BUSY updated software coming soon.  Book now to avail 10% discount.  Contact us now.  Offer valid for the next 15 days.   Call Now. 9315441053, 9034757673  Both Busy Accounting Software and Tally are business management software that are designed to help businesses manage their financial and accounting needs. Both software are comprehensive and can handle various accounting and financial tasks such as invoicing, inventory management, payroll, and tax compliance. Busy Accounting Software is an Indian software that is widely used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is known for its ease of use, flexibility and customization options. It also offers multi-location and multi-currency support. Tally on the other hand is also widely used in India and globally for accounting and financial management. Tally is known for its ability to handle high volume transactions, compliance with various laws and regulations, and its scalability. It also offers support for multi-location and multi-currency. Both software offer similar features and functionalities, but Tally is considered to be more robust and scalable, while Busy is known for its ease of use and flexibility. The choice between the two software ultimately depends on the specific needs of the business and the volume of transactions.


  • Simple process from GST Billing to Filing
  • E-way Bill and E-Invoice in Single Click
  • Simple GSTR-1/ 2A / 2B / 3B Reconciliation
  • Error-free GST Reports
  • Data backup on Google Drive
  • Inventory as per style, shape and colour
Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting Software

BUSY is a business accounting software used by Micro, Small, and Medium businesses worldwide.  With over 1,00,000 installations (over 5 Lac Users) worldwide, BUSY is one of the leading accounting software in India. BUSY Accounting Software with Inventory, Billing, VAT, Excise, Service Tax & TDS.
How BUSY Is Better Than Competition?
GST Features
Table Image
Table Image
Auto Download GSTR – 1A / 2A for Reconciliation
GSTR-6 (For Input Service Distributor)
ITC-04 (Input Credit on Job Work)
GST Register for Sales / Purchase
Supply Outward / Supply Inward
Maintain Branch-wise GSTIN
Pick Party Details from GSTIN
Item & Party-wise Sales GST Summary
GST Return Error Checking Tool
…and many more
Busy Or Tally Some of the things you need to know before making a choice between busy and Tally.
Modules that are Better in Busy
S.No. Features Remarks
AC C O U N T I N G      R EP O R T S
1 Account Ledger Provision of Horizontal formats/ Slip formats in account ledgers
2 Auto Round Off in vouchers Not available in Tally ( help in smooth accounting & taxation for e.g. total amt 98.98 rounded to 99 )
3 Bank Interest Interest Calculate after Reconciliation
4 Bank Reconciliation It is much better than tally with both options Uncleared, Cleared & All Entries
5 Book Number in vouchers Provision has been provided for automatic/ manual numbering. you can fix no. of vouchers in a book also
6 Broker wise Receivable Help in Broker wise outstanding
7 Brokers / Salesman / Agent Help in Broker-wise reporting like commission calculation
8 User self Configurable A/c Books Multiple formats with different columns can be created as per need
9 User self Configurable Cash/Bank Books Up to 5 Cash/banks accounts can be selected as columns & consolidate reports can be generated
10 Cost Centre Multiple reporting based on one / group of cost center available in Busy
11 Depreciation Handling & Chart Depreciation charts as per income tax Act & as per companies act
12 Grouping of Bill Reference for O/s Helps in the analysis of outstanding reports more comprehensively
13 Ledger Comparison helps in comparison of 2 different parties
14 Min/Max Cash Balance Minimum & maximum balance can be checked for any selected time period
15 Multi-Currency In Tally only One Alt Currency with One A/c whereas in Busy you can have multiple
16 Printing of Selected A/cs Helps in case of multiple accounts of a single party with diff. branches
17 Royalty Calculation & Reporting Required in case of authors. Auto calculates the royalty on the basis of MRP/ sale amt./Stock
18 Targets Targets can be set for sales/incomes & according to variance report will be generated
19 Update BS Stock with GP The closing stock amount can be adjusted to maintain the gross profit
20 Account Ageing on FIFO Basis Auto calculate the aging of the outstanding amount on FIFO basis
21 Optional Field 10 optional field Available in Busy for data feeding and reporting as per user requirements
I N V E N T O R Y       R E P O R T S
22 Serial No. / Parameterized Stock Maintain stock for different Unique Serial No. / Parameters without creating multiple items
23 Auto/Re Generate Production Vouchers Auto production/ stock journal entry will be passed for negative stock
24 Item Consumption Analysis Comprehensive Analysis report for consuption of different items for MIS purpose
25 Challan Management Single invoice can be raised for multiple challans, along with proper reporting
26 Different Pricing Mode Very vastly available in Busy ( Item wise / qty wise / Party wise ) In Tally only Party wise available
27 Item Details Printing In Tally we cannot define characters for item details to printed in Reports
28 Item Receivable/issuable details Differnent options on the basis of Item & party to whom item have not received or issued
29 Item Sizing Info very useful when item is sold on the basis of dimensions
30 Item/Account Transaction Summaries Complete summary of all the transactions of all the party/ items during a period
