Home Automation

1SC-S-WD100S-WD100WiFi Door Bell9500
WiFi Switches & Sockets
1SC-S-SS2S-SS22 button Touch Light Switch3500
2SC-S-SS3S-SS33 button Touch Light Switch4000
3SC-S-S10FS-S10FTouch Fan Switch4750
4SC-S-SD200S-D200Touch Dimmer Switch4750
5SC-S-SC300S-SC300Touch Certain Switch7000
6S-CM20Curtain Motor with 1mts. Railing Set14500
7S-RM35Roller Motor 35KG14000
8S-RM45Roller Motor 45KG17500
9S-VB10Venetian Blind Motor15000
10SC-S-C1000S-C1000WIFI IR Controller5000
11SC-REMOTE-004S-RPRemote Controller/ Programmer1000
12SC-S-S2000S-S2000Wifi Socket4500
Fingerprint, RFID, Password & Blutooth Lock
1S-LB500FFingerprint, RFID, Password & Blutooth smart Lock17500
Wifi Camera with Alarm System
1SC-S-PTD10-ALMS-PTD10-ALMCube Wifi Camera with TF Card storage & Alarm (Supports upto 64 Sensors)5500
2SC-S-C20-ALM S-C20-ALMPan/Tilt & Zoom Wifi Camera with TF Card storage & Alarm  (Supports upto 64 Sensors)6000
GSM Intruder Alarm System
1SC-S-AL370S-AL370Intruder Alarm System S-AL370 (GSM SIM Card Supported)9500
Wireless Sensors/ Accessories
1SC-VS-100VS-100Wireless Vibration Sensor1250
2SC-GB-100GB-100Wireless Glass Breakage Sensor1250
3SC-SDM-100SDM-100Wireless Scroll Steel Door Magnetic Contact1350
5SC-CPIR-100ACPIR-100AWireless Curtain PIR Sensor1100
6SC-CPIR-100BCPIR-100BWireless Ceiling PIR Sensor1350
7SC-SM-100SM-100Wireless Ionization Smoke Sensor1400
8SC-GL-100AGL-100AWireless Gas Leak Sensor1550
9SC-SENSOR-023WL-100Wireless Water Leakage Detector1150
10SC-SENSOR-025RPT-3000Wireless Signal Repeater2800
11SC-PANBUT-008EMW-100AWireless Panic button600
13SC-RS-01RS-01Remote Control400
14SC-DM-500DM-500Wireless Door Magnetic Contact500
16SC-SIREN-006SR-10Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren3200
17SC-PIR-100APIR-100AWireless PIR motion sensor PIR-100A1050
18SC-DM-100DM-100Wireless Door Magnetic Contact DM-100550
19SC-PANBUT-006EM-100Wireless Panic Button EM-100400
20SC-PANBUT-007EM70Wrist Type Waterproof Panic Button EM-70400
Wired Sensors/ Accessories
2SE-MGDOORCON-MCS-MCMagnetic door contact S-MC150
3SE-MGDOORCON-MCRS-MCRMagnetic door contact S-MCR150
2SC-SENSOR-021GB-01Wired Glass Breakage Sensor1050
5SC-PIR-02PIR-02Wired PIR Motion Sensor900
11SC-PANBUT-005EM-01Wired Panic button400
13SC-VS-01VS-01Wired Vibration Sensor1100
14SC-SM-04SM-04Wired Photoelectric Smoke & Heat Detector1500
15SC-SR-01SR-01Wired Piezo Siren450
17SC-SR-60SR-60Wired Siren1200
19SC-SENSOR-052S-PBPhotoelectric Beams5500
20SC-SENSOR-016S-ISDWired Ionization Smoke Detector800
21SC-SENSOR-004SA-GLWired Gas Leakage Detector1300
22SC-SIREN-003S-SWired Piezo Siren400
23SC-SIREN-005Wired Outdoor Strobe Siren2800

Intrusion Alarm System Wireless Texecom

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