Tools for startups

Running a business is a  roller coaster ride.  This ride can be made easy with the help of tools.  We have compiled a list of tools that every business need.

Website. This is the first step for starting a business in this modern era.  Website help you in having your presence all over the world.  People from all over the world will be able to know about your services and products.  This will help you in getting customers for  your business.

Attendance Machine.  Regularity and punctuality of employees are very important.  With the help of attendance machine you would be able to find out the in and out time, total work duration, present absent reports and many more on daily monthly and yearly bases.  This machine with the help of software help you in monitoring of employees.  There are basically three variants of these machines, RFID card based, thumb based and face detection attendance machine.

Learning Management System. A business required to save its knowledge which is acquired while running business and that information/ knowledge need to be passed to the employees.  To save time and avoid repeating yourself over and over one can create knowledge base which can be shared in an organization.

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