Biometric based Door Access Control system for the Members at Gold’s Gym [Matrix , INDIA]

Company Profile

Gold Gym started in Venice California in 1965; rapidly became the center for the development of training techniques and nutritional concepts that formed the foundation for the modern fitness revolution. Today Gold’s Gym has over 700 facilities across the globe among which 65 are located in India. Its first Indian branch was set up at Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai in 2002. Currently, at each location in India, they have more than 2000 members enrolled to utilize their services like Personal Training, Spinning Studio, Massages, Stream Room and many more.

Attendance Solution For Gym

Attendance Solution For Gym

Business Challenge

Gold’s Gym facilities are equipped with expensive gym equipment’s hence controlling access to it was of prime importance for them. They wanted to provide access only to its members for utilizing the gym’s facility by using a biometric access control system. A fingerprint-based access control system was required which can enroll the fingerprint image of all the members. At every location, Gold’s Gym has a membership base of approximately 2000 members which they expect to escalate quickly. The basic requirement of the company was to allow access only to valid members on the bases of their fingerprint image. Another requirement was that access to the premises should be granted only for the duration of the membership. Further, integrating the existing Tally software (wherein they store all their membership details) with access control software was also mandatory for Gold’s Gym.

Matrix Offered Solution

Access Control For Gym

Access Control For Gym

Matrix comprehensive solution offered to Gold’s Gym provided access to members using their fingerprint image. At every facility of Gold’s Gym, fingerprint-based biometric door controllers are installed to monitor access. This allows entry only to valid members for using the gym facilities. Further members photograph is displayed on the monitoring window when they access the door. COSEC application software is installed to perform the functions related to system admin like enrolling members, maintaining the member’s database, assigning time duration of membership and generating reports. All 2000 members can be configured under single door controller by utilizing COSEC PANEL LITE. Integration of their existing Tally software with Matrix COSEC system was also offered to Gold’s Gym. This helped them transfer their existing member’s database automatically to COSEC.


  • Only valid members can access the gym facilities
  • Members can access the gym facilities only for the duration of membership
  • Gym administration can intimate its members for renewing their membership
  • Member’s access is blocked, once the membership has expired
  • Admin can generate a report to know who has accessed the gym facilities
  • Members are more secured as only authorized persons can enter the gym premises

The Products

  • COSEC DOOR FOR- Optical Fingerprint based Door Controller for Access Control
  • COSEC PANEL LITE- Manage UP to 25,000 Users from a single Door Controller
  • COSEC LE PLATFORM- Application Software for Access Control
  • COSEC LE USER1000- User License for 1000 Users


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