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Barcode label is sometimes also called barcode stickers.  Barcodes are optical bits of data, usually represented by bars of varying width, that can be read by machines and scanners. They can be found almost everywhere, including libraries, on your mail, and in your grocery stores. They track patients in hospitals and help you clock into work efficiently. There are many different types of barcodes, the most common, of which, are UPC, EAN, and QR codes. Read below to see which barcode best fits your needs.

A successful barcode system implementation depends upon barcode labels that stick when they should, come off when necessary, and are readable when scanned. For best results, you need the right combination of barcode printers, barcode label software, label stock, and ribbons for your application.

Barcode Labels supplier in Gurgaon

Scope of Barcode Labels

  • School/College Libraries Barcode Label
  • Retail Stores Barcode Label
  • Manufacturing Units bar code
  • Production Sectors Barcode Label
  • AutoMobile sectors Barcode Label dealers
  • Jewelry Showrooms Barcode Label suppliers
  • Cloth Showrooms
  • To track any object or person
  • Mobile/Mobile sim tracking
  • To track the parcels


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  • Permanent adhesive labels
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Removable labels
  • Jewelry labels
  • Asset tags
  • Freezer labels
  • Cryogenic labels
  • Labels for oily surfaces
  • Heat resistant labels
  • Specimen labels
  • ID cards
  • Patient identification bracelets
  • Etching barcodes onto metal surfaces

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