Access control system office

Access control system office

Access control system also known as Physical Access control system is required in office to provide different level of access control for different employees.  Some employees are allowed to enter into some of the cabins.  This is required to maintain the secrecy of data.  Like the IT room where the servers are kept, only IT people are allowed to enter.  Similarly there are finance office where all the finance activity of the company are performed.  There also only authorized people are allowed to enter.

Attendance and access control system.

The second is to monitor the in and out of the employee.  To find out who all have entered the office when an event occurred.  Who had accessed the door to find out the culprits in case of mis happening.  This can be done with the help of CCTV cameras or with the help of access control system.

X990 Access control system office

Case Study for X990 Access control system office

Access control system help in monitoring the entry and exit of the employees.  It can help in monitoring the total work duration of the employees in the office.  Depending upon the number of doors different kinds of solutions can be used.  For example X990 with an electromagnetic lock can be used to control the access of single door.  In this a F12 reader can be used on the one side and on the other side X990 can be used.  This combination is best when we have one door and we need to allow only authorized people to enter the office.

Access control system

Access control system

The other option for access control where there are multiple door are Inbio 460 controller.  This is suitable when we have 4 doors and we need to restrict the access of the employees and on the same time to calculate the total work duration.  The time the employee stayed in the office.  This controller can be connected with the eTimeTracklite software to get 150+ industry standard reports.  These reports can be downloaded in the form of pdf and excel files.  Once can have different access levels for different employees.  Card as well as fingerprint readers can be used.  It also support real time monitoring through web browser. For more information and to get this product please call us at 9034757673, 9818390836. Write us at

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