organizations for attendance capturing.

Advantages of Mobile face recognition attendance system

  • Low investment and purpose is done.
  • Nominal investment on Procuring new Devices (especially organizations having fingerprint Devices )
  • No manpower for maintenance of Attendance system/ Software/ Server etc.

Biometric Device Integration – Hand-Held & Wall Mounted
It can be integrated into Biometric Hand-held Device, for moving requirement and Wall Mounted face based and finger-based devices for other requirements

Cloud Based Attendance

The Attendance Supervisor will be added by the HR Manager, to create their Site based Login
The Attendance Supervisor will be provided with the right to use the OTG HR App. They will log in the first time to Tag the Location (GPS) of the Project, to complete the process of onboarding. A Geo-fence will be created for this such that all the employees reporting at this site will be able to Post the Attendance, while they are at the required location.

Mobile-based face recognition app for attendance and monitoring system

Cloud Attendance for Work from Home

Security personnel onboarding is done through the Attendance Supervisor Login, at the Field. Security guards are Tagged to the Property, who under whom the Workman is working.

Face Recognition Attendance using Smart Phone

Face Recognition Attendance using Smart Phone

The attendance Supervisor enters his basic details(like Name, Vendor) and clicks his current picture through a mobile phone camera. The picture is clicked to enable face recognition on the OTG HR App. Face based De-Duplication will be done on a server while registration, to check the past history of this workman.

Advantages of Face Attendance System

Advantages of Face Attendance System

The Geo-Fencing functionality will be made applicable for all Workman, such that they can only punch, while they are at his/her reporting site (not from anywhere)

Mobile App based Attendance System with Face Recognition Technology

Process flow of Face Attendance System

The Attendance Supervisor working on the field will be given their own login ID and password. An Attendance Supervisor will login to the OTG HR app through his credential.

Scale able Face Attendance System

Scale able Face Attendance System

He clicks a picture of himself on the app through the provided options. Here, at the backend, motion detection verifies whether the face is live and no picture is used to post attendance. Also, Facial Recognition Algorithms verify his/her own attendance.

Online Attendance System

Online Attendance System

He then enters the Team Attendance Option in the app through the provided options. He will choose the name of the Workman & then take their Live Picture for AI-based Facial Recognition to verify the Workman.

His Geo Location is verified. If the Workman is not giving his attendance from the designated/assigned areas, his attendance will be denied.

Once all credentials are verified, attendance is posted and can be viewed by Supervisors & HR Team from anywhere.

Missed Punch handling – Request for manual approval to supervisor by the employee himself for missed punch

View Attendance Anywhere without the need of manually fetching reports daily

Leave application and approval from the OTG HR portal

Holiday Calendars for Separate locations

Integration with Payroll and HRMS solutions


This software can support 50000+ Employees in the suggested Architecture.


Gives you the freedom to create your site hierarchy as per your choice.


Say goodbye to report generation. Enjoy real time updated Dash Board.

Data exposure using 2 way web APIs. Can be integrated with any 3rd party software or payroll.
Attendance-on-demand App, featuring the following:

The Solution OTG HR will overcome the challenges to track the Field Attendance for Companies Staff and get the regular Attendance without Investment on Hardware & Software on the Field employees.

Employee Attendance App

  • Workflow for the proposed Solution
  • Supervisor On boarding
  • Workman On boarding
  • Attendance Workflow
  • Attendance-on-demand
  • Complete Set of Functionalities
Customers using Online Attendance System

Customers using Online Attendance System

Advantages of face recognition attendance system

  • Face Recognition with Live Face Detection
  • This Solution can be integrated with Hand Held Biometric Device as well as Wall Mounted Face / Finger Based Devices
  • Cost Effective SAAS Based Solution
  • No Special Trained Manpower required to run the system.
  • No Maintenance,No Server,No Software Deployment
  • Geo -Fence Facility to ensure users are punching from the location which is their reporting site and not just from anywhere
  • Highly Scalable Software
  • Can Be Integrated with any 3rd Party Software / Payroll Solution
  • Able to Handle Complete Reporting Structures like Multiple Shifts and Leave Management.
  • Self Service Portal to apply for Leave,Tour,etc

We also have face-based time Attendance devices as well which can be integrated with this solution. You can also buy essl face and fingerprint time attendance machine

Face Recognition based Attendance System

Face Recognition based Attendance System

Face Recognition based Attendance System

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