Cloud-based Time and Attendance Mobile App
Cloud based Attendance Tracking

Mobile App based Attendance System

Face Recognition Technology

OTG HR is an all in one cloud-based Time and Attendance Mobile app capable of handling all attendance needs anytime and anywhere. This can be used both with and without attendance devices and can handle all attendance scenarios ranging from complex reporting structures, to multiple shifts and leave management. Due to the wide array of features, it can be used anywhere from on-field construction sites, to large conglomerates.

OTG HR is an employee self service portal as well in which an employee is responsible for all his solo operations, getting jobs/tasks from bosses, applying for leaves, and checking his personal and his team’s daily, weekly, monthly and yearly attendance reports.
With companies like Samsung and Oyo Rooms coming onto this ecosystem, we believe that this is truly the future of corporate Time and Attendance.

Time and Attendance using biometrics is not something new in today’s date. Attendance is taken using fingerprint, face and card across the world as we speak. The difference comes in the way we try to generate the report.
Till now, offices had dedicated manpower to fetch the attendance from the client software, and thus generate the report in formats like excel. This excel data was again manually fed into payroll software for further calculations. Needless to say, we were still living in a fancy but manual world.
In a world with On Demand Services like Video and Audio, we would like to add attendance to the foray. This whitepaper broadly discusses OTG HR – AmpleTrails’s “Attendance on Demand” service.

Online Attendance System

Online Attendance System

Face Based Personal Attendance
Attendance till now was always given using a Fingerprint or a Face recognition machine. Employees had to report to office everyday to give attendance regardless of role.
For back-office employees, this was never a problem. However, for on field employees like sales, tech support, logistics, this was a nightmare. They had to report to office despite having field visits. This led to a lot of time wastage from everyone across the value chain.
OTG HR has a Face based attendance with face recognition. This means that an employee can directly go to his/her assigned site and give his attendance directly from there.
You might now ask; how do we know that the employee has actually gone to the site and punched his attendance? Well, the “Geo-Location” has you covered.

Team wise Face Based Attendance
Ever heard of a device less attendance? No, we’re not talking on a paper and pen. AmpleTrails has introduced a team wise Face based attendance in OTG HR. A team lead has this option at his login. He can take the attendance for each of his employees through his login.

Process flow of Face Attendance System

Process flow of Face Attendance System

Geo Location
Now that we have introduced the concept of taking attendance via Faces, we give the managers certain flexibility to ensure something like this is never misused. Using “Geo Location”, we can set the latitude and longitude of certain zones from which an employee can punch his attendance using Faces. This feature is a game changer, since it allows employees to punch in attendance directly from the site location, and at the same time ensures that he is actually at the site at the right time. Not only does this feature solve the problem of on field attendance, it also adds a punctuality aspect to it as well.

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