Ampletrails API for eSSL Biometric database to get attendance.

AmpleTrails is a software company that provides APIs (Application Programming Interface) for integrating different types of biometric devices, including eSSL, with HR and payroll systems. The API allows users to connect the eSSL biometric device with their HR software, and retrieve attendance data from the device in real-time, and process it as per their requirements.

With this API, users can, for example, can retrieve attendance data, employee information, and device status, and control the device remotely. This includes functions like, real-time attendance data, attendance report, employee management, device management, etc.

To use the AmpleTrails API for eSSL Biometric database, users will need to have an eSSL biometric device and an HR software that supports the API. They will then need to integrate the API into their HR software by following the provided documentation.

essl biometric web api


Example 1: 9:12&EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02

Example 2: 9:02:19 AM&EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02 PM

Example 3:

StartDate=07/01/2020 9:12
EndDate=07/01/2020 20:02

Sample Response:

“DeviceLogId”: “1”,
“DeviceId”: “23”,
“UserId”: “102”,
“EmployeeCode”: “102”,
“EmployeeName”: “Satya Ranjan Das”,
“LogDate”: “7/1/2020 9:04:09 AM”,
“DownloadDate”: “7/1/2020 9:04:20 AM”,
“AttendanceDate”: “01 Jul 2020”,
“AttendanceTime”: “09:04”,
“Location”: “PMKK Silchar”,
“Direction”: “”,
“AttDirection”: “”,
“DeviceName”: null,
“SerialNumber”: “BJ2C190460658”,
“IpAddress”: “”,
“Status”: “Success”
“DeviceLogId”: “2”,
“DeviceId”: “21”,
“UserId”: “288”,
“EmployeeCode”: “288”,
“EmployeeName”: “Lalbiaksanga”,
“LogDate”: “7/1/2020 9:19:33 AM”,
“DownloadDate”: “7/1/2020 9:19:32 AM”,
“AttendanceDate”: “01 Jul 2020”,
“AttendanceTime”: “09:19”,
“Location”: “PMKK AIZWAL”,
“Direction”: “”,
“AttDirection”: “”,
“DeviceName”: null,
“SerialNumber”: “BJ2C193060915”,
“IpAddress”: “”,
“Status”: “Success”




We provide API with the following options.
1. Add Employee
2. BlockUnblockUser
3. Delete User
4. GetCommnad Status
5. GetTransaction Log

For more information please email us at in**@am*********.com for the API of eSSL machines.

Matrix cosec API

We also have API for Matrix COSEC Devices as well.
Matrix COSEC Devices API

Matrix COSEC Devices API

Matrix COSEC Devices API

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