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Face Attendance Machine SFACE 900 eSSL

Face Recognition Biometric Attendance Machine essl SFACE 900

Face Recognition Biometric Attendance Machine essl SFACE 900

Face recognition attendance system
Face Attendance Machine SFACE 900 eSSL
Power has a new look
Fastest Face recognition Algorithm
Face capacity of 1200 or 3000 faces
Fastest Identification.

Why use a face recognition attendance system?

Labour intensive projects must ensure the strategic use of time. We support their goals by providing solutions that save time and effort in recording the attendance of workers through the SFace 900 Multi-Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System. SFace 900 is now IN STOCK! Hurry and place your orders!

sFace 900 eSSL is a revolution in the Face recognition time attendance system and this machine performs better than uFace 602 and U face 302 in the variable lighting environment. ,Face Recognition attendance machine price in India is quite low as compared with other countries of the World. A high-quality face camera, new IR led, and improved face matching algorithm makes it best suitable for labor-intensive industries. It’s never been easier, cheaper, or more beneficial for your business to buy Face Attendance machines.

face recognition attendance system

Face recognition time attendance system eSSL SFace900

Face recognition attendance system

Feature of Face Attendance Machine
Label Description
Face Capacity 1,200 (1:N), 3,000 (1:1)
Fingerprint Capacity 2000 (Optinal 4000)
Card Capacity 10,000
Transaction Capacity 1,00,000
Push Data Yes

eSSL SFace900

Face Recognition Biometric Attendance Machine SFACE 900

Worker Attendance Using Biometric Time Attendance System

Worker Attendance Using Biometric Time Attendance System

Will the face recognition attendance system help you?

Face recognition time attendance system sFace 900 essl face recognition machine is designed for the factory environment. It’s a high-end machine to work in extreme conditions. Face Recognition Biometric Attendance Machine SFACE 900 is best suited for labor attendance in Factories, warehouses, construction sites. Its optional features of battery backup make is suitable for places with the power cut. Face Recognition Biometric Attendance Machine SFACE 900 has an option of GPRS connectivity or 3G connectivity. You can directly insert a SIM Card in the device to provide internet connectivity. With its push data technology, this device sends data directly to the online server. Real-time attendance can be viewed from any place in the world. These machines are also known as Face Recognition Clock in Machine

Key features of Face Attendance Machine S FACE 900 eSSL

Face recognition attendance system

  • Display: 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
  • Face capacity 1200 (1: N), 3000(1:1)
  • Fingerprint capacity: 2000
  • ID Card Capacity: 10,000
  • Supports Desktop & Web-based Time Attendance software. Easy to integrate with Payroll and ERP software.
  • Duplicate Face Detection: For one user only one face template will be registered.

This Face recognition time attendance system is best for labor-intensive industries.


Face Reader Attendance System

Face Reader Attendance System is the most innovative and advanced Biometric solution for Time Attendance Systems. SFACE 900 eSSL is the new and the latest version of Essl Iface 302 Multi-Biometric Face Attendance Systems.
Face Recognition Attendance Device can be used for Access Control Systems. Time Attendance Systems can be managed with the use of Face Based Attendance Machine. Face Recognition Attendance Machine are much better then Fingerprint Attendance System. Facial Recognition Time Attendance Device comes in the category of the Biometric Attendance System. Facial Recognition Time Attendance Device comes in the category of Biometric Attendance System.


Face Attendance System

We are one of the reputed organizations engaged in the provision of premium quality Face Attendance System. Face Reader Biometric Attendance System is used to mark attendance of employees and students in office and educational institutes respectively, on day to day basis.

Face ID Attendance System

Face ID Attendance System captures and stores the face in the memory. This is used to mark attendance. We at AmpleTrails help our clients in choosing the right solution for their organizations. We help organizations in bringing technologies. We want to bring technologies to schools.

Face Recognition Attendance System

Face Recognition Attendance System brings punctuality in the organizations. Don’t wait to contact us now to get in touch with one of the experts who are ready to help you in choosing and implementing the right solution for your organization. Fill the following form email us at [email protected] or call us at 9034757673, 9315441053.

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    We provide installation and services of Biometric Attendance Machines in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Banglore. Get the best FACE DETECTION ATTENDANCE MACHINE.

    essl Face Recognition Machine

    Technical Specification
    Group Label Desciption
    Storage Capacity Face capacity 1200(1 :N), 3000(1:1)
    Fingerprints templates 2000 (Optional 4000)
    Card Storage 10,000
    Transaction storage 1,00,000
    Biometric Fingerprint sensor 500 DPI Optical sensor
    FAR <=0.0001%
    FRR <=1%
    Identification speed <0.5 sec
    Algorithm Ver 10
    Audio/Visual Display 4.3-Inch Touch Screen
    LED Indicator Green/Red
    Schedule Bell/Speaker Mini Speaker
    Communication Communication TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host
    Push data Yes
    Standard features Automatic Status Switch,
    Power & Environment Power Supply 12V 3A
    Operating Temperature 0°C – 45°C
    Operating Humidity 20% – 80%
    Dimension 195.5×166.5x120mm (LxWxT)
    Package Weight : 1.6 kg
    Wiegand Output
    Exit Readers Support exit readers Yes
    Optional Optional Function ID/MiFare Card, Wi-Fi, 3G, external battery backup
    card type HID prox