Access Control multiple doors office is a solution required to control the access of various people in the office according to their access level.  In  a office there are some blocks where everybody can’t be allowed to enter.  Like in accounts section only accounts people should be allowed to enter.  Some of the other critical areas are server room where only IT people will be allowed to enter as highly confidential information is stored in the server.  Unauthorized access to such places can lead to various problems like steeling of data, unknowing turning off of computer systems, Case Study of loss occurred due to non implementation of Access Control System :  A big factory had not planned and implemented access control system and everybody has access to every place of the factory.  A new worker unknowingly turned off the machine by mistake or by wrong intention.  The factory machine stopped for several hours lead to a very big loss of time and money.  Since its one machine so it become difficult to understand the reason. Hundreds and thousand of workers have to sit idle for hours which leads to big loss of money and time.  This lead to delay in the processing of order so the transporter also need to wait and waste his time.   This also had impact on the shopkeeper who have to return their customers without giving them material.  So, a big chain who is associated with the factory has to suffer because of this unauthorized access to people in power room. There are numerous such cases which happen due to non planning and implementation of access control system.

Solution with Access Control System

Such loss can be prevented by implementing access control system in the offices on multiple doors.  Different access levels can be provided to different people according to time.  Various access zones can be defined as well as time zones can be defined.  Like during night hours nobody should be allowed to go to critical areas.  Securing office is very critical and very important.  To secure your office now call us at 9034757673, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 or write an email to or fill the following form.  One of our expert will design a solution for your organization.  These access control solutions can be planned and implemented during the construction of the building or after the complete office set up.


Save Time Access Level Control
Save Money Security
Prevention form Unauthorized Access Various access zones