Biometric Machine VTP Centres

Biometric Machine VTP Centres

Biometric Machine VTP Centres : VTP (Vocational Training Provider) Centres under SDI Schemes need to install Biometric Time & Attendance Machine for the VTP authorized under SDI Scheme.  As per the rules of SDI each and every VTP Centre have to implement biometric time and attendance machine for the attendance of the students who all are getting coaching from their VTP Centre.  SDI has instructed that the attendance will be uploaded directly to the SDI Server.  AmpleTrails is providing biometric time and attendance machine which is according to the specifications required for the VTP Centre authorized by SDI.  VTP Centres are instructed to get this machine installed by 31st January, 2015.  AmpleTrails will provide biometric time and attendance machine to VTP Centres authorized under SDI Scheme at very reasonable price.  VTP Centres have to upload attendance directly to the server of SDI.

AmpleTrails is providing biometric time and attendance machine which is according to the required specifications.  VTP just need to install the device and they can easily mark the attendance of their students.  After marking the attendance over device the attendance will be directly uploaded to the SDI server.

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Biometric Machine VTP Centres

Biometric Machine VTP Centres



 Features of Biometric Machine VTP Centres Devices:

  1. Fully Standalone Device (No Need Of Any Computer or Software)
  2. Complete Match With All DGET Norms
  3. STQC Certified Sensor
  4. On Device Reporting
  5. 7 Inch High Resolution Touch Screen
  6. Easy To Use
  7. English / Hindi Voice Prompt
  8. Both Mounting (Table Top + Wall Mount)
  9. Excel Report Generated Direct In Machine No Need Of Computer
  10. Fastest Fingerprint Matching
  11. DGE&T Approved Supplier

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Specifications of Hardware required:

  1. Biometric Sensor and Extractor : All the parameters of Biometric Devices for Authentication should be as per latest STQC scheme for certification of UIDAI biometric Devices (Authentication). STQC certified sensor and extractor only.
  2. Processor: 32- bit, ARM-9/x86 equivalent of higher, 400 MHz of higher frequency
  3. RAM: RAM 128 of higher, FLASH 256 MB or higher
  4. Fingerprint Storage : Memory capacity to store fingerprints >0 3000
  5. Transaction Storage : Memory capacity to store device operation logs>=100000
  6. Add on Memory : Micro SD Slot minimum 4 GB or more
  7. Keypad : Minimum 16 key alpha numeric keypad with navigation keys, key size to be large enough for navigation, or on screen key pad of Qwerty keypad.
  8. OS/Software : equivalent support & SDK for 3rd party application development
    i. Linux 2.6 or higher
    ii. Windows
    iii. Android
    iv. Any other equivalent OS
  9. Ports : USB 2.0 or higher -1 or more nose, RJ 45 (Ethernet)/ wifi
  10. Language Support : Unicode support for all Indian language including English
  11. Status Indications : Multi colour LED’s / LCD (to indicate network connection, signal strength to indicate battery charge remaining etc) or on screen display to all indicator like battery charger network strength etc.
  12. Other Indicators : Audio/ visual capability, A/V indication either at device level or at application level for Indication various events like
    a) Indicating for placing finger
    b) Start of capturing
    c) End or capturing
  13. Connectivity : Two channels or connectivity are mandatory for devices, first connectivity as GPRS is mandatory. Second connectivity can be through wifi b/g/n/ fixed broadband
    e.g. GPRS + broadband, GPRS + wifi etc.
  14. Non Volatile Storage : Must be capable of storing audit trails of at least 1000 transactions
  15. Display : Minimum 3.5” screen or higher, with at least 262k colors TFT
  16. Battery Backup : Minimum 4 hours battery backup
  17. Antenna : Internal, External / Extended External Antenna
  18. Power Adaptor : AC/ DC adaptor with
  19. Environment : Storage not including battery 0’C to 55’ c Operating temp 0’ C to 50 ‘C
  20. Humidity : 10-90 % RH Non-condensing
  21. Speaker : A facility should be provided for voice confirmation of the transaction, 1W or more
  22. Other Accessories : Durable carry case, multilingual user manual (English, Hindi) screwdriver, damper a white cloth (45 cm * 45 CM)
  23. Other Features : External accessible slots for SIM and SD Cards
  24. Support : Complete cover support with breakage replacement for a period of three years.
  25. Security : 2048 –bit, PKI 256 – bit AES, Base 64, SHA- 256 (optional)
  26. GPS : Industry standard 16 channel NMEA compliant GPS Support
  27. NFIQ Qualify Software : Inbuilt NFIQ quality software either at device level or extractor level to check the quality of fingerprint during enrolment Enrolment client application

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Email us at in**@am*********.com or call us at 9034757673, 9315441078 WhatsApp 9315441053 for pricing of this machine.  Below is the list of Vocational Training providers do let us know if your information need an update.

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