31 Min/Max Item Balance Helps in checking the min/ max stock of an item in a period
32 MRP wise Stock Status Stock status of the basis of different MRP of single item
33 Order Processing Along with the reporting of pending order on the basis of item/ party
34 POS Configurable POS billing to sabe bill in minimum enters
35 Production Planning Required to check the available stock to fullfill existing orders
36 Production Voucher With provison of BOM
37 Separate Stock updation date in vouchers Seperate dates can be provided in single voucher for accounting & inventory impact
38 Update ITEM Critical Level Critical levels can be maintained & updated on the basis of consumption
39 Update ITEM Tax Rate With the single command, all the item tax rates can be updated
40 Stock Ageing on FIFO basis Ageing of stock can be manitained automatically on the basis of FIFO
41 Optional Field with Item & Ad. Field Can be used to give additional information in voucher entry like sales
42 Form Reminder Letter Configurable letters for pending sales tax forms
43 Sales Tax Reports State wise reports of sales tax
44 Configurable VAT registers Configurable VAT registers as per customer needs
45 Sales Tax Surcharge Provision os sales tax surcharge along with proper reporting
46 Tax Paid Stock Details Need to check the amount of tax paid to get imput tax credit
47 TDS Very easy & user friendly in comparion of any other software
48 VAT & Sales Reconcilation Requires to check the difference in sales ledger & sales in VAT reports
49 VAT on MRP Provision to calculate VAT on the basis of MRP
M I S    R E P O R TS
50 Profitabilty Reports Profitibility reports on the basis of items, Bills, Batches, Party, Material center wise
51 Sales/Purchase Analysis Comprehesive analysis on the basis of all possible combinations of party & items
52 Multi Company Results helps to see the consolidated results of different companies
53 User Management User creation with the option to restrict him to see specific reports/voucher entries etc.
D O C U M E N T     D E S I G N I N G
54 Bulk Printing of Documents With the single command, you can print any documents of a date range or voucher number wise
55 Printing of Invoice With the provision of craft mode/ window mode
56 User designable Bill & Documents User can design format of their choice with option of variable size, Color,logo or Font
57 SMS Utility Direct SMS can be send to party from BUSY
58 Template Tagging Templates can be generated & attached with the different parties to load default information automatically
59 User Configurable Labels Account & item labels can be designed as per need
60 User Configurable Letters Configurable letter for payment reminder, confirmation of accounts, statement of accounts
61 Master / Voucher Approval System Restrict user to post data without apporval and increase data reliability
62 Message Center Send E-mail/message to different users within same database
63 Calculate Tax on any amt. configurable calculation option on the basis of net bill amt / Cost of good / MRP etc
64 Image for Account masters & items masters Provison to attach image with parties & item masters
65 Composite Bar Code Bar code printing & Barcode reading supported
66 Data Freezing Complete data or partial data can be freezed.
67 Automatic Backup Backup configuration for auto backup on defined location
68 Default Creation of Master & Account group Around 50 ledgers & 29 masters created by Busy itself
69 Import Masters from Excel Provision to import masters from MS-Excel
70 Import Voucher from Excel Provision to import transations from MS-Excel
71 Invoice Barcode Printing Complete invoice information can be printed as barcode
72 Merging of Accounts/item/Cost Center Required when 2 accounts of same party or item has been created by mistake
73 User wise POS Reports POS Entries can be checked user-wise
74 Shortcut Utility to clear Reference By single command, all references of Bills/ batches can be cleared
75 Vch. Numbering (Reports) Report for Missing numbers, duplicate numbers can be generated
76 Voucher Numbering Provison of Starting & ending number is given
77 Voucher Replication Same voucher can be replicated for different accounts or on different dates
78 Voucher type-wise Accounting & Registers Configurable registered for accounting on the basis of vouchers
79 Warning Alarms more configurable alarms in comparison of other softwares
80 No internet registration required No need for the internet to run Busy. (Decrease the chance of viruses)
81 Variable software back-end database Busy has the option of Access & SQL as backend database
82 Work through internet Online working from different locations on a single database through the internet
Please note that the above list is only a partial one.  We undertake that it is true to the best of our knowledge.  However, we do not undertake any responsibility for any factual inaccuracy in the above as the products keep getting upgraded on a continuous basis.

BUSY Accounting Software

Utility Type Last Modified Download
BUSY 21 (Rel 4.0)                                                                                          What’s New 18-Sep-2021 11:30 Click to Download
BUSY 18 (Rel 6.9) 09-Dec-2020 10:00 Click to Download
BUSY 17 (Rel 9.11) 31-Dec-2019 10:00 Click to Download
BUSY 17 (Nepal Edition) 31-Dec-2019 10:00 Click to Download
BUSY 16 (Rel 7.1) 25-Jan-2018 10:00 Click to Download
BUSY 14 (Rel 8.14) 22-Sep-2016 00:19 Click to Download
BUSY 14 (Nepal Edition) 16-May-2017 11:00 Click to Download
BUSY 12 14-Nov-2015 04:51 Click to Download
BUSY 3.9 14-Nov-2015 04:51 Click to Download
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