Digital Broadcasting System for Schools

Quarantine communication system

Quarantine Ward communication system

Our Model FP-201 enables communication between Quarantine Ward Patient and Nursing Station. Following are there benefits of using in any Covid – 19 hospital or any hospital where there is a need of having a an effective Two Way Communication(Half Duplex) between patient and nursing station or Doctor cabin and Nursing Station:
1. Speakers are wall mounted speakers within built-in microphones which are sensitive enough to capture the patient’s voice even from a distance of 10-15 feets. So this saves the risk of having any physical contact be it be hand or mouth with microphone of this unit, which in turn benefits hospital preventing further spreading of infection.

2. Nursing Station can communicate Two Way with either any one ward, or all wards, or in a group of wards. So without physically visiting the ward or patient they can have effective Two Way Communication.

3. There is a switch on speaker unit by which patient can also initiate a call to nursing station. So if there is anything which patient wants to inform to nursing station they can easily press the call button a ring will be sent to nursing station which any nursing staff and attend and have Two Way communication without leaving ward or waiting for someone to come and attend there query.

4. Pre-recorded announcements/instructions like taking medicine, food time, sanitation alerts etc can be programmed by user to be played throughout the day. User can program 50 such time slots in 24 hours.

5. Soothing music, mantra’s, radio etc can be also be played in all wards.

6. Even if they are in isolation, patient will feel connected with nursing desk for all sort of needs.

Digital Broadcasting System

Digital Broadcasting System

Broadcasting System For Schools

Broadcasting System For Schools

Digital Broadcasting System

Digital Broadcasting System

Digital Broadcast System

First of its kind in Industry

First of its Kind in India: Announcemnent System with Talk Back and Integrated Automatic School Bell on Single Cable

100% Two Way PA Broadcasting System

All rooms are connected on a Single cable. No need to lay 50 cables for 50 rooms or 80 cables for 80 rooms.

Key Features:

1. Fully digital Switching.

2. 07 Mode of operation

(a) All Call mode

(b) Group call: 05 Groups of 10 rooms each.

(c) One to one call

(d) Selected rooms call

(e) Listening mode (Spying mode)

(f) External Audio Mode: External music can be played through Computer, Laptop, Mobile, iPod etc.

(g) Automatic Bell Ringing System.

3. No external amplifier, speaker or microphone is required

4. No external audio switcher is required.

5. Reduced number of items makes it easy to maintain.

6. Reduced wiring cost (up to 1/10 th)


System components:

  1. Master Unit: To be installed in Director/Administrator/Principal Room. Master unit consists of Mic, speaker and 16X2 character menu driven LCD display. 24 Key keypad to instruct the system in a user friendly manner.
  2. Slave Unit: To be installed in classrooms / Labs / Staff rooms / Activity Rooms / Department Cabins etc. Consists of builtin speaker & Mic.
  3. Power Supply: One Linear supply unit for 05-08 slave units.


1. One to One Communication with TalkBack (Two – Way Communication): Master (Principal/Admin/
Directors unit) can speak as well as listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.
2. All Call / General Announcement: Announcements of common interest can be made using ALL CALL     feature. Voice will be audible in all Slave / Classroom units connected with this system.
3. Group Call: Users can make 05 groups up to 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms, etc..
4. Selective Call: Rooms other than a group made, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in the Master controller.
5. External Audio: 3.5mm Jack is provided at the back of the Master controller for playing music from external
devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.
6. Automatic Bell Ringing System: Most advanced feature-rich automatic school bell system is integrated with this system. Users can program the whole day schedule and the bell will ring automatically. All 7 days of the week can be programmed with different time tables.
7. Micro-SD Card: Provisions to mount Micro-SD card. User can upload desired sound files to use as bell
sounds or for playing music. 53 sound files are factory loaded. These 53 sound files include various
combinations like female voice narration – This is Period No 1, it’s your lunchtime, etc. and traditional
Tawa bell sound “Tan-Tan”.
8. Calendar Holidays – Users can program 10 Holidays for each month. So total of 120 holidays excluding     Sundays can be programmed in this device. Bell will not ring on these holidays.

User Interface:-

Master Unit:
1. 24 Key keypads for the user interface.
2. 16X2 LCD Display.
3. Jack for connecting any desired Micro-Phone.
4. 3.5mm jack for playing external audio.
5. Volume Control Knob for speaker unit.
6. Jack for mounting Micro-SD card.


Slave Unit:
1. Built-In Micro-Phone.
2. 4” Speaker.
3. Volume Control Knob for Speaker.


The whole system is running only on a single cable so it is very easy to maintain comparing to traditional systems, no efforts are required in this system to manage and maintain a huge bunch of cables. Asks for less space in Administrators cabin. No need to put huge control panels on Administrator’s table.

Dimensions and Weight:

  1. Master Unit: 256mm X 200mm X 77mm                           Weight with Packing: 2 Kgs
  2. Slave Unit: 130mm X 172mm X 88mm                              Weight with Packing: 1.25 Kgs
  3. Power Supply: 100mm X 108mm X 120mm                      Weight with Packing: 2.5 Kgs.

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