Why E-Learning is needed/required is the biggest questions that comes in our mind.  Demand of E-Learning is increasing and is increasing due to the right reasons.  E-Learning if implemented correctly can result in cost reduction, performance improvement, quality improvements,  enhancing student classroom experience.  In article Providing Distance Education is Easy with Learning Management System we mentioned how we can use LMS to provide E-Learning

Some benefits of E-Learning

  • Quality Content. Different people are experts of different topics, with E-Learning while creating contents these experts can be consulted in developing the quality contents.
  • Low Cost.  Significant cost reduction can be done with the use of E-Learning platform.  Rather then repeating over and over,
  • Course Content Access.  Course contents can be accessed from any part of the world with proper access control.
  • Save Time. Time is a crucial factor that is saved using E-Learning.  No need to travel to get education, one can get access to the study material at convenience using internet.

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