Bulk SMS Service Provider India Send Bulk SMS Online.  We are one of the largest bulk SMS service provider in India.  You can use our platform to send bulk SMS online.
Transactional SMS! provides you a secure service for confidential and instant information exchange to your customers by enabling an ultimate Transactional Bulk SMS service. You can send instant transactional SMS to your customers in a fraction of seconds. Transactional Bulk SMS service of AmpleTrails allows you to send as many messages you want without any trafficking. We provide a secure channel to pass on your data through SMS. switch to our service today for flawless message exchange and interact with your customers easily and securely.
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SMS services can be categorized into 2 types.

  • Promotional Bulk SMS
  • Transactional SMS
Bulk SMS Service Provider India Send Bulk SMS Online

Bulk SMS Service Provider India Send Bulk SMS Online

Promotional Bulk SMS

This type of Bulk SMS service is used for advertisement purposes.  SMS used for the marketing of products and services comes under the promotional category of Bulk SMS services.  To check if a number have opted for DND service you can check using the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer website.

  • Used to Send marketing offers and for product promotions.
  • No documents required
  • Time for sending SMS limit 9 AM to 9 PM only.
  • No SMS delivered on DND numbers.
  • Instant Activation

Easily Integrate Business SMS Features with Ampletrails SMS APIs 

Transactional SMS

These types of SMS services are mainly used by Banks, schools for informative purposes. Like bank use this for sending the transaction details of an account holder whenever a transaction happens in account like SMS on cash withdraw, SMS by schools on parents number about student attendance, SMS to the manager if his teammate is absent. These all type of SMS services comes under the Transactional SMS service.

  • Six Character Sender Id can be used to Send SMS like SCHOOL
  • Approved content delivery is allowed.
  • No time limitation you can send SMS  24×7.
  • SMS deliver on DND and non-DND numbers.
  • Activation of account takes time.
  • You need to sign the documents.

How promotional SMS are different from Transactional SMS services?

Promotional SMS services can’t be used on DND numbers.  DND numbers are those numbers on which Do Not Disturb services are subscribed.  These are the number of people who don’t want to receive any promotional calls or any type of promotional SMS on their numbers.

Top reasons why one should use bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS Service Provider India

  • For promoting Business.
  • Information Pass on.
  • Cheapest marketing solution.
  • SMS can be personalized and goes directly in a person’s hand.
  • Real-time 2 way delivery of SMS.
  • Send different SMS to different groups.
  • Takes very little time to pass information.
  • Instant information passes on.

If you are looking for Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India to send Bulk SMS Online you can contact us. We provide the best SMS services using Airtel gateway which is known as the best SMS gateway provider in India. We resell SMS services at a very reasonable price. We provide an online platform that helps you in sending SMS using Excel files by uploading them directly on our platform. Not just an excel file you can directly send SMS using the online web portal using your user id and password. You can call us at 9315441053, 9034757673, or email us at in**@am*********.com. Fill out the following form to get in touch with one of our experts.

Are you a coder, software engineer, computer programmer?

We have API’s which you can integrate into your own code to send BULK SMS. Just a simple http request, we take care of rest. You call our API to send request and we will deliver all your SMS in fraction of seconds. Our top class SMS infrastructure take care of all your needs.  We are the best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.  We are provider of BULK SMS services in India.


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§  One keyword FREE up to 12 months on shared long code

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Here are top 7 reasons to choose AmpleTrails:

  1. Unmatched Delivery with Inbuilt Redundancy: Our direct partnership with multiple telecom operators and smart SMS gateway technology ensure best-in-class delivery rates, ultra-low latencies and 24×7 support for your texts. Our customers vouch by the ROI AmpleTrails generates for them!
  1. Authentic Real-Time Reports: AmpleTrails’ s authentic real-time reports help you track delivery status of every SMS sent. Watch out for fraudulent SMS providers in the market who compromise quality and provide fake delivery reports for insanely low prices.
  1. Easy & Powerful Texting: AmpleTrails opens up advanced campaign options for SMEs and marketing users, without requiring any IT help. Whether it is personalizing bulk SMS, sending local language texts, slicing/scheduling campaigns or setting up auto-replies, it is all incredibly easy!
  1. Features Built for Today’s Mobile World: In today’s mobile world, SMS can act as a gateway to a wide range of customer touch points from product discovery to purchase and feedback. AmpleTrails helps in fully leveraging this new reality by allowing its customers to create & send images, files, webpages, surveys, tickets, coupons, data collection forms via SMS.


  1. Quick, Free & Flexible API Integration: AmpleTrails offers the most flexible and easily adaptable SMS API gateway allowing you to start sending/receiving SMS from any application in minutes. Our API documentation with code samples in multiple languages is always available online for a quick reference.
  1. One-Stop Shop for All Your Business SMS Needs: AmpleTrails allows you to manage your contacts, send promotional/transactional SMS, send SMS via browser-based UI/APIs/mobile app, manage opt-ins and opt-outs, receive SMS via short/long codes and keywords, and much more from one single platform!
  1. Fanatic Customer Support: Our mobile marketing experts and technology consultants are always at hand to help startups and SMEs run the best SMS campaigns. We pride ourselves on delivering superior support to all our customers, irrespective of the company size!