Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

India has a very huge customer base using mobile services.  India has more mobiles than laptop or computers.  India has a big infrastructure which is already supporting mobile users.  It is already supporting billions of mobile users.   Bulk SMS in India is not just used for promotional activity of reaching more customers.  Its used for transactional purpose as well for sending information to parents about their wards.  Bank use bulk SMS to send information about the transactions happening.  on every withdraw or deposit of money  a SMS  is send to the respected person informing about the transactions happening in their account.

Advantage of Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

  • Low cost of investment. More number of people can be reached by a very low budget.
  • Fastest way of reaching more number of people.
  • Schedule SMS to a particular time.
  • SMS history can be seen.

Why Bulk SMS is very popular in India.  The reason being is a huge customer base in India using mobile.

Why mobile platform is popular in India for sending SMS as compared to other ways communication.

Lower investment.  Nearly everybody has a mobile because of its lower cost and easy availability.  Lower cost of mobile has enable people to buy it and use it.  With free Android by Google even smart phones are available at a very low price.

Internet based SMS service.

SMS gateways are used to send SMS.  Internet based SMS gateways are used to send SMS.  There are API’s available which is used by software providers to integrate with their application to send SMS.

Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

Bulk SMS India popular transactional promotional

Bulk SMS for School Software

Schools uses bulk SMS to send attendance messages, homework SMS, achievements of schools, informative messages, holiday information, functions information and many other types of SMS to parents mobile.

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