Access Control System FAQ
With lots of questions and doubts arising daily by access control system dealers, we have written Access Control System FAQ to answer most of the queries.

Why Access Control?

Access Control System is required to control the access of person in a premises.  These access control can be on the bases of time zone, person, department.

Weather K 20 or K 30 for single door access control system?

K 30 is best suited where you want to restrict access using the fingerprint, card or password from one side of door and push button on the other side of door.  As it comes with 12 Volt adopter so EM Electromagnetic Lock supply can be given through the adopter of K 30 machine itself.

Can remote be used for Access Control System?

Yes, you can use remote control to control the Electromagnetic Lock.

What are the accessories required for access control system.

Controller, Electromagnetic Lock, Brackets depending upon the type or door and space.  Supply of 12 Volt.

Can I use Multi Door Controller In Bio 460 controller or C3 400 for Access Control as well as to get Attendance Data?

Yes, you can get access logs from these multi door controller.  These logs can be exported to eTimeTracklite attendance management software to calculate the attendance of employees.  There is a utility that can be used which automatically sync data between the access control software and attendance software.



Difference between In Bio 460 controller and C3 400 multi door controller?

In Bio 460 is for biometric where you want to use F12 which is a fingerprint and card reader.  C3 400 supports card readers only.

Where to use X990 for access control system?

X990 is best suited where you want to have biometric access control from both sides of the door. On one side X990 machine can be mounted and on the other side F 12 reader can be used.  Apart from these X990 can be used to fulfill various other requirements like centralized data access.

Is there a small and sleek machine for access control and attendance?

If you don’t want to use the big device, you can go with SF 100.  It’s a very sleek and nice looking access and attendance control device.  Its small size make it look very nice and increase the show of your door.

I don’t need access logs just want to restrict access, which machine to  use?

You can use X7 for access control.

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