Bulk SMS Texts Business

Bulk SMS Texts Business Not to be ignored!

The basis of every business or organization is communicating with people who are either customers or potential customers. Reaching out to numerous people at once is never easy especially if the receiver end does not cooperate much.

What should a business do to make sure that people are aware of them or that people listen to what they have to say? Well, there are surely few extreme and bizarre methods but since we need to apply it to enhance a business, let’s stick to the affordable and feasible ones.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service

What about texting customers in bulk?

So what happens when someone receives a promotional email? Suppose a promotional mail reaches a person at noon when the person is probably in the middle of some work or preparing for an afternoon siesta, he or she will simply leave the mail to be read or dealt with later. Hence the response you were expecting by early evening, you will probably end up getting it at night.

Experience will say that this speculation is inaccurate, since the response mail does not usually come by night but probably after one or two nights and that too if the customer remembers about replying in the first place. Emails are usually used as professional platforms hence people are unlikely to entertain anything via email which will not help them professionally.

There is always the option of calling up a customer but think about the cost you will incur. Employing numerous people for calling up customers and training them will not only take up much time but also a lot of your resources. A good alternative will be opting for Bulk SMS.

SMS – the Best Solution to Business Communication

Instant messages are often considered as a good method of reaching out to the customers but it has a major glitch in it. Firstly the customer you want to contact needs to have a certain app installed. This alone shrinks your customer base by many folds. Add the fact that your customer needs to be online at that exact moment leaves a lot to chance and waiting which is another thumbs down.

Besides, instant messages often have some sort of a media attached to it which starts playing as soon as the message pops up in the screen. A customer may not like this and in order to shut the media off get rid of the whole message thus making the whole process futile.

bulk sms gateway

bulk sms gateway

In such a scenario where a business head is racking his or her brains about which method to opt for, Bulk SMS comes into the picture like a savior. In recent times when cellular phones are the most integrated object in a person’s life, Bulk SMSeasily proves to be the best option. No one overlooks anything that enters his or her cell phone and a sms is no exception. If a SMS reaches a customer with the company name as the sender,a customer will spare a few seconds in reading what it has to say and if they have any feedback then they will reply since replying to text messages comes naturally to people by now.  Hence, mission accomplished!

Enterprise Bulk SMS Solutions

Enterprise Bulk SMS Solutions

Think about a small scale retail business for example offering a discount for a limited period. All the business has to do is use the Bulk SMS service and notify its customers. The customers know about it immediately and respond accordingly.  We are the bulk SMS provider in India.

Suppose instead of Bulk SMS the business had opt for the email service. Chances are that most customers will check that mail after the limited period is over.Even businessmen can relate to this problem as when they are the customers, they react in the same fashion.

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