Fm220 Fingerprint USB Based Reader Fm220

Fm220 Fingerprint USB Based Reader Fm220

Fm220 Fingerprint USB Based Reader Fm220

FM220 fingerprint scanner price

FM220 Finger Print Reader for all types of SIM Card registration

Features of Fingerprint USB Based Reader Fm220 Startek Engineering FM 220

  •   STQC Certified Single Finger Print Scanner
  •   UIDAI Approved authentication device for Aadhaar
  •   Compact and elegant.
  •   USB 2.0 Interface (High Speed)
  •   Fast scanning & matching speed
  •   Choice to set different security levels for different FRR/FAR demand
  •   Non-distorted image quality
  •   Small template size, ISO approved.
  •   Real-life applications-no problem in verifying smeared, scarred, stained and smudged fingers.
  •  Support verification on various server platforms
  •  PIV capabilities ported to a verification scanner – absolutely low FTE
  •  Outstanding placement to image/template/1:N identification performance
  •  Ergonomic design to guide finger position for effective scanning
  •  Adjustable image magnification option for children
  •  High resolution > 600 dpi (optional)
  •  Successfully deployed in very harsh conditions in remotest corners and dusty and tribal locations.
  • The reader is totally shock proof, for accidental falls from table.(under 4 feet free fall)
  •   Suitably protected against dust and water ingress.
  •   Live Scan capability with ultra red below skin scanning. (Optional)

Specifications of Fm220 Fingerprint USB Based Reader Fm220

Sensors CMOS sensors
Scanning Speed 1/15 Second
Image Resolution 500 dpi (H), 500 dpi (V), 600 dpi optional)
Image Capture Area 15.44×17.475 (in mm) ( HxV)
Platen Area 16.5×19 (in mm) (HxV)
Scanner Output Image Size 16.5×19 (in mm) (HxV)
Gray Leval 8 bit/pixel, max 256 gray scales
Scanneer Interface Cable Standrard USB compliant cable
Power Supply 1 Watt. Approx. (From USB port)
(200 mA, Approx, Standby:60mA)
Minimum Hardware requirement P3800 Mhz CPU or UP, 256MB, USB 2.0
Dimension 80mm(L) x 41mm(M)x40mm(H)
Weight 100g (approx)
Distortion <1% Meeting PIV specifications
Image Ratio of Length to Width 1:1
Temperature, ESD -5O~45OC, 10 KV
MTBF >100000 operation hours
Modulation Transfer Function 0.4 at 10 cycle/mm
Scanning Light source Ultra Red(940mm) capable of support more
than 600 dpi
Live Scan Capability Live Skin Sensing (With ultra red scanning
beneath skin, Optional)
API (ISO19794-2/ISO19794-4 and
FIPS 201* Compliant, Minex Certified)
Image Capture, Enrollment / Template
Generating Matching
Minutia Size
Matching Speed Less than 1 second
False Rejection Rate (FRR) 1/100-1/30
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 1/100,000-1/1000,000
Allowable Fingerprint Rotation +30 degree
Allowable Fingerprint Displacement +5mm
Software Platform Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 (32 bits and
64 bit). Linux with kernel 2.6 (x86); WinCE5.0
(x86 and Arm9), Android

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Applications of Fm220 Fingerprint USB Based Reader

  • Aadhaar Verification all APNA Services
  • Verification for Welfare Distribution (financial empowerment for below poverty level or rural poor)
  • Retail or Banking POS
  •  Workforce/School attendance and welfare management
  •  Internet Service Provider (ISP) Logon and Logical access control
  • Foreign labor management
  • E-shopping/procurement/clinic
  • E-banking
  • E-workflow/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Voting Verification
  • Club member verification

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