Smart Lock for Full Glass door Biometric

Fingerprint door lock for glass door, smart door lock with biometric, RFID card, password, remote.

No Drill, Security Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock for Glass Door
We are excited and are glad to introduce “Glass Door Lock- GL 300
The eSSL GL300 glass door lock has been specially designed for use with standard glass doors without wood. Its steel body is stylish and modern and it’s unique ‘sandwich body’ construction makes it easy to install – without having to replace the door.

Smart Glass Door Lock, Touch Keypad Keyless Electric Security Biometric Fingerprint Password Swipe Lock Attendance for Office

Glass Door Lock- GL 300

Smart Lock for Full Glass door

Electronic Smart Glass Door Lock Fingerprint

Main features of Fingerprint door lock for glass door: Glass Door Lock- eSSL GL 300

  • No new holes required
  • Can be installed on existing glass doors
  • Fully automated open and close function
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Password protection
  • Card LED Indicator
  • Emergency door unlock
  • Illegal operation warning
  • Low battery reminder
  • Acousto-optic alarm function

Application of Smart Lock for Full Glass door Biometric.
 Digital fingerprint lock for glass door 

Smart Locks

Fingerprint door lock India

Securing an office is very important.  Only authorized persons should be allowed to enter the premises of the organization.  To limit the access of the person this is the best available solution in the market.  This lock is very cost effective solution for the secure access.  This door lock can be installed at places where glass bolt lock can’t be installed or at places where EM lock is not an option.  This is very good looking biometric electronic glass door lock.  To get it now please feel free to contact us at 9315441053, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 You can also contact us for biometric time and attendance system.

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Fingerprint Glass Door Lock eSSL GL300

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